Megadeth: The System Has Failed


Megadeth: Dave Mustaine-Guitar, Vocals. Vinnie Colaiuta-Drums. Chris Poland-Guitar. Jimmy Sloas-Bass.

This is the best album since Countdown To Extinction-I know everybody is saying it but I really fucking believe it. I was fucking depressed when Mustaine got hurt-I wasn’t a music editor OR a photographer at the time. I have just always really been into Mustaine. He is a fucking genius. I have been into Megadeth since I first heard Killing Is My Business And Business Is Good-back in 1986, I had a list of people that fucking song was for. -I love Mustaine because he wasn’t pretty boy hair metal when everybody else was because it was the thing to fucking do. -I love Mustaine because he was in Metallica when it was truly fucking excellent-Cliff Burton was still alive and Mustaine wrote the songs that launched Metallica and fronted the damn band. -Listen to me, there would be no Metallica without DAVE MUSTAINE. If the devil rose up and gave me a choice between Metallica and Megadeth-I would take Megadeth EVERY time. Megadeth has always been innovative and never put out a piece of shit like St. Anger. Megadeth has had twenty years of greatness, and Metallica was only really decent for about ten. Always pick a winner-you can go wrong with Mustaine. -Let’s start with the artwork on the cover. Everybody is in line-Bush, Cheney, Gingrich, Bill AND Hillary Clinton. On the side of the podium is a price list-everything can be brought, and every sin has a dollar amount. There is a bus with a banner on the side that says JURORS FOR SALE. The cover is very Megadeth, because it makes a strong political statement before you EVER put the fucking CD in. -Mustaine’s vocals are fucking excellent. His guitar playing isn’t fucking missing anything either. He is as good as he ever was. Chris Poland kicks massive ass-Mustaine picks only the best of the best. Vinnie Colaiuta was pretty fucking great on the drums and has some outstanding solos in there. It sounded like he needed to be cut loose even more. -Jimmy Sloas was okay on bass. There was only one Cliff Burton. -The guitar playing on the CD is out of this fucking world. Mustaine shares the solos and we wind up with a guitar hero/dueling thing that reminds me of G3. Good shit. Great shit. -The lyrics and the musical content show a real feel for what the fuck is going on in the world. As always, Megadeth is relevant to the times. -Out of every CD I have picked up in the last two years, this one has personally made me the happiest. I am so fucking glad Megadeth is back. Run, buy this fucking thing to get yourself immunity from Metallica’s St. Anger. This CD is absolutely fucking magnificent and has been in my CD player since I got it. Let’s look at the tracks.

1. Blackmail the Universe -It starts with a guitar duel. Classic Megadeth to my ears. Anti-war. Anti-Bush. Anti-death. Beautifully paranoid and pissed off-glad your back Dave.
2. Die Dead Enough -I love the video for this one, and I am about to take a lot of shit for what I am about to say-but doesn’t it look like he foresaw the death of a famous guitar player in that video? -I love the images of the kids digging up the bones on the beach and Mustaine being released through the door. Very fucking metaphysical. -AND I LIKE THE CHORUS. Sing along with Dave.
3. Kick the Chair -Hanging. Why is there a fucking hanging? Because you didn’t have the money to pay off the jury. You’re innocent? Doesn’t matter. What matters in this day and age is money. -You got to hang them dead or they keep coming back.
4. The Scorpion -Taken from a Native American myth that says we are all slaves to our nature. A scorpion stings because it has to, it is its nature. There isn’t a fucking thing that you can do about it, sort of like certain politicians.
5. Tears in a Vial -Take a look at the last line-So many tears in a vial, now that you’re gone, now that you’re dead. At first, I thought it was the classic ‘THAT BITCH BROKE MY HEART’ song-but then I heard that last line. You sick mother fucker Dave, I love you.
6. I Know Jack -So many bitches about this not being a song. Do any of you fucking whiners read history books? -President Kennedy? Too many lyrics on this would have fucked up the guitar solo and fucked up the statement he is trying to make. -There was only one JFK, and he cared about the people. -That just doesn’t happen now.
7. Back in the Day -Some people say this one is calling out Metallica for the way the band treats its fans. -I think it is an anthem for the metal community in ESPECIALLY in the wake of Darrell Abbott’s tragic death. Metal is king.
8. Something That I’m Not -A little something for Lars Ulrich and Metallica if you ask me. -”Being a fraud can only last so long, You should know/Till what you sensed as a child returns, you little baby/To choke out the voice that told ya ‘money and fame’/Would fill the crater that you dug for yourself.”
9. Truth Be Told -Everybody is a sinner, and everybody is going to hell. Wait, we live there now, and it is kind of fucking pointless to try to punish all of the sinners because it is like suicide. The future is just repeating the past. -Hell is open for business now. -More words of prophecy.
10. Of Mice and Men -Classic Megadeth. I like to think of this one as the fucking burn until you die song. -It has all of the kickass sickness and thunder, and at the end of your life you don’t want anything more than more time. When you die, it is over.
11. Shadow of Deth -This has a Latin prayer for help in it and psalm 23. He gives song writing credit to David. What I like is that Mustaine uses the King James version for this song.
12. My Kingdom -Now, for a man of God, this fucking song has huge occult shit in it. He drinks from his OWN chalice in this song and is reborn-I don’t hear anything about a priest. There is even a reference to a Necromancer.

Megadeth Discography:

Killing Is My Business – 1985
Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying? – 1986
So Far, So Good,…So What – 1988
Rust In Peace – 1990
Countdown To Extinction – 1992
Youthanasia – 1994
Hidden Treasures – 1995
Cryptic Writings – 1997
Risk – 1999
Capitol Punishment: The Megadeth Years – 2000
The World Needs A Hero – 2001
Rude Awakening – 2002
Still Alive…and Well? – 2002
The System Has Failed – 2004


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