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Kamelot is a melodic power metal band from Elverum, Norway. Band members: Roy Khan (vocalist); Thomas Youngblood (guitar, co-founder); Glenn Barry (bassist); Oliver Palotai (keys, guitar) and Casey Grillo (drummer).

Roy Khan studied to be an opera singer in Norway for three years before becoming a rock vocalist with a broadway-esque style similar to Robert Cuccioli. To prove himself, the band made him skydive before allowing him to join in 1997.

Band’s co-founder Thomas Youngblood. He grew up in Florida and began playing guitar at 17. His wife, Mary Youngblood, a singer, has made appearances with the band. Their daughter, Annlise has made vocal appearances on Black Halo.

Glenn Barry is the bassist and only other lyricist to appear on all 7 Kamelot albums, but not a founding member. Previously, preceded by Sean Christians, also from Florida. 

Casey Grillo, from Enid Oklahoma. Asked at 21 to replace founding member Richard Warner.

Oliver Palotai is from Germany, and made his name by playing guitar for German signer Doro. He played keys for Circle II Circle from 2003-2005. As a replacement guitar for Kamelot founding member John Slater in 2004. In 2005, he joined Kamelot as a permanent touring member. Oliver left Blaze in 2007. He has diplomas as a music teacher, professional musician from Hochshulefurnurnburg-Augsburg.


Solitaire is a great instrumental piece that shows electric violin talents, paired with the rest of the band. It goes into that deep, heavy metal beat, but maintains that melodic classic sound. We’ll give it a new genre – opera/death metal. 

Rule The World

Vocals are like Gavin Rossdale’s from Bush. When it comes to the instrumental, they cannot be compared to any other band. They are too accomplished in their individual musical rights.

It’s a beautiful song that takes you to a place where you see the world from a child’s point of view. He wishes he could wake up and have everything be normal. If only he could rule the world to make it like his vision.

Ghost Opera

The lead singer loves his work, but he’s also psychic. He has major stage fright and he sees all of his music as classical opera, and all he hears in this dream is the audience chanting his name and the band’s name. He wonders if it is a dream, how he will escape it.

Human Stain

It’s war. Many bands from the States with a European member in the band speak the truth about their feelings. Youngblood and Khan together give you the honest truth. You see the crematoriums burning, the red sky so deep are the ashes of those who have passed on. You watch the oceans rise. It’s the human stain. This covers Katrina, talks about the growing hunger, and why isn’t anyone doing anything to help these children? Instead of dropping bombs on the war-ridden, why don’t we give them food? Don’t we wish we were children again? Then again, parents today don’t hide their children behind rose-colored glasses.

I don’t have a clock in my house. I agree with them. Time goes on and on. The only time I use one is when doing reviews. How do we know time exists? Who gave us time? Who gave us the names of the week? Why must we live by a clock?

Why must this world be splintered? What do we do? When will this war end? How do we stop all the pain and suffering in this world? We gotta try before our time runs out because this world is a masquerade and one day we’re all gonna die and we’re all holograms on this earth. We have no way to make up our mistakes, unless we come back to fix our mistakes.


This song is dedicated to all lost souls lost when Norway attacked the German ship, Blücher. It was a German ship attacked by Norway during WWII. The captain survived, and more than half the crew got off. The survivors were ordered to throw their life jackets in. This was for the ship and its crew. Were they going to make it home? They prayed to make it.

This was Norway‘s army’s way to say: “One down, one million to go. Even though the Germans took Norway by land, so what.”

Love You To Death

This is a love story about two young kids. The girl is dying from a terminal disease. And, she knows she’s dying. She finally admits the truth to him – that she has little time left. He’s upset because he doesn’t know what he will do without her. She tells him she’ll be in the afterlife with him. He cries, and says he’ll be with her as she goes into her endless sleep.

Up Through The Ashes

This is a death row song. It’s not about the girl. He’s asking God for forgiveness as he’s being strapped down to the electric chair. He knows he’s done wrong and he wasn’t perfect. But, he’s aware of his sins. He asks for forgiveness for it. Once he’s gone, will God let him come home?

Morning Star

Asking the question: what is the point of giving up precious life in war? Make a wish for peace. This prayer is not cliché.

Silence Of Darkness

It’s a soldier afraid to sleep at night; afraid of dying during war. Instead, he keeps himself awake, so he doesn’t have to be afraid to die in his sleep. This is his chance to be alive to go home. He wants to wake up in his own bed.


This is a dying soldier and he doesn’t know why he was in war. Why was he pulled into this war? Was it for a college degree, to pay for his tuition? It doesn’t matter what country he came from. He’s laying there dying with his best friend, and all he’s saying is, “Sing me that anthem of life and let me move on. Maybe one day I’ll see my family if they can get me out here fast.” I don’t see him making it out alive, though.

Eden Echo

This is a young boy in his first true love. She leaves him and scars him. He can’t get his life back together. He tries every day to contact her. Meanwhile, she doesn’t care while he shrivels awaiting – wanting only an answer. He can only stay in the past. It’s time to let it go, let your life be and to move on.


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