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I am a big fan of everybody out there struggling to make it. I am a HUGE fan of a bunch of guys who try to do rock music in Jasper Georgia. (I have learned that since I have been in Georgia-Jasper Georgia is really one word-sort of like co-cola.) In case you didn’t know, it is pretty much a sin to play anything but country and bluegrass in Jasper Georgia. And get this, Vendetta Reign’s MAIN venue is know as The Last Great Watering Hole. -Vendetta Reign is a bunch of really nice guys who, im my humble opinion, play rock and roll. No, they aren’t Lynyrd Skynyrd. There was only one Skynyrd, but Vendetta Reign is going somewhere.

MI-What is your birth date?
Mike-I’m a New Years Baby.

MI-Tell me where you got your band name-Vendetta Reign and why you changed the name from Side Affect.
Mike-Our bass player Keith actually came up with the name and we all thought that is sounded really cool and fit our style of music. “Vendetta Reign” -A blood feud that is trying to exercise it’s power in soverenty. We decided to change the name from Side Affect to Vendetta Reign for two reasons, 1. We really wanted to get away from being cast as a band with a southern and classic rock sound and style. When the band first came together we were doing a lot of covers which were mainly southern and classic rock songs. 2. The original member line up had changed drastically and we felt that as long as we kept that name we were constantly fighting an up hill battle of shaking our 1st tagging. The ideas actually began after talking with a couple of different labels.

MI-Describe the music of Vendetta Reign for people that don’t know what the band is all about.
Mike-Vendetta Reign has a style and sound that is generated from different backgrounds, genre’s, and era’s of music that when combined produce more of a lyrically crafted hard rock/metal sound that is all our own.

MI-Tell me how you got into music.
Mike-Well I had been playing guitar for a little over a year. Most of the time alone, but on occasion it would be with a few friends. I have
always been a fan of music and musicians starting with The King Elvis.
After following The Gin Blossoms career and finding out the lead singer Robin Wilson couldn’t play guitar good enough to be in a solid band but he never gave up on his dream of being in a band. But he was blessed with a great voice and lucked up and landed the gig and it really inspired me to give it a shot. I know there’s no comparison but it really did give me a wake up call to go after my dreams, so I started my first band “Split Decission” and my dream is now a reality.

MI-Tell me something you think people should know about each of your band members and what each one plays.
Mike-Keith LaSalle-Bass/vocals. (Emanon-guitar, Boot Force-lead guitar in the tri state area during the late 80’s) Musical inspirations range from John Lennon, Paul McCartny(Beatles), & Micheal Anthony(Van Halen). Keith was featured in Bass Player Magazine in Dec. 04. Keith is a great musician whether it is on bass, guitar, or Keyboards. Gibson Explorer and Charvel bass. David Eden, Nemesis, and Peavey Amps backed by BOSS & Morley analog effects.
Tyler Hendrix-Lead Guitar/vocals. (M42-bass, Split Decission-Lead
Guitar) Biggest inspirations are Warren Haynes(Gov’t Mule) & Stevie Ray Vaughn. Night Hawk & American Strat guitars. Mesa Boogie Mark 3 &
BedRocks amps backed up by BOSS & Cry Baby analog effects. One amazing
guitar player that is truly exciting to watch. Brian Hendrix-Drums. (Epsilon, Black Tooth Poodle, Estranged). Inspiration comes from Gov’t Mule & 311. Tama, Pearl, Sabian, with Vic Firth sticks. Brian is truly a good person who keeps us together on and off stage. There would be no tempo with out him.

MI-Tell me something you want people to know about you.
Mike-Me? There’s not much to tell except I love to write music, it just pours out of me at times. More than we could ever possibly record. Mike Rezutko-Lead vocals/guitar. (Split Decission-volcals/guitar, Side Affect-vocals) I guess my biggest influences were Robin Wilson(Gin Blossoms) & Donnie Ray Hamby(doubleDrive) That’s from one extreem to another.LOL. Fender Strat, Less Paul, and SG guitars. Fender, Carvin, and Marshall Amps backed up by BOSS & DOD effects.

MI-Tell me about the most memorable show you have ever played live.
Mike-Well there’s always something that happens at every show that sticks in your mind either great or terrible, there’s always something. But honestly I would have to say that my very first show that we played live in our home town at the local park. We invited about 20 of our closest friends to come out to get drunk listen, clap, or boo. At the end of the show we had around 50 to 60 people who heard the music playing and just
came on out. It really turned out good and after having to play the
entire show twice-some actually got upset when we wouldn’t play another set which by this time was around 12:30 in the morning on a Sat. night. The thing was that the people that were wanting more were people that we didn’t know at the time. Some have become fans. It really was great feeling that I will never forget.

MI-Have you ever inhaled?
Mike-I think I better plead the 5th on this one.

