Kip Winger


Kip Winger-What A Surprise!
Hi Fi Buys Amphitheatre 8/13/03
Atlanta, GA

So, I slipped out of the pit after Slaughter at The Rock Never Stops Tour. I figured I had a few minutes when I saw this guy that looked like a guitar tech walk out and start a sound check. –Harmless looking guy with glasses-talking to the man in the sound booth about levels. The guitar tech played a few chords…see, I thought they had to set up for Kip Winger-you know, change the banner, bring out a different drum kit-tune up a bass or something. Then the weirdest fucking thing happened-THE GUITAR TECH BEGAN TO SING! It was fucking Kip Winger. I hauled ass to the camera pit. What a fucking surprise! -He didn’t look a thing like what I remembered. He looked like a soccer dad ready for Saturday morning. The tip off should have been his fucking pale blue guitar, but fuck I thought it was for some other Kip Winger. –I can get into the fact that he just wanted to get up their and do his own thing, but he should have had somebody fucking introduce him. The audience members were just staring at each other in fucking shock man. Maybe they were thinking we were at some fucked up karaoke bar in the North Georgia Mountains for a minute. –Kip was definitely a change from what we had all just seen with Slaughter, but not a bad fucking change. We were just hearing Kip Winger Unplugged for about twenty five minutes.
-That was not a bad thing. It was really fucking cool after about ten minutes, but Kip’s set would have been better in a more intimate venue. I think he just wanted to go on tour and reconnect with his fans. Who can blame him? Kip’s voice has grown over the years-it has just gotten better. His music is deeper, and it doesn’t seem like he feels the need to let his hair grow out anymore-so fucking what! His set was honest, intense, and raw. Kip Winger has pretty much gone acoustic, like Ricky Byrd. Evolving musically is a great thing, and being honest is pretty fucking great too. Sometimes, I think it is very important for a musician to take their music in different directions. –Kip Winger has been heading in a gentler, deeper direction since the death of his wife Beatrice in 1996, and music seems to have been helping him through is healing process. –No there was no bass or drums that night-just Kip and his guitar. He was really pretty fucking great when he sang Seventeen-it was even funny when he said she was REALLY only sixteen. –My only bitch is that he would have been even better in a more intimate setting where the audience could have picked up on more of what he was trying to put out there. Personally, I would like to see Kip Winger at the Fox Theatre here in Atlanta. He has a lot to say, and he has a lot to give an audience-it just got lost in between Slaughter and Warrant.

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