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“5 years hard on the road and then another 5 years till we’re seen or found and then its the world” – Joe Harvey, Inferno when asked, “Where do you see Inferno going?”

Band members for Inferno – Joe Harvey (bass/vocals), Jay Lee on drums, and Liam Jepson on guitar – started as a garage band in Wales in 2003 and put out a demo nine short months later. They’re as yet unsigned and their latest CD – The Suicide Pact – will be released in September. In the meantime, definitely check out their myspace page to hear 4 of 6 of the tracks on this new CD.

Recommended listening parameters: Headbangers delight. Best played loudly. They are what Sami loves about music. They’re soooo good. They can actually play. It’s not about tricks and charms. It’s all about shredding and complimenting one another. They’re amazing. They’re self taught. It’s all natural talent. You don’t see that much in a band anymore.

Barb says: They may not be on a label, and may be self-producing, self-recording, self-engineering, but these boys can stand up to any metal or rock band who does it all themselves. They are pros. I just thank God that they never ended up on some reality show for rock bands. These boys will make it on their own. I can’t wait to see their first video. It will kick ass. What we’re looking at is Motorhead of the ’00s with their own style and twist. They’re not writing music to sell it. They’re writing it from their heart, which is the most important thing for musicians.So many musicians are getting screwed over by the industry and trying to tell the artist what to do instead of letting the artist do what they do. I’m shocked that these boys don’t have their own studio set up. I’m surprised these guys are not on second stage for Ozzfest or on Warp Tour.  Even if they could get on it, they wouldn’t be able to afford it because they’re another band trying to make it big.

P.S. If you ever need a bassoon player, her name is Sami Corkill. She loves you. And, she has  a very nice bassoon that she’d like to show you sometime.

Impassioned performances on all of their CDs consistently create a sumptuous feast for the ears. It’s loud, raw and hard rock at its best. Joe Harvey’s voice complements drummer Jay Lee and Liam Jepson on guitar. They are musically adept, talented, and make you crave for more.

It’s incredible that there are only 3 band members because they make such a big sound.

Their musical influences include: Jimi Hendrix, Motorhead, Metallica, Rage Against The Machine and Queens Of The Stone Age.

The group is cohesive and their music flows as naturally as their friendships. Joe and Jay were neighbors growing up, and spent time together in various bands during school. Their fellow classmate, Liam, joined the duo in 2003 after being introduced through a mutual friend to create Inferno.  

The secret ingredients may well have been their shared musical influences and commitment to making their own sound to share with the world, along with their innate musical talents. Jay started playing drums as a baby, and Joe took up bass early on and made the foray into vocals out of necessity when Inferno couldn’t find a singer.

Jay got his first pro kit at 8 years of age and he’s moved up to a classic Ludwig, which is older than him (21). Jay has a hand made Miami Juggs kit, which is a 9 piece, but sets his kits up with a snare, one head tom 14″ and an 18″ floor tom. He likes deep down dirty bass sound out of his kit. It has double pedals, a 24″ Ziljean ride, two crashes and a 20″ China.

At a time when most lyrics are absolutely depressing topics dressed up in upbeat music, Inferno’s “grab life by the balls” sentiment and raw sound is refreshing and empowering and makes no apologies for their truths.

Wish I knew how to use this lyrics feature on myspace, because Inferno does have their lyrics up. I have the worst ear for deciphering lyrics. (For instance, Blood ‘n Bones sounds like Buttered Rolls to Sami.)

The Phoenix EP

PhoenixSinger Joe Harvey goes for the gruff sound in this one as he finds his freedom. And you can’t stop him. He’s grown up and realized what he wants. He knows he wants this band to be a success. He comes off as a lost soul who has risen from the ashes as a Phoenix. He’s on fire, and you can’t stop him.


River CityThis is about a lost soul in his personal Hell who has to do his time, wants out and wants better. The band is struggling to be heard and be what they want to be. And, the writer of this song (Joe) has this same dream over and over. It’s his dreams of his music being washed down over those falls instead of doing what he’s meant to be – a musician.

Joe doesn’t want disappointments and letdowns anymore. The band wants to go into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They want to make their first double platinum album and get their first Grammy. When you hear this song, you know the Phoenix has risen and their dreams will live on through their music.

Fire In The Sky – This is Jay’s song. Listen to that fucking great drummer. Inferno tips their hat and nods to the 1960s with the unique bass and guitar sounds on this one. The song opens with this magnificent drum beat. You think you’re listening to John Bonham. Jay Lee has been playing since he was a baby. Jay Lee is a powerhouse on a kit. This is one drummer who should be endorsed by every drum company going from skins to kits to sticks. When we look at Joe Harvey on bass and vocals; Joe gives a great complement to Jay. He knows what note to hit when Jay hits that kit. He is a great bass player. I would put him up there with the bass player from Led Zeppelin.

