LA GUNS at The Masquerade


LA Guns is: Phil Lewis-Vocals, Guitar. Stacey Blades-Guitar. Adam Hamilton-Bass. Steve Riley-Drums.

This is a great band. It should have been Guns & Roses big-after all Tracii Guns was a founding member of GNR. He left GNR because he didn’t like the musical direction the band was taking-or so they say. Who the fuck knows? Maybe he had a premonition that the band would get really big and do massive amounts of drugs until it crashed. Maybe he wanted some creative control and Axl was a meglomaniac. Who knows. Who cares. The important thing is that LA Guns exists. Just without Tracii-hmm. -The LA Guns were formed back in 1983 with Axl Rose as the lead singer-imagine that. Axl quit to form Hollywood Rose. Tracii joined up with him in GNR. Tracii quit (see above). Lots of glamorous drama. -I have been after the LA Guns since I opened Music Incider. I was fucking thrilled when they opened for Dokken. -Phil Lewis. You have to love him because he was born June 6, 1966. I love his voice. I love his stage presence. I love the way he plays guitar. Phil is fucking hot. I love the fact that he has that Steven Tyler swagger and tiger stalk about him. Phil has been in a shit load of bands that have fucking rocked-but again all that matters is that he is in LA Guns. -I thought I would be fucking pissed off about Stacey Blades NOT being Tracii Guns. Am I supposed to be pissed off that Tracii is off playing with Nikki Sixx? Fuck no. I love Nikki Sixx. I love Tracii for playing a part in so much shit that I absolutely love. Without Tracii, there would be no Slash and no Velvet Revolver. I have to say Stacey was right. He is about the most fucking hot guitar player I have ever seen live. Stacey used to be in the Roxx Gang and Smack before joining LA Guns. I wonder how many people realized he wasn’t Tracii. I wonder how many people know just how fucking talented this guy is. -Adam Hamilton on bass was pretty fucking amazing. It is fucking strange how much he looks like Jeff Pilson. It is fucking strange how much he plays like Jeff Pilson. Imagine the news flash: Secret Laboratories Revealed! Jeff Pilson clones rule the metal scene-seriously. He rocked. Then there was that guy-you know the one. The one from WASP. Steve Riley. All big metal drummers are not created equal my children. Steve Riley rises above the rest. -LA Guns did a metric fucking ton of their greatest his including the one that made them big for a minute-The Ballad of Jayne. The songs off of Cocked and Loaded were for the diehard fans that came out that night. -What we had was a retrospective of the entire history of LA Guns. It was as important as going to a Rolling Stones show-and it was better than going to a Rolling Stones show. Phil Lewis actually sang and did not lip sync. Stacey Blades actually played his guitar-and so did Adam Hamilton. Then there was that guy-you know, Steve Riley. There was NO QUESTION about who was playing those outrageous drums. -I loved the fucking show and I think EVERYBODY should see this band live regardless of what you are into as far as music goes. It makes me sad that these guys were never fucking HUGE like Aerosmith or Guns & Roses, but who said life was fair?


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