Johnny A: Get Inside


Johnny A: Johnny A-Guitars, Percussion. Ken Clark-Hammond B3. Henley Douglas Jr.-Saxophone. Rick O’Neal-Electric Bass. Garrett Savluk-Trumpet. Rod Stewart-Drums, Percussion.

I will bet you wonder why I am such a fucked up fan of guitar players-really. I don’t play guitar, not at all. My kid plays, my brother plays-but not me. I have no fucking clue about petals, amps, and special effects. All I know is what I know-Guitar players in this day and age are like the great classical pianists and composers from a long time ago. They reach into that place that nobody can fucking name and write music and play music that will last forever. Going to a guitar show is like going to a recital, and in a hundred years the critics will discuss players like Malmsteen, Lynch, Satriani, and Vai is the same breath as Mozart, Vivaldi, Mahler, and Beethoven. -One of those guitarists they could talk about is Johnny A. Johnny A grew up in Malden Mass, which is on the North Shore of Boston. Listening to him reminds me of smoke filled bars at midnight after you have had a few really good drinks. You know, when you are at that place where you are just fucking cutting loose and relaxing. -Yeah, you know Johnny A. He played sidekick to Paul Wolf in the J. Geils Band. Get Inside is his second album, and it isn’t a sellout. It isn’t commercial at all. It is just music that Johnny A fucking loves and wants to bring to the masses. I respect the hell out of that. Get Inside is a jazz/blues CD that doesn’t try to take you anywhere, it just lets you be where you are at and identify with it. You could call it poetry. -Get Inside is for the thinkers and the dreamers. I like it. People who are fucking individuals are going to like it, and if you take the time to read what I fucking write you are an individual and a thinker, so you are going to like it to. Go get it, and if you have to have lyrics make up your own and sing along with Johnny A.

Track Listing

Hip Bone-This is a jazzy fucking thing. I would have liked to see it take a turn for the blues, but the jazz freaks will love it on a down tempo day. This is the kind of song you want to hear at two am after four strong drinks when you feel like King fucking Kong.

I Had To Laugh-This I like. It sounds like Johnny A is having a great fucking time on this. The horns are just fucking cool on it. Name the last time you heard actual horns that weren’t computer generated on anything.

Poor Side of Town-This is a remake of Johnny Rivers 1966 hit. There is this distorted wah wah whine thing that comes out of his guitar that will just break your fucking heart. Life must have been hard in Boston. Listen for the Jeff Beck in him.

Sing Singin’-Yeah, his guitar sounds like it really is singing on this. So fucking what? I like it. I think when I listen to this one my head actually sway a little fucking bit to the right and the left, not in the traditional up and down metal head sense of the thing. This song could change my mind about fucking jazz on some level.

Get Inside-I like how fucking deep this song is. I don’t think this is some light hearted thing. I can feel the heartache and struggle in this one and fucking relate to it. Fuck, he is almost an Allman on this track.

Bundle Of Joy-Ok, this one was written for somebody’s kid. If it had some vocals to it, it could be on Six Strings. The arrangement is fucking complicated-but when you listen to it you can almost see a bunch of little kids dancing to it.

Krea Gata-Oh yeah. When you listen to this one, you can almost see a cat slinking down an alley way. I think this one should be Johnny A’s theme song. It is a fucking cool slink up behind you and then it claws your eyes out.

The Wind Cries Mary-Why in the name of all things unholy do I always hear a fucking Hendrix remake on almost every guitar CD I listen to? Hendrix would be embarassed by all the fucking attention and hero worship. -I like the arrangement. He tears it down and build it back up, but it isn’t really fucking necessary to this CD.

Ignorance Is Bliss-This one you can dance like you are on crack to, and if you listen you can hear shades of Stevie Ray Vaughn on this one. Johnny A really shows some fucking skill on this one.

Sway A Little-After Ignorance Is Bliss, you need something to bring you down off of that crack high ever so fucking gently. -This song has an outlaw cowboy thing around the campfire feel to it. You can almost hear the water from the stream.

Stimulation-Listen for the Carlos Santana in him on this track. This one will make you want to paint a big and fucking colorful picture. It is fucking epic, and it goes right to work on the right side of your brain.

Another Life-This song is about letting go-people, places, things. It seems as though it was written for somebody that has died-but it can apply to a lot of fucking things-relationships, jobs, addictions. -This one might make you cry.


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