Music Midtown: After the Twister Part Three


Favorite Music Midtown: After the Twister Part Three

Barbara Fara
MusicIncider Magazine

I can’t find a fucking thing about Favorite on the net. I think they are
on RCA, but they aren’t listed on RCA records at all. I would have loved
to cover them just a little fucking more. They rocked. They rolled. They were
fucking great. I have no fucking idea where they are from. I have no fucking idea
who they are. I have to admit, I would like to know. I have not seen them in a
local Atlanta paper. I have never seen them in concert prior to Music Midtown
X. I just know that I really fucking liked them a lot. Are they local? Where are
they from? Who the fuck knows? Who the fuck cares? That vocalist is a hottie,
and I loved that drummer that was smiling during the whole thirty minute set.
-I don’t know who plays what instrument. I don’t know what label they
are on, but I know what I like and Favorite rocks the house. I would like to know
more about them. If anybody has any info-get a hold of me. Leave a message on
the board. Favorite is something I want to know more about, and I think they should
be something you want to know more about as well. They were a good choice for
the Music Midtown X locals stage, and they make a pretty good picture.

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