MI-What are your thoughts on legalizing drugs?
Mike-Boy now that’s a tricky question. I don’t use so I really wouldn’t want to try to comment to much on this one. I could get in to trouble.LOL.

MI-Who do you think the five greatest vocalists are of all time?
Mike-Steven Tyler(Aerosmith), John Lennon(Beatles), Bono(U2), Donnie
Hamby(doubleDrive) and who I personally think is the greatest of all
time is Freddy Mercury(Queen).

MI-Where do you get your inspiration as a musician from?
Mike-doubleDrive, I have really gotten into their music and sound. It’s a damn shame that they split. What a great band.

MI-Where were you when 9-11 happened and how did it affect you?
Mike-I was in Big Canoe hanging a set of cabinets, and it’s just one of those things that when you are hearing it you still just can’t believe it. It was one of those things that it really took a couple of days to sink in. It was just horrific and should have never have happened to anyone, anywhere. As far as it effecting me, it has effected me something terrible. You open your eyes to what is happening in the world, not just here. It makes you think that hell if that could happen to the Trade Center Towers and all the unfortunate victims there that it would be impossible to prevent shit like that from happening here in any state in
unheard of town. You Know? Then you hear about that terrorist that have invaded the school in Russia. I mean when is it going to end, those are just children not politicians or military units. I have actually just today finished writing a song in memorial tribute to the children killed in the school in Russia titled 338. I plan on recording it accoustically sometime in the next week or so.

MI-How would you design a memorial for the victims of 9-11?
Mike-Oh lord I don’t know. I know that I would use material from the rubble,ashes, and what ever is left of Afghanistan. Making the surviving members of Al-Quida to do hard and heavily guarded labor of the reconstruction before they are put down.

MI-What do you think of US involvement in the Middle East?
Mike-I have a lot of mixed emotions about what we are doing there. We are losing American lives and sinking in our own economy, but on the other hand there are people being starved, tortured, and murdered by ruthless dictators and rulers. You know what can they do without the
arms or the training against highly trained military forces? So I don’t really know. I do think that we can do a better job at it but we would also have to be ruthless.

MI-What single album has had the greatest influence on your life?
Mike-New Miserable Experience by the Gin Blossoms. I guess that I just like that western style of adult contemparary, rockabilly swing that they have. They also have pretty good drinking songs that I can relate to. After all that is what music is all about, something that you feel inside. For every mood that a person can feel there is a song out there that matches it. The wonderful world of music. Love, lust, heart break, happy, excited, angry. Pissed, rage, or just wanting to tear some shit up.

MI-What is your opinion of George W. Bush?
Mike-It’s not as high of an oppinion as it once was since the war in Iraq coupled with the Micheal Moore film that is out now. I haven’t seen it yet and don’t know if I will but there’s a lot of things that are coming out about Bush. I know a lot of it is just mud slinging for the elections you’ve just got to try you’re best to separate what you think is fact or fiction. So my jury is still out on him at the moment.

MI-What are your thoughts about OZZFEST and Lollapalooza and the big
package tours?
Mike-I don’t have much to say about that. Sorry.

MI-Tell me what you think about MTV.
Mike-I think they got lost in their own bullshit myself. They have forgotten what MTV really is-or was I should say they should have started a whole other station/channel to have the real world and shit like that on the air, I mean it doesn’t have anything to do with “M”usic “T”ele”V”ision. You know guys MTV. I know they gave us MTV 2 and VH-1 has VH-1 Classics but even Mtv-2 has things other than music videos on there. I would love to see them or somebody else get back to the basics and air bands videos, new bands, old bands, just music.

MI-Tell me what you think of the Osbournes.
Mike-I love OZZY. I think the reality show opened Ozzy up to a lot of people who wouldn’t have ever given Ozzy a second look. Because they never got the chance get to see Ozzy for who he is with his family. And you have got to love Sharon. She’s something else.

MI-What is in your cd player right now and why?
Mike-1,000 Yard Stare by doubleDrive. When it comes out, Blue In The Face also by doubleDrive will slide right in. I told you Im a doubleDrive fan. That’s also part of my problem, I get so into and obsessed with a group and their music that I really don’t get to hear all the other great bands and music that are out there. But I do get to do some catching up from time to time.

MI-What is your favorite movie of all time?
Mike-My favorite comedy has to be Blazing Saddles. I just laugh my ass off. I also love an old movie called American Graffiti. Pulp Fiction is one that I have to watch all the time also. Great stuff.

MI-Tell me a joke.
Mike-Are you sure, I’m from North Ga. where all we know are dirty jokes. I have a Ton of them. Well I will give you a couple that aren’t to bad.
What do Lifesavers do that men can’t?
Come in eight flavors. – When does a Cub become a Boy Scout?
When he eats his first brownie. I know they are old ones.

