Joan Jett


Joan Larkin aka Joan Jett aka the Cover Queen of Winnmore, Penn. Show Review

By Barbara Fara



Joan Jett – Vocals/Guitar

Dougie Needles – Lead Guitar

Thomas Price – Drums

Kenny Laguna – Songwriter/Producer



Joan Larkin, aka Joan Jett, was born September 22, 1958 to two parents. Joan Jett – her alter ego claims she is from New York, when she is actually from Winnmore, PA. I was asked to cover REO Speedwagon that night; which I did. But let’s forget them for now, as their show review will be separate from this. I call Joan the cover queen because that’s what she is. She has not recorded an original song of value in years. We all believed, even myself that AC/DC was written by Joan, but it was actually written and recorded by Sweet. That was her famous encore number for the night.


  1. Joan has to see an Orthopedist. She has a terrible hunch in her back, like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. She wears the same fucking pleather all the fucking time. Now, this is a woman that has started her own label, has signed two bands and yet, in my eyes, all Joan is trying to do is find another set of Runaways so she can front them. That will never happen. She will never get Sandy West back on drums again because Sandy is dead from lung cancer. Lita Ford will be appearing at Rock Oklahoma, Joan Jett will not.
  2. She starts the show off with her usual stupid outfit. Her face totally fucking botoxed out, where her eyes were like slits. Now, I can understand, being an artist and trying to keep your looks up but don’t you think something is wrong when your doctor makes you look like Margaret Cho? She is also very anorexic. You really could not tell if it was Joan Jett or John Jett on stage. What I really loved was, for was her last song, she did the theme song to the Mary Tyler Moore show! What is that fascination? She also covered Crimson And Clover by Tommy James and the Shondells. Then of course, she did ONE original song, which was I Hate Myself For Loving You. And I hope it’s not a cover, but she did I Love Rock N Roll.
  3. When she came out, she covers one of the Ramone’s songs. What gives her the right to cover a Ramones song? She also did Cherry Bomb by the Runaways. Are the rest of the Runaways going to get royalties for her doing that, are Cherie Currie, Lita Ford, Jackie Fox, Micki Steele, Vicki Blue, Laurie McAllister and the family of the late Sandy West going to get royalties? May Sandy West rest in peace. She was one of America‘s best female drummers and was fucked over by Joan and the Runaways when all she wanted to do was play drums and be onstage. What a waste of a talent to die such a painful death. You are in our prayers. Sandy tried for years performing with other bands and then finally started the Sandy West Band, but it went nowhere, and she was forced to work in the public sector. What a way to end the career of one of the best female drummers in rock n roll history.
  4. When this all happened, what I should have done was sat in my car for those 45 minutes during her set before REO Speedway came on, gotten my photo pass and my backstage access pass and tickets so I could have avoided the nightmares of Joan Jett’s show.
  5. The woman herself has a very bad attitude problem and she should really seek some help for her anger. Maybe she should join some anger management classes. In a nutshell, Joan should not be allowed back on stage. She should be working backstage with her bands on her label. The Eyeliners, one of the bands on her label, made a video where she made a guest appearance and she looked like a total asshole. I wonder if she is going to do the same thing with the Dollyrots? There are many famous female singers in Joan’s age group, there are some that are even older than her, at least by 5-10 years. I am not a big fan of Stevie Nicks, but if she had the intelligence that Stevie has in her little pinkie, maybe Joan would have a hit. Stevie doesn’t come off as a bitch, and she would have joined Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers had she not already joined Fleetwood Mac. But back to Joan.
  6. Joan could have put on a better show. It is pretty bad when you take Chastain Park, which is a nice sized amphitheater, and she could only fill the first fifty rows. Everybody else was outside having cigarettes and waiting for the headliner. That is sad. I think it’s also sad that she thinks that she thinks that it is AWESOME to be back in Atlanta. They did beg for an encore and she did do that, and she did do her meet and greet. I have already covered this woman once and I thank god that I did not have to cover her again. It would have been the exact same show she did at the last Music Midtown. This may be one of the reasons that she was not asked to appear at Rock Oklahoma.
  7. I think its time for Joan Jett to stop looking for her Runaways and instead work on her label or at least write something original. If I were a fan of Joan Jett’s and I had been to numerous shows of hers in the past – and if two of her shows were exactly the same like the two I saw, I would never waste another dollar on a ticket to see her live.


She is washed up and should really think about retiring. Botox will not keep her young forever and cover songs will not make her anymore famous or relevant than what she once was.  So, my little minions, Joan Jett left Atlanta to finish up her tour, and if I were you, I would not go see her. She is not worth the waste of gas and a ticket, and most of all, she is not worth your fucking time. She has turned into a cover girl singer with no new music, no hits and all she knows how to do now is covers. It was a waste of 45 minutes, sitting in the rain, watching her make an ass out of herself. Now, if you want to go stoned and have a good laugh, that might be different, but it might still be a buzz kill, so my answer is stay home. And Joan should stay home, too, for life, and never open her mouth again until she has something intelligent to say. We love you, Joan. Don’t think we don’t! We REALLY love you, we are just trying to give you a hint here: get your life together or get the fuck off stage. Do the world a favor and retire until the peanut in your head comes up with a new idea for an album. It’s pretty bad, as I said earlier, I thought she was Jack from Uncrowned – they have the same haircut. But you have to give the Uncrowned more credit. Retire and shut up and stop making people waste money to come see you, you washed up has-been. The end.




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