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My Chemical Romance – Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

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Before we start anything on this review, let’s get this straight. Listen up and listen clearly. Everyone loves My Chemical Romance. Me too. But, as you’re going through this CD, you’ll notice it sets the stage for The Black Parade. We included this CD to juxtapose Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge against The Black Parade. Three Cheers was the band’s answer to 9-11, but it includes themes seen in The Black Parade. What will follow the Black Parade? Is this going to become a trilogy?

And, please, feel free to shred or send love. Honesty is the best policy. And, if we don’t agree, we’ll let you know. This is why Larry Flynt fought for the freedom of speech. Don’t let the government put the Internet in cheque. The Internet should not be treated like mainstream media. It’s a place for pure freedom of speech to exist.

My Chemical Romance is Frank Iero on guitar; Mikey Way on bass guitar; Gerard Way, lead vocalist and brother of Mikey Way; Ray Toro on guitar; and Bob Bryar on drums.

The Black Parade tour members include: Gerard, Frank, Bob, Ray, and Mikey along with replacement bassist Matt Cortez, and James Dewees on keyboards.

MCR was formed in 2002 by

Gerard Way

and ex-drummer Matt Pelissier around 9-11. Way witnessed the planes fly into the towers, and wrote the song, Turnstiles and Skylines. This gave them the balls to start up MCR. Even though we went to war, we also woke up a sleeping giant, known as My Chemical Romance.

On July 23, 2002, they signed with Eyeball Records, I Brought You My Bullets; You Brought Me Your Love. On June 8, 2004, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge was released on Reprise Records and it went double platinum (28th on the charts). March 21, 2006, Life On The Murder Scene on Reprise Records hit 30 on the charts and U.S. sales went gold. On October 23, 2006, The Black Parade was released internationally. On October 2004, it hit in the U.S. And, it hit Australia on October 28, 2006.

These five band members are very pissed about their country being bombed. The hit single I’m Not Ok, on this, their sophomore album, is a major message to everybody in the world and in the U.S. that the youth in the U.S. is not ok with what is going on. They are confused, perplexed, and don’t understand what is going on.

Everybody compares MCR to every band under the moon. But, they are not Greenday; they are five guys from New Jersey who started their own music.


If you’ve ever seen the video, it is done with class and finesse. The weird part is that it is about a funeral and it’s known that while the band was carrying the casket out for the video, it was actually raining. When you hear the song you know that he has lost the love of his life from what could be any kind of disease. But, to me, it’s more like suicide. You can feel his heart breaking. He remembers when they met, and wishes they could meet again in the afterlife to live happily ever after. In my mind, she was in so much pain that she couldn’t go on. She didn’t realize how much pain and how destructive her suicide would be to his life.

Give ‘Em Hell, Kid

This song can cover anything from Katrina back to 9-11. His girlfriend is in shock and she doesn’t know what to do anymore or where her life stands. She’s depressed by the world events and saying some of the meanest things to this guy who loves her so much. He would do anything for her, but she continues to rip him apart. She might be trying to bring him down with her. He wants to help her get through this. From MI’s point of view, she’s suffering from PTSD and taking all her anger at the world out on him.

To The End

This is the one song that definitely screams out to what’s to come on The Black Parade. This is about the press. As a photo journalist, I don’t think going to aftermath of 9-11 isn’t a time or place to take pictures. No one needs to see their loved ones like that. Meanwhile, the poor spirit that’s died is telling you what this photographer is doing. He wants you to know he’s stuck on the 96th floor, or stuck in a mire in the field, or at the Pentagon. I hope that photo journalist died to because it’s just wrong to take pictures of people on 9-11. It was tragic and a major disaster.

I mean, would a photo journalist have gotten into a wet suit and shot pictures of the Arizona following Pearl Harbor. Let the dead rest peace, and let them move on.

Then there were those who were photographing in disbelief, like a way to hold onto the past. They weren’t digging in the rubble. They wanted to hold onto their memories.

Don’t worry, karma will slap malevolent photographers in the ass for taking those gory photos.

You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison

It’s the terrorists’ point of view on this song. This guy writes a letter to his mother to say his last goodbyes. He doesn’t tell her what he’s going to do. He could’ve been on any of those planes on 9-11. I feel like he was one of the terrorists who flew into the Towers. Life is but a dream for the dead. She reads the newspaper to learn that her son was a terrorist.

I’m Not Ok (I Promise)

This has nothing to do with 9-11. This is about a young boy in love. He finds out that she thinks she can use him and lose him because he’s smart and sweet. It breaks his heart when he finds out that she’s cheating on him. He goes to end the relationship, tells her he’ll be fine (and ok), and won’t take any more of her bullshit. But, he’s dying inside because he’s lost the love of his life.

The Ghost Of You

This is a beautiful love song in tribute to a lover who has passed in the Towers. This poor guy is watching the news and holding her photo up to his heart, wishing he could die with her. He’s contemplating suicide and finally does himself in because he can’t live without her.

The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You

This is a young guy on 9-10-01, who meets this beautiful girl at a bar or a club in NYC. They have a great time, and he tells her about his wonderful job at The Trade Center. He tells her how he wants to plan their lives together. This is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. He doesn’t want to sleep with her. He just wants to share some coffee and talk. He goes to work the next morning at WTC, but he gets brain damage. He wants to tell her to let him go and pull the plug, but she can’t.


MCR must’ve lost a close friend or family member at this time and they’re looking at their dying friend or family member. This person is poisoned and has third degree burns. They must’ve been infected by the asbestos. They ask God’s angels to take her home safely and peacefully. She doesn’t deserve to suffer anymore.

