Jessi Lynn


Jessi Lynn – Capturing A Moment Live

By Rikki O.


Jessi Lynn – Lead vocals / Acoustic guitar
Troye Shanks – Acoustic guitar / Harmonica / Backing vocals
Ron Vogel – Guitar
Paul Kennedy – Drums
Jim “The Hit Man” DiMattia – Bass


With 13 Grammy nominations under her belt, you would think that you might have heard of Jessi Lynn by now. The 30 year old singer songwriter has just released her forth (FORTH!) album, a live show on which she says: “The truth is, I just wanted to capture a moment with my band. I get so many compliments on the live shows and fans asking how they can get copies of the songs we play live. It’s a totally different feel than what you hear on the original records and I’m so proud of my guys and what we have together, I just thought it was a great idea to always have a night to remember, no matter what happens down the road. Things change, we lose players and we gain new players and each member of my band has their own musical careers, I really just wanted to capture what we have before it was gone… so, I did.


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