Kittie Rocks The Masquerade


Kittie is: Morgan Lander-Vocals, Guitar. Jennifer Arroyo-Bass. Lisa Marx-Guitar. Mercedes Lander-Drums.

Kittie puts on an AMAZING live show. If you stripped all of the artistic lights, took away the amps, unplugged the microphones and put them up on stage with Tonka toys-they would still stomp your ass. Let us forget that Morgan Lander is arguably the best metal female vocalist out there-I mean let us forget the part that she is a woman. Music is music and thank god Kittie is NOT The Donna’s. I love the fact that Morgan has a pucker like Elvis on stage, growls like Chris Barnes, has a scream that reminds me of Steven Tyler, and plays guitar like Dave Mustane. I want to see Morgan Lander on the cover of Rolling Stone. She is metal. She is rock, and she deserves all of the fucking media attention the press corps can muster up. -Jennifer Arroyo should be invited to play bass with Ozzy the next time he needs somebody. She reminds me of fucking James Newstead on stage. Her fingers are probably reinforced steel cables. -Lisa Marx on guitar is the new addition to Kittie. She can play like George Lynch. If my George was a chick, he would be Lisa Marx. -Mecedes Lander on drums is out of this fucking world. Name another female metal drummer right now. Go ahead. Name one. Just one. -Fuck, name any other drummer in the genre that is as good as Mercedes Lander. -Kittie hit all the highpoints of their career at The Masquerade. We heard tracks off of Oracle, Spit, Safe, Paper Doll, and some off of Until The End. Now, several people at the show would have liked to get their greedy little hands on a copy of Until The End-but they didn’t have copies at the mechandise booth. There also aren’t any copies at any of the local stores as of this writing. -But we heard the blistering and important title track to this CD at The Masquerade-Until The End. We also heard a great song called Career Suicide. Great and amazing shit comes out of this four piece group, and my hope is that they get to be as big as Metallica. -The reality of it is that they are four women that aren’t using tits and ass to push their music. They deserve ultimate respect for that, but unfortunately it seems that there are only a few ways for women to make it big. Tits and Ass, or have your private life paraded around the press like Courtney Love. -On a side note, I wish Courtney had the money to fucking sue everybody. She didn’t choose the circus that is following her around. -Kittie rocks. You need to go see them live, because they are the most important female band out there right now.


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