Thank You For The Venom

This could be about any brother and sister in the world. And, the sister saw friends and family members die. It could’ve been on the flight to Pennsylvania, or Washington, DC, or NYC. She could’ve gotten a phone call from her friend on one of those planes telling her s/he wouldn’t be coming home. She’s pissed, and the one person she can confide in is her younger brother. In her heart, she feels she needs to get revenge, so she enlists and goes overseas. Her brother tells her not to go. She makes sure that the family can protect themselves. She teaches him how to shoot a gun before she leaves, and entrusts him with protecting the family. Six months later, the family gets a call or message or visit saying she died in combat. The younger brother is enraged, and tells her he doesn’t know what he’ll do without her. He can’t believe his premonition about his sister’s death came true. He knew if she left that she would die. He wanted her to get married and have kids. And now, he’s left with PTSD and on medication to help him deal with all the emotional scars. Forever more he will wear the black band on his arm for her death. He decides to take all those pills at once so he can join her, because he can’t handle the loss of his sister.

Hang ‘Em High

This is the brother from Thank You For The Venom. He is so depressed and the medication has made him paranoid and delusional. He believes he can talk to her and the angels call her Black Mariah, and he thinks they cut out her tongue. She’s just trying to tell him she’s ok, and wishes he would leave her in peace instead of digging into her pine box.

He goes to his girlfriend. His parents take away the gun his sister gave him. He forces his girlfriend to get the gun, and tells her if he dies he’ll be ok because then he’ll get to see his sister and get all of the answers he seeks.

It’s Not A Fashion Statement, It’s A Death Wish

This is a victim and he doesn’t know who killed him and why. He was caught in this tragedy. He’s going to find the mother fucker who killed him and take them with him and make them pay the price. They stole his life and now he’s going to take theirs. They didn’t just take his life, but also his family. He can’t move on until the asshole is caught.

Cemetery Drive

This is touching, but sad. It’s about a man having an affair with a married woman who died. He goes to the cemetery every night and talks to him. He gets drunk, and asks her if she’s there, if she cares, and wonders if this is what she wanted for him. She tries to tell him that she was getting a divorce and that she misses him and wanted to spend her life with him. She wants him to move on, stop being depressed. She doesn’t want him to continue mourning because she’s not coming back. But, he wants to join her and the only way he knows how to do it is through suicide.

She never meant to lead him on and wants the true love to live on.

I Never Told You What I Do For A Living

This is dedicated to all the wives and husbands who lost their partner overseas who were journalists. The song lets you know these photographers and journalists are returning to their hotels, passing the dead, and the blood is getting all over them. They try to get the blood off their hands, but they can’t. They wake up with the remains of the dead but they can’t wash the blood off.

Because of the pain, they didn’t tell their loved ones all the details of their job. And, they want forgiveness for telling half-truths. They were scared that if they told them what was actually happening overseas, their families might worry about another attack on the U.S. It doesn’t matter if it was a straight or gay marriage, or unmarried couples, they were trying to protect their children, pets, and sisters and brothers.

Pets are like humans, they can see and hear everything we do. They say pets can only see monochrome, but I think they too were made in God’s image and can see everything. They are psychic and they try to protect their masters and their master’s family. They have the Gift of Knowing when danger is coming and they warn their masters. These pets are not just pets to their owners, they’re the children. In paganism, from which Christianity was derived, it is believed that your pet is your protector and your family. They are there for you.

And then one day it’s their turn and they’re shot dead. They know now that their job is to lead the dead to the pearly gates where their loved ones will be waiting for them. When they pick up these souls they ask: are you ready to see St. Peter, or do you just want to go home to watch your family and wait for them to pass on? So that one cameraman, can take the souls back to their families so they’re ready for their next destination in their next life.

This is a song about protecting loved ones. It’s a song for journalists, cameramen, lost in war. It’s time to pick up the souls of their loved ones to bring them home.

Bury Me In Black (Japanese Bonus Track)

This is in the liner notes but not on our CD. You won’t find the words on the lyric sheet. You have to look up the lyrics.

This is about a soldier returning from war. Half of his face is blown off and he drinks all night. The VA isn’t doing anything for him. His girlfriend stands by him through all this. He lies to her. He really wants to return to war to kill the fucker to did this to him. If he could get a gun and head overseas, he would go find that guy and shoot him.

He wants to know if the enemy bleeds the same way he bleeds. He wants to know why the guy didn’t just kill him instead of leaving him to live in such pain. He makes so little on VA benefits that he can’t afford a place to stay. He keeps telling her one day she’ll see his place. But, his place is on the streets. The only time he feels happy is when he’s high and drunk. And, he’s happy when he feels the rain running down his face it feels like his disfigurements are being washed away. When is Bush going to take care of the vets? Why does Bill Gates and other moguls have to make donations to the veterans? Gene Simmons just made a donation to the Long Beach VA Hospital, and you can catch that on Family Jewels on A&E. It’s sad, but beautiful, and Simmons has a big heart. It’s a wonderful thing for him to get an insurance company to meet him halfway on this.

How come the government can’t do that, but a musician can? Instead, Bush is busy cleaning house so that when he leaves office he’ll appear to have a clean record. It’s amazing what a stink people made about Clinton and his blowjob. We’d better not ever let Bush and Cheney forget what they got us into in Iraq.

Between the tragedies of 9-11 and the war, we wish all of them peace and happiness in the afterlife.


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