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Julie Roberts is the latest female superstar from Mercury in Nashville. She has a powerhouse voice and is racking up awards right and left. I wouldn’t so much call her traditional country because she has that shot of the blues in her, but that blues tinge to her voice is going to make her a crossover hit like Shania Twain. You just watch. She is going to be something special. -What can I say about her that hasn’t already been said? She is going to the Grand Old Opry and has hung out with Reba-I guess I am not the only one who thinks that she is going to be something!

–1 You Ain’t Down Home – This song is a little tale about how a guy is too high and mighty for a country girl. She feels the differences between them are to great to over come. 2. Break Down Here – The lady escapes her red neck man. She hopes, against all hope, that the car doesn’t break down as she travels out of town without smokie treats or a radio. 3. Pot Of Gold – Everyone dreams of a pot of gold. Forever wondering what is really at the end of the rainbow-silver, gold or love. 4. Unlove Me – The woman in this song wants to go back to a time before she knew love. When she was unloved she didn’t have the pain love comes with nor the memories. This is a beautiful song echoing how loves memories never fade. This is one song the DJ’s need to promote. It needs to bestow it’s message on the airways. 5. Just Cause We Can – Wow, everyone longs for a road trip date, just like in the movies. This is a fun tune from the long trip to the warm breezes on the beach. 6. Wake Up Older – The lady has a hangover and her lover has left. In desperation she needs a cold bottle or a warm shoulder. In any advent, she has woken up feeling older. Haven’t we all been there? 7. If You Had Called Yesterday – A woman changes her mind in the morning sun. She no longer wants her boyfriend to return. With yesterday gone, she now looks forward to change. 8. No Way Out – Typical couple with too many bills and a lot of love. This song is all country. Is love the pot of gold? Many couples have too many bills, but manage to stay together. 9. I Can’t Get Over You – The lady in the song is broken hearted about her lover. She lives in the past and is not able to move on. Her broken heart stays with the seasons of time. This song is beautifully written with a heartfelt rendition by Julie. 10. Rain On A Tin Roof – Ever thirsty for love, she looks forward to her lover stopping by for his usual one night stand. This song shows a comparison of fleeting romance to the summer rain. 11. The Chance – In this song, she finds old letters, written by her mother. Telling her a story, of the way it used to be for women, doing things only as she dared.

As for Julie, I hope to see more of her songs on the airways very soon. I enjoyed, as I hope you did, her video of Break Down Here. Many great wishes to Julie on her new CD. Go out there and continue to support women in country music by buying this exceptional CD today. Go Julie.


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