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For those of you who don’t know Lucia Cifarelli-what the fuck? Have you been listening to Britney Spears or something? Lucia is the only woman capable on the face of the planet of hanging vocally with industrial rock powerhouse KMFDM. This Long Island New Yorker raises hell on stage, but somebody put the mighty Lucia on tour with Robin Gibb. D’oh. Lucia took time out between her solo tour and the Canadian leg of the KMFDM tour to answer a few questions for us. Here is what she had to say:

MI-What is your birthdate?
Lucia-September 23

MI-I have a lot of questions about The Bee Gees Tour with Robin Gibb. When does it start? Are you even old enough to remember The Bee Gees?

Lucia-Yes of course I remember the Bee Gees, they are legends.

MI-Go Ahead. Name three Bee Gees songs for me, lol.
Lucia-“How Deep Is Your Love”,”Staying Alive”, “Nights On Broadway”.

MI-When you were a kid, who was your favorite rock star?
Lucia-Hmmm I had more than one. I loved The Cure, Sister Of Mercy, Curve, Front 242, Diamanda Galas, Sade, AC/DC….my taste in music is pretty random. I just never got into country or jazz.

MI- This Gibb Thing-Who’s idea was it? What. Tell ME.
Lucia-I had to come up with a 30 minute set and was asked to pick the more pop oriented songs considering who I was opening for. The shows were completely bizarre to me. A much older demographic, I didn’t fit in at all. I’m still asking myself why I bothered at all, though there must be a lesson in there somewhere.

MI-Are there any fucked up plans to make you and Robin the next Barbara Streisand and Barry Gibb?
Lucia-There was talk but once they checked me out they decided against it

MI-What did Robin Gibb do when everybody leaves after your set?
Lucia-There was a set change, all the musicians got off the stage and returned again with Robin about 20 minutes later. (Now this wasn’t the answer I was looking for-I was thinking maybe he wept with jealousy.)

MI-What is your favorite track off of From The Land of Volcanoes?
Lucia-It changes all the time, at the moment I think its “Fear”

MI-What were your goals with the cd?
Lucia-Just to make it available for anyone that wants to buy it and hopefully find some movie sound track oportunities to possibly launch it on a bigger level.

MI-Tell me the story about how you got into music, be sure to include how you got involved with KMFDM and how your solo career got started.
Lucia-I started writing poetry when I was pretty young, just little stories thatdidn’t seem to make any sense at the time. As I got older and developed an interest in music, the stories began taking shape into lyrics. When I was in Junior High School, I got an internship at a recording studio and starting meeting people, collaborating, taking voice lessons. I joined my first band to see if I could actually perform. I had such terrible stage fright back in those days, I wasn’t sure I could actually perform. When I graduated high
school I moved to the city and started searching for a partner to form a band with. I met Dan Harnett through an add in “The Village Voice”. We formed “Drill”. It took years for us to develop the sound and songs that would get us signed to our first record deal. On our debut album there is a song called “What You Are”. This song was featured on the “Empire Records” movie soundtrack. Sascha remixed that song for us and that is how we were formally introduced. Years later he invited me to collaborate with himself and Tim Skold on MDFMK and later KMFDM.

MI-Who and what influences you as a musician and your sound?
Lucia-Everything! Life influences me. I’m sure I am also influenced by the music I am listening to at those various times but to name exactly who is difficult to say, I am listening to so much all the time.

MI-What do you want people to know about you?
Lucia-I’m a quick study. Read my lyrics and you will get a huge insight into who I am.

MI-Tell me about the most memorable show you have ever played live.
Lucia-Probably Russia this past June. It was insane. Completely different from any experience I have ever had. Thousands of people going absolutely crazy, no barrier, nothing. People were trying to drag me off the stage. My nails were scrapping across the floor as I was trying to hold on. Very excitable bunch those Russians.

MI-Where is your favorite place to tour and why?
Lucia-I love passing through New York. Its my hometown and I don’t get there nearly as much as I’d like.

MI-We all know you are a New Yorker. Where were you when 9-11 happened and how did it effect you?
Lucia-I was in Seattle at the time and completely freaked out. I was distraught along with the rest of the world. My apartment at the time was a few blocks away, my dad lived across the street from the towers. I lost my brother-in-laws sister, a friends husband. I don’t know anyone that wasn’t somehow touched by that day.

MI-How would you have designed a memorial for the victims of 9-11?
Lucia-I’m not sure of the design but I would make it as indestructable as possible.

