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Okay. Who thinks I have lost my fucking mind? -I am a psychic and a music critic and I was drawn to this fucking guy. He is going to be the next big crossover artist like Shania Twain -that’s what pulled me. -The reason for country music in Music Incider? This one is simple, and the core of every metal head is a country singer/songwriter somewhere. For Kid Rock, it is Hank Williams Sr. For me, it is Patsy Cline, Hank Williams Sr. and Rodney Crowell. For Jack White of the White Stripes, it is Loretta Lynn. -Bret Michaels is crossing over and hitting the country charts. -Country music has directly impacted much of the heavy music we listen to. Lynyrd Skynyrd is a direct fucking evolution of country music. -I also like Urban’s story. He landed in Nashville from Australia in the early nineties. He got signed with his band-his first fucking album went nowhere. The band broke up. Urban was resigned as a solo artist. He made it when the odds were against him. Who gets two swings with a major label? -He is a massively talented guitar player, and I fucking LOVE great guitar players no matter what genre they are in. Urban is good enough to be onstage with Satriani and Vai at G3. -Be Here is by no means straight country. It has a rock feel to it and is more like a fusion CD. Be Here has stokes of DARKNESS hidden in it for the people that are really listening and that I really like, and that is my only bitch really-I don’t want him so happy in his music. I like him dark. -Urban is a singer/songwriter, and we aren’t hearing from the singer/songwriters so much in rock music these days. Sure, we get the fucking amazing Neil Young every now and again, and Bob Dylan drags himself out on tour-but everybody knows Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and Johnny Cash. Country singer/songwriters tend to have a lasting impact and eventually the fact that they are country drops from our minds. I can walk into any club, and the most tattooed and pierced young kid will know all about Johnny Cash and how Glen Danzig wrote Thirteen for him. -I hated the reviews I was reading about him. ‘Keith Urban delivers a masterpiece.’ How creative. How fucking dull. The reviewers aren’t even saying why they like him so fucking much, but he got the CMA Entertainer Of The Year Award and this is only his third solo CD. -He is a good-looking blond. I have a thing for good-looking blond guitar players. This isn’t an important reason to like Urban at all, but people love the way this guy looks. Next time you listen to Urban, CLOSE YOUR EYES and listen to the vocal range and the guitar playing, because it is outfuckingrageous.
Download a song, check him out. Try Nobody Drinks Alone, and then go get the CD. If you don’t, you will be fucking sorry.

Track Listing:
1. Days Go By -See. There are a lot of gushy fucking reviews written about this song in particular. This thing is dark at its core. Life is passing you by and the clock is ticking so have a good time while you can.
2. Better Life -Richard Marx shares song writing credit with Urban on this one. It has a banjo in it…hmmm. -I dream of wining the lottery. I tell myself shit is going to get better. I fantasize about my New York offices of Music Incider, and when this cute blond sings about it I almost believe it can happen.
3. Making Memories Of Us -This was written by one of my all time favorites, Rodney Crowell. Rodney wrote it for his wife for Valentine’s day. This song has been covered more than once-poorly. This time Urban carries it of with his voice. He does a great fucking job on it.
4. God’s Been Good To Me -This one is going to remind you of Waylon Jennings, and we have some massive banjo in there. Okay, you can take this one two ways. Either he is really fucking pleased and grateful about the good breaks that he has had, or he is high on moonshine on the side of a mountain for the first time
5. The Hard Way -This one is a song about working on the bad fucking relationship. Everybody has been there, and in this fucking economy who isn’t fighting about something-fuck it it usually money isn’t it. Give that woman a paycheck boy, you can afford it now.
6. You’re My Better Half -Use this song to get laid. I am telling you -tell somebody that they are your better half and pull them real fucking close and see what happens? Are you going to name that baby Keith?
7. I Could Fly -Urban shows off some fucking guitar chops on this that could rival Joe Satriani. Listen for the Celtic music. -I love the fact he used PALE MOONLIGHT in this song. Is he talking about God or a woman in this one, or does sex equal god? I guess it is up to you.
8. Tonight I Wanna Cry -Okay, this one sounds like Elton John. But check out this lyric “But I’m just drunk enough to let go of my pain. To hell with my pride, let it fall like rain from my eyes.” -This one I love. I am going to use I’m just drunk enough to let go of my pain really soon.
9. She’s Gotta Be -You see, every metal CD has a ‘THAT BITCH BROKE MY HEART’ song. On this one, the hero did EVERYTHING for her and she left any fucking way. I’ll bet she is sorry now that Urban is the CMA god.
10. Nobody Drinks Alone -More good darkness on this one. More lyrics, “Every demon, every ghost from your past. Every memory you’ve held back. Follows you home. Nobody drinks alone.” -Now Hank Williams Sr. could have written a song like this.
11. Country Comfort -This was written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin. Amazingly enough, it is the most traditional country song on the cd and look who it was written by. -I think he did this song BECAUSE it was written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin.
12. Live To Love Another Day -Another ‘THAT BITCH BROKE MY HEART’ song. But he is going to live to love another day-this song gives the broken heart idea a twist.
13. These Are The Days -Poppy. Britney could lip-synch it and she wouldn’t be out of place. -But could she really sing about my Grandmama was a wise old soul? Everybody loves their grandma, but this was a fucked up way to end the CD.


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