Type O Negative: Life Is Killing Me

Type O Negative: Life Is Killing Me
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Label: Roadrunner

Barbara Fara
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Type O Negative is: Peter Steele, Vocals, Bass, Guitar, and Keyboards. Kenny Hickey, Guitar and Vocals. Josh Silver, Keyboards and Vocals. Johnny Kelly, Drums and Vocals.

From: Brooklyn, NY.

Type O Negative delivers a great fucking time. TON takes itself seriously but not too seriously. The lyrics on Life Is Killing Me are smart and funny. Shit, let’s look at the album title-Life Is Killing EVERYONE. Life has one outcome for everybody-you die. –Life Is Killing Me is the BEST TON cd since 1993’s fantastic Bloody Kisses. TON is the like the fun part of Halloween. Lurch would have been a great Jack in The Nightmare Before Christmas. He has the voice, creepy and melodic. –Life Is Killing Me delivers punk, rock and roll, graver music, and good old fashioned goth metal. Life Is Killing Me is fun without getting too fucking spinal tappy. –What? You have never heard of Type O Negative? Imagine if you will, entering the Twilight Zone. A mad scientist is splicing the DNA of The Beatles, Sisters of Mercy, Gary Newman, Count Dracula, Depeche Mode, Black Sabbath, and Lenny Bruce. The light flashes and the floor shakes. Out from the shadows rolls Peter ‘Lurch’ Steele with two guitars strapped to his back dressed in a New York Parks Department uniform. His voice is haunting and strong. His voice is Lurch from the Addams family crossbred with Elvis. The floor shakes again, and out rolls Kenny ‘Who Killed Me’ Hickey bouncing a guitar like a basketball. Every bounce is a monster guitar riff that makes lightning flash outside. The lights flash again, and Josh Silver appears before you like a spirit. Those keyboards light up in front of you like a power grid at the electric company. His teeth seem like a neon green, and his smile seems more like a snarl. That floor shakes one more time as it breaks open from the center of the earth and Johnny Kelly and his drum kit rise up. You feel your heart thumping so hard that it beats your entire body into submission. –You have entered the Type O Negative zone. Sit back and enjoy the ride. They may never let you go.

Track Listing:

1. Uncle Freddy Died?: This is a BIG CREEPY INTRO. The boogeyman is under your bed. This turned into Thir13teen on the final release in stores.

2. I Don't Wanna Be Me: Great metal anthem. It is dark and morbid with amazing riffs. –I could see some poor bastard crawling out into the snow and calling it a day. Hey, that cold is going to preserve his corpse really well. I hope some doctor doesn’t fuck it up with a hot bath trying to defrost it. Don’t cry for him. He did EXACTLY what he wanted to do.

3. Life Is Killing Me: Doctors kill people every day. This is a serious fucking song. They make mistakes, lots of them. They keep people alive on machines with no fucking quality of life in order to rack up a gigantic bill. There is no dignity in being hooked up to a ventilator, brain dead, with IV’s running into your veins. Who made these guys gods? Who gave them the power over life and death-a fucking university? -Hey, what if a doctor gives you the wrong meds, you have an allergic reaction, and you die? It could happen to YOU in an hour. I know somebody that it happened to. She was only forty.

4. Anesthesia: The bitch left him. I know she did. Poor Lurch. Why is she trying to kill him with pain? He hurts so badly that he can’t feel anything. Everybody I know has felt that fucking badly at one point in time. Sometimes it is better to feel nothing than to feel all of that pain. You have to get good painkillers though. Get your shrink to give you some Xanax and curl up with a bottle of Jack.

5. The Dream Is Dead: Pretty, pretty. Goth was pretty. Vampires were romance. Fuck man, I used to have black hair! -Anne Rice should be paying Type O for a leg up with her movies. I think Peter Steele would have been a great Lestat.

6. Todd's Ship Gods (Above All Things): The dad song. Yes, it is bout Peter’s poppa. All Dad’s want their boys to grow up and be men. Men are taught not to cry, and to hide their pain. Not crying is supposed to be manly and show strength. –Not crying really just fucks you up as a person. Hide that pain, and you will never be whole.

7. (We Were) Electrocute: This is a fun song in the style of Depeche Mode. Everything changes. People don’t have the eighties big hair anymore, or the skinny ties. People don’t really wear bell bottoms and peace symbols either. Yes, shit changes and people mourn it. –But like the song says, ‘I miss your lips, but you were as real as your tits.’

8. Less Than Zero (<O): Ah, what happens to the beautiful people once they become vampires. Look at what happened to Louis. He did not want to kill to survive. He just fucking starved until he fed on a five year old. I guess that made him less that zero. It is a better thing to fed on the rats and be less than zero. Anybody who really wants to be bitten is a volunteer. –This song pokes fun at all the little vampire goths to me, but in a good way. Don’t take yourselves so fucking seriously.

9. ...A Dish Better Served Coldly: Kill em all. Why the fuck not? Too many people betray you and leave your ass hanging out in the wind. If you feel when you are getting even, you are going to hesitate. You will make a mistake. Maybe you won’t get even at all. Wouldn’t that be a tragedy?

10. Loud And Queer: A quick loud, pretty instrumental. It has a different name on the final cut, but I don’t know what the fuck it is.
I know it is NOT Drunk in Paris.

11. I Like Goils: I could see little goth boys trying to pick up the band members from Type O. They have such long, pretty hair. They wear a lot of black. They have been known to wear pretty black make up from time to time and paint their fingernails black. I wonder if they have pieced ears too. How are Peter Steele aka Lurch and Type O supposed to let em know? –I think they just really want to suck -his blood.

12. How Could She?: You ever want to ask your favorite TV characters a question? I can see some guy, lonely and fucked up, talking to the fucking TV about his issues. -Talk to Judy Jetson about your woman trouble. Talk to Edith Bunker about how to handle your dad and what to get your mom for her birthday. Maybe Catwoman will jump out and give you some action.

13. Nettie: This song is about Peter’s mom. He loves her, and is truly sorry for any pain he has caused her. So many people make her cry. Everybody breaks her heart. Peter just wants to dry her tears, hold her, and protect her from the storm. Lurch is such a good boy.

14. Angry Inch: This is a cover from Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I NEVER thought somebody would make this song sound like punk. Who would be MORE pissed off than a transvestite with a fucked up sex change operation? This is the best cover that Type O has done since Summer Dreams. You wanna listen to this. Try to imagine Lurch singing about an angry inch.

15. IYDKMIGTHTKY (Gimme That): The lyrics. Hail Satan. ‘My god helps those who help themselves.’ Pretty straightforward shit, but poetic. Steele could have just screamed Hail Satan Die Bitch for the entire song, but he chose to make people think a little bit. –You want divine intervention? Help yourself, and you might get some help. Isn’t that something that new age hippie crystal wearers sing about? Think about it before you get pissed off and dismiss TON as devil worshippers.

Life is Killing Me is a must have for people who love ALL kinds of music. TON blends rock, punk, goth, metal, and pop better than anyone out there right now. That blend is so fucking pure that you don’t really notice it. I would nominate them for a spot on Danzig’s Blacker Than Black. The lyrics are smart, funny, and serious as a fucking heart attack. Hit yourself with the paddles, get your heart started, and head out to your local music store and score yourself a copy of Life Is Killing Me. –Catch TON on September 11th at the world famous Masquerade in Atlanta, GA. Get there early. It is going to be a full house.

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