Jungle Rot At The Masquerade


Jungle Rot: David Matrise-Vocals, Guitar. Jerry Sturino-Bass. Eric House-Drums. Joey Lohr-Guitar.

Jungle Rot is different. Not different in name or lyrics, but style of music. I loved them-think Trent Reznor on crack. High energy in your face shit with a high energy in your face show. Yeah, the remind me and everyone else under the sun of Slayer-but go deeper. Hear the Danzig. Feel the Danzig. Listen to Dave Matrise embrace his inner Glen Danzig with that heavy throaty growl of his. People are going to want to say SlipKnot-but that would be wrong. Even SlipKnot has outgrown SlipKnot (uhh Stone Sour). -Jungle Rot formed in Chicago in 1995, so yeah they have been around for awhile. They have had line-up changes over the years. Name a band that hasn’t. Touring and making no fucking money must a bitch. I know making no fucking money is a bitch, and that alone makes a person want to throw in a towel. After being stuck in a van with the same six guys for days, you may want to kill them…so line-up changes make sense to me. -I like Jungle Rot because they aren’t a rip-off of Six Feet Under or Suffocation. I hear a lot of different shit each and every day-and after a full day it all starts to sound exactly the same. I don’t like having to dig to find reasons why bands are different from each other. I like it to be fucking obvious. -I think my favorite was Joey Lohr on guitar. This guy is a big, red-headed guitar monster in the tradition of Randy Rhoades and Zakk Wylde. -Jerry Sturino on bass had hints of James Newstead greatness in him. I think he is going to give more and more. Eric House on drums has a thundering, marching thing going. He sounded just about like the Grady High School drums core that is out in back of my house, but there is only one of him. So if you are in the mood for something different, something classy, something good-give Jungle Rot a try. My favorite tracks were Symbols of Hate, No Demon Souls, and Let Them Die-it was enough to make me want to go buy a pair of army fatigues.


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