Luxt: American Beast
Luxt is: Anna Christine-vocals. Crash-bass. Frost-Drums. Erie Loch-keyboards, guitar, vocals. David H-guitars.
The first thing I like about Luxt is look at front woman Anna Christine-her boys don’t get names! It makes her look like she is in control of the whole fucking shooting match. What can I say, I like it. I give nicknames in the magazine based on what I see psychically when people play-but if I ever get employees I think I will name all the boys slave. You could say MusicIncider has been inspired by Luxt. –The give and take vocally on the cd between Anna Christine and Erie Loch is going to remind you of Lacuna Coil. You aren’t going to be able to help it, but think what would happen if you could push Lacuna Coil up a notch or two musically. I like Lacuna Coil, very much-but Erie Loch shows off the fact that he has the ability to carry a melody and well as scream like a monster, and he adds an electronic vocal element that compares to NIN and Celldweller-oh and he plays actual instruments imagine that. Anna Christine can belt out the rock riff beautifully AND belt out the metal riff just as hard as any of the boys. The closest contemporary artist that I can compare her to is the mighty Lucia from KMFDM. Anna Christine ALSO has this fucked up Billie Holliday/Joan Jett quality to her-fucked up, but cool. I HATE to label shit-but we HAVE to give you a fucking basis for comparison now don’t we? I think it would be very fucking interesting to see how she works a crowd live. –Crash the bassist plays like a rhythm guitar. When I listen to Crash, I think of the beautiful Frankie Bello from Anthrax. In other words, Crash does not fucking suck. David H on guitars-why does he get a name? He does play a bad ass guitar-but he is a part of the big picture-no big guitar solos here. Frost on drums doesn’t blow me away, but that isn’t the job of the drummer in this type of setting. Frost is more of a team player settling in to provide the pulse to Luxt. After all, if you don’t have a pulse, you’re dead.

The question that I come up with when I listen to Luxt is why? Why aren’t they bigger? Anna Christine is different, sure-but this genre of music should be a little more accepted. Lacuna Coil is hitting the charts. Luxt can be just has fucking hard as Lacuna Coil. Evanescence had that fucking goth/moody quality to it, so does Luxt but without that fucking whiny quality that Evanescence has. Yeah, I know this is going to piss the Amy lovers out there off-but why do women in rock need to be rescued or fucked? Why can’t they be strong like Anna Christine, Morgan Lander, or Lucia? -Luxt is metal, dark metal-with electronic shit mixed in. Yes, you can dance to it-but in a heavy, driving cool way that just taps into your fucking veins. Let’s look at the tracks so I can play psychic tour guide.

American Beast-What I like about this is that we finally have a woman being the fucking monster. We have female serial killers, and now we have a woman questioning whether or not she is a monster musically.

-C’mon ladies, didn’t we have some kind of empathy and JEALOUSY for that chick in Florida who killed all of those Johns?

How Lovely- This song I fucking LOVE. Look at the lyrics, kindly provided for you by Luxt. How lovely it would be to smash your head against the pavement. I live to dispense with you. Hate every inch of you. I have a FUCKING LIST of people I personally want to make this song about-so I am not going to wreck it for you.

Cease-This song is about fucking growing pains. Dark-fucking-killing growing pains. This one deserves an Anne Rice movie. Can’t you see Armand lost at dawn, but not getting burned to shit? Can’t you see a new vampire dying and being reborn? Can’t you see LUXT dying and being reborn?

Suck It Down-Okay. Some pig reviewer out there was SURE that this was a metaphor for SOMETHING ELSE. Yes, the pig IMPLIED that it was a metaphor for a blow job. See-the only thing a woman COULD possibly WANT to suck down would be a DICK. I think I want to find this guy and kick his ass. –The title of this album is American Beast, and the hero in this fucking song is OBVIOUSLY making a kill. Writers actually need to LISTEN to shit before they write about it.

Mary Megaldon-The religious reference in the title referring to Mary Maglaine is fucking great-they probably had to change the title so as not to piss off the Catholic church. The whole song, to me, is about the revenge of god’s whore-religion killed her but she is going to get the last fucking laugh.

Infinite-Remember that line from The Doors, ‘Let me tell you about the loss of God.’ This song is about reality and the loss of the fucking divine. Yes, people feed off of each other-and that’s it. Everybody wants fucking something and they WILL suck you dry-where is God when you are blowing in the wind?

Life is Pain-Maybe this is what Slipknot will sound like when they grow up. This song is driving and hard-but it has this weird ass creation known as a fucking MELODY. I appreciate melody in all things.

Archangel-Devils, angels-what the hell is the difference? There is that theory out there that Gabriel knocked up Mary-and wouldn’t this make him the bad boy of the angelic world? -Still, the religious references are mighty fucking intelligent.

Jitter-I like those songs when dead people speak to their killers. They are fucked up and SPOOKY. You could call this an answer to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. –Or maybe Anna Christine is channeling for all the murder victims in the world.

Folding-This is better than the classic bad relationship song. This is the FUCK YOU to the bad relationship song. Look at the lyrics-life goes on and YOU motherfucker were and ARE NOTHING.

Nerve- KILL KILL KILL. What makes the grass grow-BLOOD YOUR BLOOD! Everyday SOME asshole likes to piss me off to the point where I think I would like VERY MUCH to fucking kill them. I have a friend that keeps lists-ahh, nobody ACTUALLY gets fucking killed-but everybody feels that way every now and again.

Death-There’s nothing when you die, except you standing at the gates to the farm waiting for the guy in charge to let you in. If he doesn’t let you in, maybe he will give you a passport to go to Maui or something-but don’t count on it. You gotta wait.

Perpetusex (bonus track)-This is the live acoustic version. I like acoustic versions-because they prove that there is a musician behind the music. –Listen to it. There is no escape and Anna Christine will have you forever. You will not live.

Suck It Down (Wet Cookie Mix)-I like the one on the album better, much better-but hey, this is a bonus and it doesn’t suck. Wet cookie mix? -Hey it COULD be a tribute to eating Oreos.

Luxt is hard, melodic and dark. They would be GREAT openers for KMFDM or Type O Negative. Their sound brings a lots of different types of music together into a polished, natural vibe with a natural feel to it. If you like KMFDM, Lacuna Coil, Type O Negative, Celldweller, NIN, or Kittie-you are going to like Luxt. Give them a try, you won’t be fucking sorry.

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