Mnemic: I Love This Band


Mnemic: Michael-Vocals. Mircea-Guitars. Rune-Guitars. Tomas-Bass. Brian-Drums.

Barbara Fara
Music Incider Magazine

I love this band. -I don’t use love all that much with anything except sex, my family, weed, Glenn Danzig, Tom Petty, and Sascha K., and Chris Barnes-and sometimes Steven Tyler, depends on which Bobo he happens to be honkin’. –Why do I love them? Because they are different. They aren’t the same old shit. I hear well executed shit all the time, and I am always on the lookout for something that is different. Of course, you are going to want to compare them to Devin Townsend and Strapping Young Lad or Fear Factory. Musically, they are complex-Mircea and Rune have guitar riffs that would make Malmsteen and Lynch proud as hell. Complicated and beautiful. –Tomas on bass is hot as hell. This man is Jason Newstead material. Flashy, over the top, and out of control. Brian on drums most closely can be compared to Brann Dailor of Mastodon with his change up style that brings the thunder. –My shining star though is Michael on vocals. I love the fact that he has clean aggressive vocals and an original style. I love death metal. I love heavy metal. I hate the fact that so much of it sounds exactly the same-not the case hear at all. Mnemic has a clean, heavy melodic style that has a Stone Sour feel to it. Remember Stone Sour? A real Roadrunner band? -Nuclear Blast has not made the mistake of attempting to convert Mnemic into a pile of commercial rip-off trash. They have melody and heaviness without selling out an original sound, and they are going to be big. Slipknot big. Iron Maiden big-and this is coming from the psychic. This generation has been waiting patiently for the next hard band that is truly excellent, and we have it in Mnemic. In fact, the mighty Danzig was so impressed with young Mnemic that he took them out on the road with him. We all know Glenn has an ear and a heart for the truly talented.

But back to my shining star-Michael. I love him live. He so reminds me of a young Sascha K. of KMFDM. He has the perfect hair, the perfect voice, and the perfect stage moves. His voice is this huge, whipped up blender of Sascha, Raymond Watts, Glenn Danzig, and Dave Mustaine. I love the fact that the band looks like they are having fun onstage. They sell it-if they look like they love it we are going to love it to. So many bands make the mistake of looking bored or scared. If you don’t like it, why the fuck am I going to like it? -This is NOT the case with Mnemic. Mnemic looks like they are loving every minute of it. Watching them live, I believe that they could have just as much fun playing for ten people as playing for ten thousand. In my mind, that is a mark of greatness. People who love what they do make better music-it is just a fact of life. Concerts are about fun, and watching somebody do something excellent. CD’s are just a reminder. It is always better to watch live music and to be a part of the experience. In Mnemic, we have a band that creates an experience for the listener on all levels. What other band would have the balls to cover Duran Duran’s Wild Boys and make it their own? Other outstanding live tracks are Deathbox, Jack Vegas, and Overdose In The Hall of Fame. –This is a band that is out there, and musically takes chances. You will love them.


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