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Kill Van Kull – Edge of Sunrise

Barb Fara
President & CEO 

Rick Cabrera (Vocals), Billy
Cardinale (Bass), Vincent Raschella (Drums & Percussion), Alex Mahoney
(Saxophones & Rhythm Guitar), and Al Anzalone (Lead Guitar) a
New York band


The album, Edge of Sunrise,
is truthfully a masterpiece. Billy and the boys bring their best efforts to
this album and it shows; it is a class act. It’s unusual to hear a band that
can jump from being Motley Crue to Steve Vai and then to Stevie Ray Vaughn. This
band should not be playing clubs; they should be on a major tour and a major
label. It is time. The album should be on every fucking record shelf in the
country – why aren’t they being promoted properly?


I found them on Myspace and
thought, “Wow – a Myspace band that are actually really talented!” What brings out
the talent is more than just their hard
New York ways because they also show a sensitive side with the
instrumentals. It’s like their bluesy instruments are connected to their
bodies. The thing is, it’s not their age that is holding them back, it’s
whoever is handling their career. To me, every track on the album was mixed and
engineered to perfection. This is one band that should not be overlooked and
should absolutely be picked up. Any labels, pr’s, managers –  anybody in the industry that read this review
– you should ask this band for a press pack. They are a wonderful combination.
They know their craft. Not in it for the game or money, but to share their wailing,
soulful sound with the world.


The cd is worth spending the
19.99 for. This is the album you have sex to, the pickup album for the man
wanting the girl of his dreams. The three instrumentals really got to me: ‘Edge
of Sunrise’, ‘The Bottom’ and ‘Hell from Above’. It’s amazing to see a hard
rock band turn on their sensitivity like you have done, and adding it to the
album just makes it classier. I would recommend checking them out live. They
are worth the ticket and show. So from my point of view, I give this a 10+.


PS. Billy, email me or I’ll
kick your fucking ass! The cd rocks! I was totally impressed. And if nobody
signs you, I know a firm that would manage you. Keep up the good work, and I cannot
wait to see what you do next. I love the whole album. Let us know when you are
coming south, boys, we’ll be there.

*Photos courtosy of Kill Van Kull’s myspace page





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