MI-What do you think of The Freedom Tower that is taking the place of The World Trade Center?
Lucia-I’ve seen glimpses of what it is going to look like but haven’t studied it too much. It actually looks pretty complicated and grandiose, like another future target.

MI-Do you believe in psychics? Why or why not?
Lucia-Yes I do. I’ve sought council from a few in my life. There are moments when a little insight into things helps me stay the course, though I try to live my life and allow it to unfold warts and all.

MI-Have you ever had a paranormal experience? If so, what was it?
Lucia-After my sister passed she paid me a visit to tell me she was o.k. and that she loved me!

MI-Have you ever inhaled?
Lucia-More times then I dare say in print!

MI-What are your thoughts on legalizing marijuana?
Lucia-I think it should be treated like alcohol, 21 and your good to go.

MI-Who is your hero and why?
Lucia-My mother. She has set many examples that have impacted me in a huge way-from the values she instilled in me as a child to the mistakes she has made as a woman.

MI-Where do you see your solo career heading in the next five years?
Lucia-Hopefully in 5 years I will be on another solo tour headling and supporting a new album with great success, as well as working with KMFDM.

MI-What is in your CD player right now and why?
Lucia-I’m revisiting my Curve collection. Toni Halliday is the BOMB! She rocks my world.

MI-Why does it seem like women have a harder time making it in music than men-and you can feel free to disagree with me on this-
Lucia-I think women in general have a harder time in society. There are so many expectations of what we should/shouldn’t, can or can’t do. I try not to live my life being focused on this, preferring to deal with people on a person to person basis. When I encounter sexism I handle it as gracefully and intelligently as possible. I would rather be seen as a secure individual then a hot headed woman defending myself. Some men, not all but some men are assholes and no amount of negotiating will change that fact. I do the best I can not to work with people who do not see me as an equal.

MI-Name five female performers that you think have greatly influenced the course of the music we hear today.
Lucia-Not in any particular order of course;
Janis Joplin
Joni Mitchell
Aretha Franklin
Patsy Cline

MI-Tell me a joke.
Lucia-Whats a striper do with her asshole before she goes to work? She drops him off at band practice(an oldie but a goodie!).

MI-If you were stuck on a desert island and could bring one book, one
person,one cd, and one bottle of liquor-who and what would you bring?
Lucia-I’d bring a book on wood working so I could get myself off the damn island,I’d bring a bottle of fine aged scottish whiskey, my man and a compilation cd of all my favorite songs

MI-Do you believe in reincarnation, if so who do you think you were in a pastlife-and who would you liked to have been in history?
Lucia-Whoever I was I must have had good taste because I have a habit of walking over to the most expensive thing in any store. I would have loved to have been a warrior princess like Xena

MI-What person would you bring back from the dead and why?
Lucia-My sister because I miss her company and council

MI-What do you think the best thing that ever happened to rock and roll was-and why?
Lucia-probably Elvis, The Beatles, KMFDM, Nirvana..different periods breed new groundbreakers. It all depends on your generation and perspective

MI-What do you consider your greatest achievement of all time?
Lucia-Getting “From The Land Of Volcanos” back from my label and releasing it.

MI-If you had one million dollars to donate to any charity, what charity would that be and why?
Lucia-I’d probably split it up between Unicef, The Red Cross, The ACLU, and Planned Parenthood. I hold all of these charities and organizations in the highest esteem for what they do for people in need.

MI-Tell me about the worst job you ever had.
Lucia-There have been many…Cleaning bathrooms in a night club is still up there as being one of the most repulsive.

MI-If you could have lunch with anybody, living or dead, who would it be and why?
Lucia-Hmm tough question, Gandhi

MI-What superhero would you be and why?
Lucia-Superman! I want to FLY!!!!

MI-What about the world pisses you off the most and why?
Lucia-All of the religious fundamentalists out there trying to dictate our lives with there various forms of terrorism. They come from all walks of life and cultures.

MI-If you were god for a week, what would you do?
Lucia-End world hunger, find the cure for Aids and Cancer, eradicate all forms of racism, create world peace and hang out with my sister.

MI-What do you think of US involvement in the Middle East?
Lucia-I think its disgusting. This policing of the world business has to end.America loses credibility by the day by having this arrogant idiot in office.

MI-Do you have a message for George W. Bush? If so, what is it?
Lucia-Yup. Get gone!

MI-What message would you like to send to you fans?
Lucia-Be fierce and fearless in your life always!

MI-What is your favorite quote of all time?
Lucia-Live and let live.

Thanks Lucia. You are fucking fantastic. I hope you go on tour with somebody even better than a Gibb next time…..


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