MI-If you were stuck on a desert island and could bring one person, one book, and one cd-who and what would you bring?
Mike-My wife Lori, the book would be Uncle John’s Legendary Lost Bathroom Reader. CD would be New Miserable Experience by the Gin Blossoms.

MI-What about the world pisses you off the most and why?
Mike-There’s so much, where would I start? I guess the terrorism, and child abuse are the worst things that in everyday life that pisses me off. The other thing that really get’s me riled is always hearing about these new and stupid law suit’s by people who are just looking to get something from somebody other than earning it. You have people suing people because their looked at, looked past, fat, black, white, short or tall. Suing because they saw something, heard something, said something, have to work, can’t work, something was said, something was read, or they were offended by some one excercising their right of freedom of speech. Whats worse is that most of the time the courts will hear the law suits. I guess for the courts it makes more sense to pacify these kinds of people than to tell them to grow up or shut up. Oh I can feel the heat from this one already. LOL.

MI-If you were god for a week, what would you do?
Mike-Feed the hungry, home homeless, and make the world rock out with
Vendetta Reign. And I think this new country crossover music would some how dissappear. That’s wrong I guess because there are people out there that like that kind of music, I just don’t personally know any of them.

MI-Do you believe in psychics? Why or why not?
Mike-I don’t think so. There could be possibly be genuine psychics out there. I just haven’t been around anyone claiming to be one so, oh well what a minute. Now there was a guy a went to school with and mother claimed to be a psychic. But I think she was just crazy. I remember if you called her crazy or a witch she would go off.LOL. At the moment I don’t believe in them.

MI-Have you ever had a paranormal experience-if so tell me about it?
Mike-Not that I’m aware of. I’ve had a few out of body experiences happen but they were due to well, other things happeneing. Enough said.

MI-Do you believe in reincarnation, if so who do you think you were in a past life-and who would you liked to have been in history?
Mike-Possibly. I was probably heavy Weight boxing champ Jack Dempsey who won the title in Toleto Ohio on July 4th 1919. I’m a big boxing fan. My return in the next life would like to be the next big rock star. Pathetic isn’t it?

MI-What person would you bring back from the dead and why?
Mike-My granny, Ruby Haygood. I could listen to her stories from daylight to dark.

MI-Growing up, who did you consider to be your heroes?
Mike-Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jack Dempsey, Sugar Ray Leonard, and the old man that lived next door that would get drunk pass out long enough for the neighborhood punks to get what beer and liquor was left.

MI-Who do you feel influenced your vocal and playing style?
Mike-For the most part it would be Donny Hamby from doubleDrive, but I also feel influences from Collective Soul.

MI-What do you think the best thing that ever happened to rock and roll was-and why?
Mike-Elvis, he opened a lot of doors for everybody else to walk through. I know that there were a lot of others making waves with the rock-n-roll movement but he was the most noticable rebel corrupting America’s young children.

MI-What else do you do besides play music?
Mike-Well I used to do a lot of boxing but haven’t done any of that in sometime. I have gotten into playing golf, where else can you get drunk off your ass knock the hell out of a ball and drive and not get locked up for it. Yet.

MI-Who in the world would you most like to dump a bucket of flesh eating ants on?
Mike-Well there’s a few starting with Osama Fucladin. But I have much worse in mind for him so I guess off the top of my head it would have to be Boy George and George Micheal. That would be fun.

MI-What do you consider your greatest achievement of all time?
Mike-I guess it would have to be living past the age of 18 to marry my wife and have two special, beautiful girls.

MI-If you had one million dollars to donate to any charity, what charity would that be and why?
Mike-It would be to The American Cancer Society. Over the years I have lost a few friends to cancer, also watching my father in-law die from it. It’s a terrible thing.

MI-Tell me about the worst job you ever had.
MikeWhen I worked at a local Rubber Company, making all kinds of rubber products. I ran the banberry machine which is more or less mixing materials. It was the highest paying position in the plant but by far the nastiest job I have ever had. I mean you got nasty.

MI-If you could have lunch with anybody, living or dead, who would it be and why?
Mike-Retired boxing referee Mills Lane. I have read a lot about him and he could tell you some stories of the places that he has been and the things he has achieved. Great man.

MI-What superhero would you be and why?

Mike-Hell, Superman. Why not. He could fly and had x-ray vission, just
imagine what a guy like me could do with that.

MI-What message would you like to send to you fans?

Mike-Get ready, we have some new music that will be coming out that is just going to blow your mind. We would also like to take this time to say when you come to the show to get loud, raise hell and let it all hang out.

MI-What is your favorite quote of all time?

Mike-“Youth is wonderful thing, what a crime to waste it on children.”-George Bernard Shaw. It’s been great talking with you, and I am very proud to have gotten the chance to do an interview with Musicincider. You do so much for musicians that are established, and the young ones that are still practicing in their garage that have yet begun their musical quest. That’s fulfilling the dream. Rock On.


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