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I found John Martin and The Southern Drive Band by accident at Smith’s Olde Bar. – I say by accident, because I was at Smith’s to shoot a piece of shit band that needs music lessons, personality lessons, and intensive therapy. I was pissed, and the lighting was atrocious, so I did not get the pictures I had hoped for, and I will probably never get on the USS Harry Truman when they do a show for the troops to get another one—but yet I feature my pictures on the front page of my myspace page. The question you should be asking yourself is why. The answer is simple, the band is truly excellent. I love excellence in all of its forms when it comes to music, and John Martin and the Southern Drive Band is lovely country. -John Martin can howl like Waylon Jennings and play the guitar like George Jones. He won me instantly, and only a seasoned entertainer can do that. I have seen a lot of faces, and I have listened to them all. He moves like Josey Scott from Saliva. I love a country singer that can move like a rock star. He owns every song he sings. When I heard him sing Save A Horse, I almost believed he wrote it (are you listening Big Kenny?). –The Southern Drive Band wails, but I found no background info on them what so ever. I would have liked to talk about the intensity of the bass player and how he laid that grove into every song, or the guitar players weird flip flops (on his feet), or the rock sensibility of the drummer. –John Martin is the hardest working country singer in Atlanta. He works so hard, that I truly believe he is the only one. He deserves the world, and I wish I could give it to him. I would love to see him open for Hank Jr. on June 2nd.

Excellent Martin originals include No Fear, Drinkin’ For A Livin, and Forever. If you get a chance to see him live, do it. You won’t be sorry. It is a damn good time!

John Martin: No Fear
CD Track Listing

1. Heroes
2. Picture of Me Without You
3. No Fear
4. I Believe
5. Time Flys
6. Standin’ In Colorado
7. Drinkin’ For A Livin’
8. Goodbye Grandpa
9. Forever
10. Hold Off on the Whiskey


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