UNLOCO: becoming i

Label: Maverick

Barbara Fara
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UNLOCO is: Joey Duenas, Vocals. Pete Navarette, Drums. Marc Serrano, Guitar. Victor Escareno, Bass.

From: Austin, TX.

UNLOCO, I refuse to call them nu metal. I hate the term nu metal almost as much as I hate fucking emo. Metal is metal, even if your grandma is playing it. UNLOCO has a good, old fashioned metal big boy sound like Slayer, Black Sabbath, and Motley Crue. UNLOCO has lyrics that reveal their souls like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. With UNLOCO’s sound, the eighties sound and the nineties sound shake hands and blast into the twenty first century like a nuclear bomb smashing into your eardrums-and it feels like a thousand orgasms. It sounds like hitting all three on the slot machines. Becoming I is a winner. The band has bled its very soul onto this cd, and it will become a regular in my cd player. -Joey Duenas compares vocally to one of my all time favorites-Mr. Ozzy Osbourne. His voice carries you on a ride through his fucking soul-just like Ozzy. He can carry haunting melodies, straight balls-up rock and roll, and a thundering metal howl. –Pete Navarette’s drum style reminds me of Tim Mallare of Overkill. He drives UNLOCO tunes so you want to listen to them more and more. His drums are the perfect drug. –Marc Serrano has a huge job. Somehow, he sounds like not one, but two guitar players grinding axes at the same time. He slams that guitar straight to your front door like the big bad wolf trying to blow your house in. Just trying to label him the replacement, I dare you. He is a power player. –Victor Escareno on bass hangs in there with UNLOCO and ties this powerful foursome into a band with a sound that pulses into your frontal lobe. You just HAVE to bang your head along with Victor as he pounds that bass and makes you move your feet. Let’s break down the tracks.

Track Listing:

1. Crashing: In this song, our hero is bleeding for some chick. Walk away from her man. She is too fucking demanding. I will bet she has all of your credit cards and the keys to your fucking car.

2. Failure: If I wasn’t a rock star, would you want me? If it all comes crashing down and the label drops me tomorrow, will there still be an us? –This song questions love and loyalty. We all want to be loved for who and what we really are, not for what we have.

3. Hands and Knees: The guy in this song needs help. He goes to his parents, humble and full of shame. Will they help him? Will the pick him up off of the ground and tell him it is okay? It takes a lot to ask for help. Everybody has been there at one point.

4. Empty: How dare you fucking judge anybody! Those eyes of yours could kill people. All I wanted to be was loved for me, but I am just a fucking freak to you. –This song is pure longing for acceptance.

5. Bruises: This song is included on The Matrix: Reloaded soundtrack. The only thing that made that fucking awful sequel worth watching was the music. –Show me your fucking bruises.

6. Drowning In It: Life tossed this guy into the deep end against the rip tide. He is fucking drowning inside of his head, but he keeps fighting against the current. –I feel like that sometimes, don’t you?

7. Watching Me Slip: She is letting him go. Why? So, he has done some shit that is wrong. Who gives a fuck? She should be happy with a guy that is on OZZFEST. She would get mighty great tickets.

8. Becoming I: Ah, the sun shines. The birds sing. Everything revolves around a fucking chick and making her happy. The guy in this song can’t help himself. She is the perfect drug for the ultimate depression.
He knows it and he fucking hates it.

9. Fold: Sometimes it is too fucking hard to hang on. People just don’t want to fucking act right no matter what you do. The guy in this song isn’t saying he is doing the right thing by pulling strings-he is just saying that he has, and that he is tossing in the fucking cards.

10. Neurotic: He knows he needs to give it up. This relationship is like booze and drugs. It makes him feel good while he has it, and it makes him ache for it when he doesn’t. So, it becomes history.

11. Making Me Hate You: Something or somebody is pulling the strings of our hero in this song. He can’t help himself. He is like a fucking junkie that hates running down to the street corner looking for a bump and a clean rig. He has to do it but he hates it.

12. Texas: It is scary as hell to let it all hang out in public. I have this little magazine that I write and take pictures for. Either they are going to like what I have to say, or they won’t. Either they like the pictures or they don’t. I hate it when they don’t, because I spill my guts with everything I do. I really hate it when I hear that I am not a major daily.

UNLOCO will be at OZZFEST 2003. Get there, and don’t miss them. They absolutely, without question will knock your fucking socks off. Austin has been a hotbed of great music for awhile now, and I think it is fucking fabulous that UNLOCO has broken out of the box that really great bands get trapped into by the local scene. UNLOCO has risen from the ashes to deliver a masterpiece with becoming i. Yes, grab the cd. You want to. Trust me. You do. My prediction is this: Next year they will be first stage at OZZFEST 2004.

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