LIVE: Kreator At The Masquerade
Atlanta, GA 10/31/01

KREATOR IS: Mille Petrozza – guitar & vocals. Jürgen Reil – drums.
Christian Giesler – bass. Sami Yli-Sirniö – guitar.

Oh my fucking God! Kreator was AMAZING, and Atlanta had the honor of being the first Kreator show EVER on Halloween in the United States. Kreator at the Masquerade on Halloween-can you think of anything more appropriate than that? Atlanta loved it! I loved it. Mille Petrozza knows how to work a fucking crowd. He could have screamed FUCK YOU ALL in German into the microphone, and we would not have cared at all. We would have loved it because it was fucking Mille Petrozza in Atlanta. I imagine if he would have asked us all to stand on our heads-one of you would have fucking tried it. I know you would have, so don’t lie about it. –So, the question is why? Why would you have tried to stand on your fucking head? The answer is this: Mille has a hypnotic stage presence. You want to bang your head along with him. You want to scream whatever he tells you to scream. You want to throw your fists up into the air. When Mille screamed Extreme Aggressions into the microphone, I screamed it with him. It was a real bitch to take pictures because I just wanted to enjoy him. He has a melodic voice too-a thrash metal front man that can sing on key. That is just not something that you find too often these days. Loads of little cookie monster front men can scream-but not too many of them sound like they have any fucking talent. Those little cookie monster screamers should try listening to some Kreator. Kreator can teach those little guys this-if you are going to do it, do it well. Don’t fuck around. Mille plays a bad ass guitar too. Contrary to popular opinion-Hetfield is not the only front man who plays a wicked guitar. My beloved Metallica needs to hear some Kreator too-maybe Metallica could remember where they came from and produce a strong body of work again. I love Metallica, but St. Anger is WEAK. The strength that was Metallica is lacking-so I am recommending it to them now, publicly, go to a Kreator show and try to remember what you were. Strong. – Jürgen Reil on drums blew me away. I was worried about him because he looked like he was going to have a fucking heart attack or heat stroke on stage. He didn’t quit. He didn’t give up. He gave 100%, and the crowd love him for it. – Sami Yli-Sirniö on guitar has a lot of technical prowess and power. He has an over the top full blown guitar style that reminds me of Steve ‘The Devil’ Vai. This is going to be a weird fucking place to talk about the Vai, but I saw a shit load of G3 shirts at a thrash metal/death metal show. So I asked the kids about it and all they said to me was-I got to see Steve fucking Vai. Nobody said Satriani or Malmsteen to me. Evidently, Vai has a death metal/thrash metal following that nobody is paying any attention to. But enough about him for now. Sami played some outrageous guitar solos, and fully shredded that axe. He was fantastic. –Last but not least let’s talk about Christian Giesler on bass. Christian’s bass sounded like rolling thunder. That bass sounded more like a second drum kit than a guitar to me. He tied that Kreator sound up into a melodic little package that made us ALL very happy in ALL the right places.
Kreator played a little of EVERYTHING from their career on the Art of Noise Two Tour. The band played Endless Pain, Flag of the Hate, Pleasure to Kill, Extreme Aggressions, Coma of Souls…and the list goes on. I loved that Mille had one thousand people screaming KILL at the same time. Kreator rewarded the old fans with the songs from 1986 and the new fans with the songs from 2000. On the last song of the Kreator set, the guys from Vader and Amon Amarath joined them on stage. Kreator IS a class act, and more than worthy of ALL the love and respect that their fans give them. As far as I was concerned, the show should have ended with Kreator. To me, they were the headlining act. If you have any questions about my opinion, yes-I WOULD GO SEE THEM AGAIN.

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