When you hear Joe’s vocals – even though he’s from Wales, you do not hear his accent. You can understand him. When you listen to him sing it reminds us of Bon Scott from AC/DC and Lemmy from Motorhead.
Liam’s guitar playing reminds us of C.C. DeVille from Poison.

This is the best band that I’ve heard from Wales. They kick ass. They fucking rock. They know how to put an album together, and we can’t wait to hear their next CD.



Blood ‘N Bones – Dissonance, bass complements. Blood ‘N Bones is a classic rock/metal song. The band does an incredible job. Joe has a big heart and has a big soul. He falls for women’s lines of shit. Just as he’s getting into a serious relationship, they take away his heart and soul. The scars stay behind. Joe, the right woman will come into your life. If there’s a woman in your life, stripping you down, let her go and tell her your career and music life comes first.


  1. Dirty And Dead

They’re like a modern-day Sex Pistols, without the drugs. And, that is not an insult toward Inferno or the Sex Pistols. If anything, it’s a compliment. Because, they’re doing what the Sex Pistols did, but in their own way.

Dirty And Dead reminds you you’re on this Earth only a certain while. You all end up dead and you can’t take it with you. There are no moving trucks following the hearse to the next plane.

  1. Take The Money And Run

This is a combination of Blair and Bush. They’re giving you their side of what’s going on with the war. They’re comparing the European and American sides. It’s nothing about troops. It’s about money. The Prime Minister and Bush are about oil. If you don’t see that message in this song, then you’re an asshole. Let’s get all the oil that we can out of the Middle East, take it and go, while destroying innocent lives – like every catastrophe created by terrorists during this war. They’re letting you know where we stand. We’re in the middle of starting Armageddon. 

  1. Smother

It’s not just about what’s going on with the band. It’s what’s going on wit the world. They feel like they’re suffocating. They want world peace. They want all the crap to end. When you hear the song, it’s like they’re telling you “What happened to the childhood and world we grew up in. Why are we all killing each other. Why can’t we all be in peace?”

The Suicide Pact

1. Are You Alive –  Put all three albums onto one CD – a trilogy. These are the four songs – on myspace from Suicide Pact – that make the band. My question to the band is this – instead of making demos, why not just put them all onto one CD? They are one of the hottest bands I’ve heard from Wales in awhile. And, take our word for it, we’ve heard a lot of them. They’re clear, distinctive, and they make their point. But, if you want Barb’s honest opinion, guys, compile all your songs onto one CD to create your master album. Make sure you mix them. Follow your heart with the ordering. PUT EL TORO FIRST. Think about making professional music videos. This is one Jon Paris at SPV Records. They are SPV material. You know you have the talent. You’re just scared to show it. You finally show your talent on your latest and greatest. Be yourselves and watch you fly with the wind and be the Phoenix you want to be.

2. The Suicide Pact It’s a great song but why are they pushing suicide? Death is not the answer to everything. I know you want to die with your loved one, but what’s wrong about growing old? Here’s the answer: Suicide Pact is a great song, but whoever you’re planning on killing yourself with – in reincarnation, you’re set to keep repeating what you did wrong till you get it right. In life, enjoy what you have while you have it.

3. El ToroThis should be their breakout song. It’s got the beat in the drums; the guitar and the bass. This is the one song that should be pushed on Aceradio on myspace, KNAC and every college station, Internet station, and on every radio station overseas. This is their hit.

4. Water Into Wine

5. Equilibrium This should be another breakout and should be on their myspace page! Bass is Pilson; Vocals is Corey Taylor. This is very Slipknot like. It’s a damn good song. The song is excellent.

6. Judas Hello, our name is Damageplan. Liam is like a young Dimebag Darrell Abbott. I’m shocked Dean hasn’t offered him his own. Joey, you do not sound like Phil  Anselmo. Phil Anselmo cannot raise a pinky to the talent  Joe has.

All CDs are excellent, but on Suicide Pact they show their true talent. This is how they should be. This is the CD to send to SPV. El Toro, Judas, and Equilibrium. They should pick out the track Suicide Pact and two others to send in.

Each demo, they get looser and looser, becoming more themselves. They know where they’re headed and what they want. If you boys have the money, it’s time to move to the States. Think about moving in, boys. We hope you make it to NAMM in 2008 in Los Angeles. The most important thing is not to lose what you’re building, because it’s like you’ve found your key for how you’re supposed to sound musically. That’s where you should stay. If anyone goes to you will see what musicincider sees. It is music of the future. 

They didn’t invent metal, but if they we’re stuck in the age of clavichords and violins, they would’ve been masters. They would not have been playing someone else’s chamber music. They would be recognized as great. That’s where we stand on Inferno. Listen up  and listen to it loud. Get their CDs. All of them.


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