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Meet Chris DiGanci. He plays bass and does back-up vocals for
Knuckle-Duster. In case you had not yet heard, Knuckle-Duster was banned for LIFE from the Georgia International Horse Park. In 2003, it is a crime to say FUCK on stage in Conyers, Georgia. Isn’t that a fucking shame to be banned for LIFE for saying FUCK? -Chris is my webman. Chris is my friend. Chris plays for Knuckle-Duster, which is a local Atlanta band that I LOVE. So read on, and find out about my good friend. I know you are gonna like him SO MUCH that you are going to find your way to a Knuckle-Duster gig near you.

MI-What is your birthdate?
Chris-July 5th, 1977 (King Cancer Crab)

MI-So tell me how the band got together. Who are your band mates, what do they play, and how did you meet?
Chris-Our band is comprised of Rev Gonzo (vocals), Joe Roberts (percussion), Sean Humphrey (guitar master) and myself (electric triangle, or bass, whatever you wanna call it). Joe and Sean started the band long before Gonzo and I joined. Gonzo and I had been friends for many many years through many mutual friends, most notably Tony ‘The Skin’ Miskimen and his brother Chris ‘Needles’ (who is also our incredible light guy and pit wildman). We had a party over at my house for halloween one year and I got to meet Joe and Sean who had been friends with Gonzo and Tony for long time. After a hellacious amount of Death Punch (house recipe) and shots of vodka the topic turned to music as it always seems to, we all agreed that we should get together some time and jam. Well, fate interviened one day when I was driving home from my job at the time and Joe was out buying a bracket for his drum kit that had broken, I saw his ’65 Impala with loads of stickers on the back of it, and thought I recognized it, I pulled up next to him and started honking, we pulled into Hooters, grabbed some food and he invited me to audition for the band. That first time we all jammed together the ‘groove’ was too perfect for us not to give it a shot. 2 days later Travis joined the band originally as rhythm guitarist, then later singer.

MI-Tell Me a Joke.
Chris-Two lawyers are walking down the street, when a beautiful woman walks by.
“Boy, I’d like to screw her,” says one lawyer.
“I agree,” says the other.
“But out of what?”

MI-Who were your musical influences growing up?
Chris-When I was a kid all I listened to was RUN DMC, Kraftwerk, and oldies or opera depending on who was home. One day while my brother Jeff was babysitting me, we went over to this girls house and while they did their thing they had Motley Crue – Theatre of pain playing on the stereo. I was hooked from that point. Most of my influences would be Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Danzig, Slayer, Sepultura, Pantera, Alice in Chains, Hendrix, The Doors, Morbid Angel, Deicide… there are hundreds actually. I’m huge into music.

MI-What do you do besides play music?
Chris-I spend time with my wife, make websites, write programs, drag race, and collect hearses and funeral items.

MI-Have you ever inhaled?
Chris-You could say that… oooh shiny.

-Describe your music.
Chris-Like nothing else you’ve ever heard. If you take a bluesy, groove based kinda funky psychadelic guitarist, put a metal/punk style drummer with a metal guitarist turned bassist and take a socal punk inspired, gutter punk by trade singer with a metal past you get us. The description I like the most of our music is: “if you took all that you like from Pantera, the Misfits, Alice in Chains, Tool and White Zombie, put them together and put some groove behind it, you get Knuckle Duster” (DJ Zuna).

MI-If a nuclear bomb were to wipe out everybody but you and three people, who would those three people be and why?
Chris-My wife, because she isn’t just my wife, she has been and always will be my best friend and soulmate (we’ve been together since 8th grade). I can’t really answer the rest of the question without pissing off 100 different people, so I’m going to keep my mouth shut!

MI-Do you believe in psychics why or why not?
Chris-Completely. My brother and I both forsaw my fathers death, and about a dozen other weird psychic happenings throughout time. I don’t believe in phone psychics, it’s easy to speak with vague ambiguity and tell people what they want to hear based on very general statements “I knew you would call, I sense trouble in your life”… Well no shit you sense trouble, why the fuck else would someone be calling a psychic. I mostly believe in empaths and mediums moreso than just your run of the mill psychic. Some have the gift, others don’t.

Tell me about your musical history.
Chris-I’ve always been into music. It has always been my outlet for anything I do. There is music in all things, and a rhythm to the world, you just have to open your ears and listen for it. My guitarist Sean said it best when he said “You can’t lie with music, the second you do, someone will hear it” and I think that about somes it up. Music has helped me through good times and bad, and there is always a song out there that fits whatever mood I’m in. I played trombone in middle school, some trumpet, some suziphone, mostly brass instruments. My dad had bought a cheap ass piece of shit guitar when I was a kid because he wanted to learn how to play. After he died and we moved, a couple years later and about 200 listenings of Cowboys From Hell by Pantera I found the guitar in the attic and decided I’d take a crack at playing. So I busted out the Glen Campbell Teach Yourself Guitar book and learned the basics. Then I started buying Guitar World magazines and learned how to play almost any song I could get my hands on. Well, one day I left my piece of shit guitar at a friends house, and they got rowdy and broke it. So my parents took me to a guitar store to buy another guitar because I was serious about it, and that’s where I bought my Fender 12 string acoustic (I always have had this belief that if you learn with an acoustic you can’t cover up mistakes, with an electric you can – that and they weren’t big fans of me wanting top play metal so that’s what I got) and I’ve been playing since (I guess I was about 13 or 14 when I bought that one).

