Melissa Etheridge at The Roxy


You may ask yourself what the hell MusicIncider was doing at a Melissa Etheridge show. If you really asked that question, slap youself fucking silly, that’s an order. We went to go cover one of the best singer/songwriter/storytellers that ever was and ever will be. -I love Neil Young, but lately his music reveals nothing about him that people connect to on a personal level. Etheridge has always put all of her cards on the table through her music allowing people to connect with her on a deep spirtual level-so I went as a journalist, a psychic, and a person. -To me, Etheridge should be as big as Springsteen. I do not think her sexuality has a fucking thing to do with it. I think it is because she is a woman. Joni Mitchell should have been a massive superstar. Joan Armatrading should have been a massive superstar. Carole King should be a goddess among insects, but it is a man’s world baby. We need to support women in music who are excellent like Etheridge. So, no more preaching. -This tour was in support of her recent release -Lucky. There was no opener. Shit, she didn’t need one. The set up on stage was fucking elegant and simple. Her touring guitarist was amazing. Her bass player rocked like Billy Sheehan, and her drummer could have pounded Max Weinberg into the ground with one stick. The set up was different for this tour. The Skin tour featured only Etheridge. So I already liked it when I walked into the door. Every tour for the last ten years has had the exact same set up out of Springsteen-so I guess he should learn some lessons from Melissa.
The heart-wrenching, soul pounding feel to the music is gone. The packed house got to connect with Etheridge on a different level. We all got to be happy. Music doesn’t always have to make you cry your motherfucking eyes out now does it? It doesn’t always make you want to go out and kill something or bang your head. It can make you smile and be glad to be alive from time to time. That is what this concert was. Uplifting. Spiritual. -Etheridge knows how to work a crowd. People tossed gifts up on stage. She took the time to talk to them. She held the gifts up for people to see. Everybody in that club was important. -The show lasted for THREE HOURS. Name another headliner that can hold a crowd for three hours. She played every track off of Lucky live. Some of my favorite songs that night were Lucky, Breath, Meet Me In The Dark, and Giant. -Etheridge plays piano. Etheridge plays guitar. Etheridge writes song that touch your soul like Springsteen, works a crowd like Rod Stewart, and has a smoky vioce like Janis Joplin. She is probably the most important female singer/songwriter of our time, and all we as a public seem to care about is who she is fucking. How many people think that Sheryl Crow is heterosexual? Really. The point is this: It doesn’t matter who or what you sleep with as long as you are excellent at what you do. When she comes to a town near you, go see her. RUN. You will see what I mean.


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