Man Made God


Man Made God at the Masquerade
Atlanta, GA 8/15/2003

What can I say about Man Made God? I fucking love them. When I found out that they were opening instead of Revolution Smile for the 8/15 show at the Masquerade, I tracked them down in fifteen minutes. I listen to a lot of bands, my desk is piled to the fucking ceiling with cd’s that have to be reviewed for future issues of MusicIncider-so it takes a lot to make me put all of that on hold and go in search of a little baby band. That little band has to be fucking magical for me to hunt them down when they come to my town-and one of those bands that has the magic and the power to do that to my schedule is Man Made God. –Let’s look at Pann on vocals. When I first saw him at the 99X Stone Mountain show, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. He has amazing fucking charisma both on and off stage. He has it in him to be a vocalist like Glenn Danzig-with some Steven Tyler thrown in for good measure. The turnout at the Masq for Man Made God was small, because the show started early. People started to stream in the door about half way through Man Made God’s set, and when they heard Man Made God they started flying up those fucking steps to heaven at the Masq. The size of the crowd didn’t matter to Pann-he sang to those fifty like they were fifty thousand. -Craig Locicero on guitar is a fucking metal monster. He is going to be one of the greats-like a Steve Vai. He has technical ability and magnificent stage presence. He adds to the show. His partner in crime, James Walker – bass, completes the guitar show. When I see James onstage, I think of Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy, Ted Nugent). I love to see a fucking bass player with personality. -Steve Jacobs – drums, what a surprise every time I see him! Steve bangs those fucking drums like he is 6’5” and weighs 300lbs. To me, a drummer can NEVER have too much fucking intensity, and in the two times I have seen Steve play-he hasn’t let me down. Consistent intensity, I will bet money he takes his fucking vitamins in the morning.
Man Made God played all of the tracks off of the new album, Safe Passage. Trust me on this Atlanta, you want to catch MMG when they come to town. They are MORE than worth the price of a ticket, and they are all nice guys too. –You can find Man Made God’s debut cd, Safe Passage, on American Recordings. American is the label responsible for bringing us Danzig through Danzig IV and Johnny Cash-so they must know what the fuck they are doing based on that alone. –Try Man Made God, in ten years you can tell yourself you were smart enough to catch them before they got super fucking big.

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