MI-If you could play anywhere place in the world where it would be and why?
Chris-Ozzfest. I just want to play at Ozzfest.

MI-What would you say was your worst job and why?
Chris-I had to work at a water treatment, sewage reclamation center for about a week, and that sucked big time. .

MI-What made you decide to become a musician?
Chris-I was into music, why not make it.

MI-How do you think you are different then anyone doing the same stuff out
Chris-I think because of our diverse group of people, and different influences that we have come up with a style that is fairly unique. We play with an energy and reckless abandon that you have to see to believe. There are alot of other bands out there with a great sound, but they just seem to play music, they don’t seem like they are really into the music as much.

MI-What was the greatest thing that ever happened to you and why do you
think it is the greatest thing?
Chris-When I met my wife, hands down the greatest thing ever to happen to me. She has been super supportive over the years at all of my hair brained ideas, always there to keep me from getting arrested, she always listens and doesn’t lie to me. She’s great.

MI-Who is your hero and why?
Chris-As I always say, I’m a child of the 80’s and didn’t have hero’s so I take them as I go.

MI-If you could open for anyone, who would it be and why?
Chris-If Pantera was still around, I’d love to open for them. Damageplan would work or Superjoint Ritual would be a close second for me right now. We saw them live at the Masquerade in Atlanta and it was one of the most amazing shows I’ve ever been to. Nobody can work a crowd like Phil Anselmo can. It takes a talented musician and frontman to make a live show full of chaos make you feel like you are part of music. The first words out of his mouth were ‘This is my stage, this is your stage. I want to see you mother fuckers jumping off this thing and going crazy’. That is who I would want to open up for.

MI-What are your goals as a musician?
Chris-To make music, make it honest, and let people hear it and identify with it.

MI-If you could bring anybody back from the dead, who would it be and why?
Chris-Layne Staley from Alice In Chains. I think that they had alot more music to write and I think he cashed out too early.

MI-What about the world pisses you off the most and why? What would you do to change it?
Chris-I hate stupid people. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that one can do to change that.

MI-If a genie came to you and granted three wishes, what would they be?
Chris-I’d probably wish for more wishes first. But if that didn’t fly, they’d be simple wishes (I am one of those weird people that likes to work towards something instead of it just being given to me). I’d wish to quit smoking, 8% body fat, and a $50,000 shopping spree at Musicians Friend.

MI-If you were not a musician, what do you think you would be doing with
your life?
Chris-Unix Systems Admin or designing websites.

MI-Tell me about your latest project.
Chris-We are concentrating on writing some new songs right now. One of the latest songs that we have been working on is called ‘#9’, and if you haven’t heard it yet, it will blow you away.

MI-Who would your compare yourself to vocally and why?
Chris-A dying wildabeast. I can’t sing, I know that. I can growl on backup for Gonzo, but I play bass, not sing.

MI-What inspires your lyrics?
Chris-Ask Gonzo and Joe, they write the lyrics.

MI-Who do you think the greatest rock star of all time is and why?
Chris-ELVIS!!! I’m a huge Elvis fan. He is/was the king. There will never be another who has had so much influence on music as Elvis did.

MI-Do you believe in reincarnation? If so, who would you like to have been?
Chris-I’m kinda cool with just being me. But if I had to pick someone, it’d probably be Leonardo Divinci.

MI-If you could have lunch with anybody, who would it be?
Chris-John Force, 12 time NHRA Funny Car Champion. I’m big into drag racing, and he is my hero when it comes to racing.

MI-If you could invite three people out for drinks, who would they be and why?
Chris-Tommy Lee, Phil Anselmo, Marilyn Manson. The first 2 because I’d like to see who would pass out first (and how hellacious of a bar tab we could rack up. I can punish some vodka), and Manson I’d just like to pick his brain for a bit. All 3 are incredible musicians in their own right, and it would be an honor to just hang out with any of them.

MI-Where do you see the band in five years? Ten years?
Chris-Five years, writing our 4th or 5th album, touring constantly and just having a good time. Ten years, lots of side projects.

MI-What is your favorite quote of all time?
Chris-Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right. –Henry Ford

MI-Do you have a message for your present and future fans? If so, what is
Chris-Thanks! You all kick ass!

Thank you Chris. You kick ass. MusicIncider loves Knuckle-Duster. The Masquerade loves Knuckle-Duster, and when you hear them, you are going to love them too. They put on a fucking fabulous show. -Anybody that gets banned for LIFE from anything IS definite MusicIncider Material.

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