Lynch Pilson


Wicked Underground

Barbara Fara
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George Lynch-guitars
Jeff Pilson-vocals, bass, keyboards
Michael Frowein-drums

Jeff Pilson becomes a metal sexual shaman on Wicked Underground. I haven’t
felt such a sexual shaman since Morrison of the Doors. George Lynch turns up
the heat on this vision quest. Who the fuck would have thought metal and shamanism
made such a good mix? Lynch’s background yells take you to the next level-deeper
and stronger. Wicked Underground is a grinding, hot story and I love it. That
picture of the two little boys on the inside album liner is misleading. Wicked
Underground is for fucking grownups kiddies. It is a sexual vision quest of
the highest order. I can see Jim Morrison, Jeff Pilson, and George Lynch dancing
with the Native Americans on stage leading the tribe in a healing explosion
of sexual energy. Pilson and Lynch send shivers up my spine and grab my soul.
This album is a masterpiece that will live for lifetimes. It is a Grammy winner.
If this album is not nominated, then we know the fucking Grammys are fixed and
that true musicianship is not respected. Lets break the album down. It is time
to take that Moonlight Drive into the world of Jeff Pilson and George Lynch’s
vision quest for the tribe.

BREATH & A SCREAM- This song takes me on the first psychic trip that I had
when I was eight years old after my car accident. I thought I was losing my
mind. Here’s our hero in the song all grown up having the same battles.
No one can understand that feeling unless they have gone through it. This song
marks the beginning of the album’s spiritual journey.

BEAST IN A BOX- I can see our hero in this song sitting inside a church talking
to a priest. Our hero is confused and doesn’t understand the voices and
the visions that he is having. So the priest tells him he is evil. He has to
turn off the visions in his head. It has to be the devil talking to him. He
shuts himself down because he doesn’t want to go to hell-he puts the spiritual
growth (beast) in the box. He should have told the priest to go fuck himself.

WHEN YOU BLEED- The visions come back, and his guide finally appears in front
of him. He can’t believe this is happening to him. His guide pushes him
to do better and be more. His guide has not introduced himself yet and he thinks
he is hallucinating. Our hero hates this guide. He doesn’t understand.
All of these visions that he is having is making him feel like he is going crazy.
His hatred toward his guide makes him feel like he is bleeding inside.

VACCINE- When I die, bury me with an oxygen tank, a bottle of Jack, and a carton
of Marlboro Reds. Be sure to put a key to the crypt in my pocket so I can get
out. In other words, who the fuck needs Zoloft, Prozac or any other anti-psychotic
medication? We are born the way we are. If people can’t accept us for
who we are, the automatic answer is you need medication. My answer to this is-if
you can’t accept me for who I am and how I am go fuck yourself. Parents
should listen to this song. Are drugs another way not to be a parent?

EVER HIGHER- This song is Lynch/Pilson’s version of the Footsteps prayer.
This song is about spiritual death and rebirth. He goes to the guide for help,
but doesn’t trust him fully, and the guide takes him to the next level.
The song is beautiful-it gives you hope.

ZERO THE END- Near death experience. This song is about where you go and what
happens when you die. It can be taken as either a spiritual or a sexual orgasm.
In the end, it doesn’t matter. For example, do you think Bush will be

THE EVIL THAT YOU ARE- This should be the first single off the album. Self-medication
doesn’t help. It cuts the visions. The song reminds me of a battle between
good and evil. Everybody has a dark side that needs a hug. It is a Danzig type
of song. He must fucking love it.

AWAKEN- This is a love song. It is a great fucking song. The energy in it is
just supernatural and pure. It grabs you by the balls. It makes you realize
that every moment on earth should be cherished. Be grateful for the people that
love you. It is time to forgive, not to hate.

CROMANIC- The guitar and the bass on this song electrifies you. The song is
romantic and rage filled at the same time. It makes you feel like you are in
a swimming pool of lust with the demons knocking at the door of your soul. If
they are knocking, are you going to let them in?

GOODBYE UTOPIA- Goodbye to the perfect life. Look how much the world has changed.
It is a very political song. We are watching the old world crumble before our
eyes. Nobody is doing a fucking thing to save it. We wake up with the threat
of being bombed every morning. The man that has the key to save it is flushing
it down the shit hole.

INNER VIEW- This is the hot one. In a lust-filled soulful way it awakens your
mind to look at the emotional side of life. We take a shower everyday and comb
our hair. We eat. We shit. We piss. Do we bathe our spirit? Do we bathe our
emotions? Do we bathe our psyche? Do we bathe our soul?

CLOSER TO NONE- This song is the beginning of the same psychic trip we started
on at the beginning of the album. Life is about the trip, not the destination.
Don’t be afraid to take the trip. You have all of the answers that you
need inside of you.

If I was to give stars, this would be a five out of five. This is a learning
album. It is a bath for your soul. Everyday we need to bathe that soul. The
album makes you take a walk on the spiritual wild side.

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