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Juliette And The Licks, You’re Speaking My Language

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Juliette And The Licks is actress/musician Juliette Lewis on vocals, Ed Davis (drums), Kemble Walters (guitar), Todd Norse (guitar), and Jason Womack (bass). 

She might best be known for her starring role in Natural Born Killers with Woody Harrelson, though Juliette Lewis started acting at 12.

Juliette Lewis unleashed her inner lioness when she set out as a musician, forming the Licks in 2003. Though, she’d been hinting at her new career since 1994 when she was in Melissa Etheridge’s Come to My Window, though I haven’t seen her in the video (and I own it.)

In 1999, she married professional skateboarder Steve Berra. They have since divorced, a life-changing course which affects her music.

Intro (Instrumental)

You’re Speaking My Language

If you’ve ever seen the video for this song, you know why this song is a hit. The co-writer to this song knows how Juliette thinks. It’s a beautiful punk rock song. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a romantic song. If you give her lip, she’ll give it right back to you. She wants you to know where you stand.

Money In My Pocket

She’s got her new career, but she’s not happy with the world and the way her personal relationships are going. What’s really getting to her is that her relationship has ended, and it’s driving her insane. No matter what she does, it won’t change the world or her relationships. Money doesn’t buy love.

American Boy Vol II

Her message is that she understands what’s going on in this war and this country, but it’s up to you to learn on your own why we shouldn’t be in this bullshit war about oil. Don’t push her, and she won’t push you. Don’t let anyone push you into the war.

I Never Got To Tell You What I Wanted To

It’s a great song, but her boyfriend is drafted off to war, and he dies. She just sits and cries because so much was left unsaid. She wanted to tell him what he meant to her. He’s telling her from the other side not to cry and to reach out and hold him. He’s trying to tell her to stand up and fight for what’s right.

This I Know

This could be about any broken up relationship. The girl in the song has been burned so many times and picked up so many fools. She’s got such big heart that she’s loved them all. The one she married turned out to be yet another lie. All she wanted to do was build her life with him. She thought he was Mr. Right, but the relationship turned out to be nothing but lies. In her mind, he’s still her man, but she won’t realize that it’s over. So, she puts herself in this imaginary land, where she wants this man back. It’s a song to teach girls to see the real man, and take off your rose-colored glasses.

Pray For The Band Latoya

This is a song about the music business and no matter what you do and what they tell you to do, don’t let them kill your dream or bust your bubble. Stay righteous, evil, and bitchy as I am and you’ll succeed. Don’t fall for their games. Instead, believe in yourself and turn the tables and play their mind games on them.

So Amazing

The character in this song has a friend who is in trouble. The music or Hollywood scene’s grist mill is hurting the friend. She’s telling her friend: don’t listen to them, stay strong, and listen to yourself.  She tells her friend that she’s been there and knows what it’s like, so she’ll always be there for her friend.

By The Heat Of Your Light

This song is about a couple, and the woman has a bad feeling. She wakes up to find that he’s fixed her food, and he’s gone. He leaves an address, but every time she writes him, her letters come back marked, “return to sender.” She wonders what she did wrong. It was his fault, and he should’ve been honest instead of leaving her wondering.

Got Love To Kill

Simply, this one I’ll take it to the personal level. She’ll know who I’m talking about. It’s hard to be alone, and have a marriage end. But, that’s the way we grow. This is a life experience, but stop wishing for him to return. It’s over and done with. Realize this: we come into this world alone and leave this world alone. The only thing you can do is bring yourself happiness, and to stop begging him to come back when he’s not going to return. Go on with your life and live it to the fullest. Don’t let this man keep holding you back.

Seventh Sign

Planetary-wise, the seventh sign is Venus, the planet of love. The character she talks about in this song comes off as a guy who thinks his shit doesn’t think. He knows he’s got her, and he holds it over her head. He throws all her mistakes back at her. All she wants is for him to tell her that he loves her. She just wants marriage, and all he wants is wam-bam-thank-you, ma’am. Wake up and smell the coffee and move on.

Long Road Out Of Here

This is a letter from a soldier who knows he’s not coming home, and he wants her to go on with her life. He wants her to find someone to share her future with. She gave her whole heart, and he acknowledges that he couldn’t ask for anything more. In response, he asks her to let him be free.  


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