KREATOR: Enemy of God In Atlanta


KREATOR- Mille Petrozza – guitar & vocals. Jürgen Reil – drums. Christian Giesler – bass. Sami Yli-Sirniö – guitar.

Barbara Fara
Music Incider Magazine

“People Of Atlanta, The Kreator is BACK in town for YOU.”-Mille Petrozza

Kreator is an act of nature. The music feeds and builds off of you, me, the fucking news, Mille’s Harley’s, and whatever the fuck else it needs until it becomes this relevant act of mass destruction. -For those of you who do not know, first, you should have been reading my magazine fucker, it isn’t like I charge you any fucking money for it. Secondly, Kreator is an extreme German thrash metal band with all of the underground strength of KMFDM and all of the political sensibility of Megadeth. Kreator has never diluted its sound or cheapened its message in order to make a buck either. Sound? Think Overkill, Megadeth, Motorhead, Death Angel, Exodus, Obituary-any of the extreme greats. Message the band tries to deliver? Let’s fucking paraphrase Petrozza on that one. The songs are ripped from the headlines. The band does not have to reach into fantasy to find horror, violence, and aggression in the world. This strongly supports my idea of art reflecting the world. Stage show? Simple. Straight forward. Extreme. Not enough fucking lighting. -Once Mille, just once let there be enough light so I can get an extremely clear picture of you. My readers who have never seen you live do not know just how fucking sexy you are. Mille is sexy, and powerful. His guitar playing is hypnotic, and he is just so fucking wonderfully German. Like Arnold the Governor German. Big strong jaw, long dark hair, blistering guitar-maybe he should do a movie or two. – I still believe the extreme/death/thrash metal community offers some of the finest guitar playing in the world fueled by the influences of people like Mille Petrozza, Dave Linsk, Steve Swanson, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Chuck Schuldiner. The fans fucking know it and appreciate it. I see more extreme metal heads at a Steve Vai show or a Joe Satriani show than anywhere else. Read the t-shirts at a Vai show-do it, I dare you. Then, go to a KREATOR show and look at the Vai t-shirts. It doesn’t take a fucking Manhattan PR genius to figure out that a fan of KREATOR appreciates craft and style in his musicians. -I wonder what would happen if the thrash/death metal community offered up its best of the best in a G3 style show every year? We will probably never know. It is not rap, and the American public is getting a real taste of dumbed down ‘music’ with rap. (Notice that it never has called itself music. Rappers are not singers or even vocalists.) Rap is brutal-sure, but fuck, I could sample a bunch of shit-paste it together to the point where the original musician would not sue me, get a decent sound system, and go on the road. As long as it rhymes and I buy a Cadillac Escalade, people would say I had ‘skills’ and snatch the shit off of the shelves. Where is the ‘skill’? First graders learn to fucking rhyme. Sure, some of it is entertaining like Snoop Dogg. Some of it is insightful like Eminem. But that is about it. -Skill is being able to play guitar and sing like Mille Petrozza or Dave Mustaine. Skill is taking years to perfect a craft and be original. Thank fucking God that there are people out there that still recognize thisand go to Kreator shows. -Kreator is amazing live. My favorite live picks are ENEMY OF GOD, EXTREME AGGRESSION, and raise the FLAG OF HATE. A Kreator show is a recognition of the violence and brutality in everybody’s lives. It is done with power, beauty, and people who can actually play instruments. It is music for smart, thinking people. -Kreator cycles through the US about every three years. Do not miss them, ever. This time, they came to Atlanta is support of their latest SPV release, Enemy of God-something for only the smart and beautiful people. Buy the CD, see them live. Prove you have a brain.

Enemy of God Track listing:

1. Enemy of God
2. Impossible Brutallity
3. Suicide Terrorist
4. World Anarchy
5. Dystopia
6. Voices of the Dead
7. Murder Fantasies
8. When Death Takes it´s Dominion
9. One Evil Comes – A Million Follow
10. Dying Race Apocalypse
11. Under a Total Blackened Sky
12. The Ancient Plague
13. Impossible Brutality (video clip)


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