Metal Church


Since it’s original conception in 1980, Metal Church has had
a very intriguing history. However, the true Metal Church was founded in
1983. The band has seen several individuals come and go throughout it’s
lifetime. Some of these individuals are well-known, such as Lars Ulrich of
Metallica, Mike Murphy of Rouge’s Gallery, and more. Throughout the years the
band toured various locations in America and Europe and released several
albums. Unfortunately in the early 90’s the music trend made several transitions
and nearly left true metal on the shelf. It would seem that metal was
something of the past and the then current band members went their own ways.
But, fate would not tear this band apart easily and brought the founding
members back together in the late 90’s. Metal Church is back on the road
touring and releasing albums. In 2004, three new individuals join the band: vocalist
Ronny Munroe, ex-Malice guitar
Jay Reynolds and bassist Steve Unger. Metal Church busts out the new album: Weight of the

Leave Them Behind: The band explodes quickly with
high-rhythm, guitars blazing, and drums pounding in this track. Leave Them
Behind easily sets you into motion. If you don’t get out of your seat or start
movin’, you’re fuckin’ dead. Ronny Munroe screams out powerful lyrics and is
complimented well with a generous chorous. The guitars strumming help set the
pace. As the song title says, leave the fuckers behind – we’re goin’ forward
with a quickness.

Weight of the World: This track starts with a contemplative
beat, followed with great guitars and drums, and descriptive lyrics. You’re
head will nod from the first second of this track to the end. Again, Ronny
Munroe proves himself easily by adding high emphasis to Weight of the World. As
mentioned before, this is a great track for contemplative thought. When you’re
just feelin’ chill and thinkin’ about life and the Weight of the World.

Hero’s Soul: The guitar intro to this song sets the pace to
fast. The lyrics are a creed to a Hero’s oath in this track. Mentioned in the
song, ‘Adversity is a challenge’ is a great positive reinforcement for life in
general. Many people crumble when adversity is present. However, if you see
it as a fun challenge, you’ll tackle that shit like it’s nothing.

Madman’s Overture: A journey into a man’s dreams. Others
see him as crazy, but he knows the truth. This song takes you on his journey,
into his life and into his dreams. However, are his dreams the truth? Or is
this truly just a Madman’s Overture?

Sunless Sky: Easily my favorite song on this album. I love
the beat, rhythm, and mood established on this track. A very dark and sinister
mood is instilled into your mind and you are set into an environment of further
contemplation. I can connect with the lyrics of this song, dark clouds that
are here, were here, or are on the way. Everyone has sunless skys in their
life. As sung in the chorus of this song: “So far away, beyond the sunless
sky.” This song is about the current storm that you are weathering. The last
line in the lyrics and the song is great – “It’s all been lies, time after
time. There will be no more sunless skies.” As I mentioned before, we live
life from conflict to conflict, or sunless sky to sunless sky. How you deal with
them is up to you.

Cradle to Grave: Metal Church has shown a great amount of
variation on this album. This song only helps to add to that variation. Fast
paced rhythm and awesome chorus supported with powerful guitar and drums make a
dangerous song to listen to while driving. Or, if you’re like me, helps make
driving more enjoyable. Haha.

Wings of Tomorrow: I love the intro to this song.
Definitely different from the other tracks and exemplify the band’s skill.

Time Will Tell: This song is slower in pace then a lot of
the other songs on the album. However, the lyrics and instruments still pound
heavily and cleanly to the ears. A very pleasing mood is created with this
song. The track effortlessly conveys that only Time Will Tell.

Bomb to Drop: This track starts off hard and into furious
talent. The guitar is very prominent in this song. A journey into a person’s
mind who is captivated by darkness. Waiting for the Bomb to Drop – to finally
be free.

Blood Money: This song is also heavily dominated by the
guitar and the drums. The lyrics are great and brought into definition by
Ronny Munroe. Addtionally, this song has a different feel from the earlier
songs on the track. A display of how this album demonstrates Metal Church’s
skill in originality.

Overall this is a great album and I would recommend adding
it to your personal collection. Metal Church has proven that they are the
Church of Metal and holds their grip tightly. Their skill is demonstrated with
great variation on this CD. Kickassness.


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