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My Chemical Romance is Frank Iero on guitar; Mikey Way on bass guitar; Gerard Way, lead vocalist and brother of Mikey Way; Ray Toro on guitar; and Bob Bryar on drums.

The Black Parade tour members include: Gerard, Frank, Bob, Ray, and Mikey along with replacement bassist Matt Cortez, and James Dewees on keyboards.

MCR was formed in 2002 by

Gerard Way

and ex-drummer Matt Pelissier around 9-11. Way witnessed the planes fly into the towers, and wrote the song, Turnstiles and Skylines. This gave them the balls to start up MCR. Even though we went to war, we also woke up a sleeping giant, known as My Chemical Romance.

On July 23, 2002, they signed with Eyeball Records, I Brought You My Bullets; You Brought Me Your Love. On June 8, 2004, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge was released on Reprise Records and it went double platinum (28th on the charts). March 21, 2006, Life On The Murder Scene on Reprise Records hit 30 on the charts and U.S. sales went gold. On October 23, 2006, The Black Parade was released internationally. On October 2004, it hit in the U.S. And, it hit Australia on October 28, 2006.

These five band members are very pissed about their country being bombed. The hit single I’m Not Ok, on their sophomore album, was a major message to everybody in the world and in the U.S. that the youth in the U.S. was not ok with what was going on. They were confused, perplexed, and did not understand what was going on.

Everybody compares MCR to every band under the moon. But, they are not Greenday; they are five guys from New Jersey who started their own music.

Their latest hit, The Black Parade, is supposed to be about a boy dying from cancer. But, if you listen to every song on the album, I don’t believe the boy is dying from cancer. I think he’s dying from radiation poisoning from the nuclear blast. And, the boys see it coming, but the country doesn’t.

The End.

Other journalists have said The End is about a boy dying from cancer. Instead, this kid is dying from radiation poisoning either from a nuclear meltdown or a nuclear bomb in the States. When you see the video, there’s a nuclear blast, but alas, no kid in a hospital dying from cancer.

The kid is crying out for his childhood, and he only has one more day. Instead of planning his funeral, he wants to go to concerts, have a life and date girls. But, he can’t do these things because he’s going to die.

He lets you know whoever caused this is going to pay for their sins, and he’ll be waiting for you.


If you listen to the first track with radiation man, he still has a heartbeat. We go to track 2, and now he’s flat-lined. Now he’s pissed. And, he’s gonna be waiting for all you sons- of-a-bitches who dropped the bomb that caused his radiation poisoning. The boy is angry because he wants his youth back.

This Is How I Disappear

The boy leaves behind a young lover. She can’t get over him. She thinks of him day and night. And, every night, he sends her a message: “I can’t move on with you holding onto me, or else I won’t be able to pass on. Please let me go. I apologize that I did things to you. I apologize for the arguments. Someday we will be together again. For now, let me go.”

The Sharpest Lives

This is for all the dead police officers, firefighters and rescuers who tried to find this kid who was stuck in the rubble. This kid is crying for help. This is Tower boy, not radiation or cancer boy. He’s screaming for his family and loved ones. But everyone who gets near him dies. And he pleads for them to  go out with him to the other side. In the end, he is realizes they won’t find him, and he’s determined to get revenge on the people who killed him.

Welcome To The Black Parade

No matter what you do, how you try to go about it, you can’t change your fate. Your memory will carry on, whether good or bad. It’s all genetic. You can have the best parents in the world, or the worst parents in the world. You can love that parent that beat you, or the one who loved you. If you are an abusive parent, the gene will show up when your kids take you down when they meet you on the other side. Enjoy life now.

I Don’t Love You

It’s very hard to let someone you love go; likewise, it’s hard to the one you love that you have to go. You lie, cheat and say those words: “I don’t love you,” and in this kid’s mind he says: “now let me die in peace.” And, the girl just stays by his side. He wants her to believe she was just another ride with no connection, even though he truly loved her. He lost, and she won, because she just keeps sitting by his side.

House of Wolves

He’s dying. He’s telling everyone around him what he feels. It’s like his last confession. He tells everyone how he wants to be remembered, because he’s not making the pearly gates. He’s gonna make the burning gates of hell. He’ll be waiting there for all of them to pull him out of that hell. He wants to be remembered as a good soul despite all the mistakes he made before he enters his grave.


This is cancer boy, and maybe he got it from the radiation from the blast. He’s dying and coming to terms with what he’ll miss out on in life. He’s got all the signs of chemo treatment: hair falling out and chapped lips. And yet, they’re not treating him correctly. The first doctor tells him the truth; that he has radiation poisoning from the blast. The second doctor tells him he has cancer. He realizes he has to say his goodbyes because he can’t beat it. He’s not afraid that he’ll miss them. He’s afraid that he’ll contaminate them with the radiation poisoning if he kisses them.

Mama – Special Guest Appearance as Liza Minelli

The dying boy sees himself as a soldier. He writes his mom a letter confessing what he’s done wrong. He’s going to hell. He’s confessing all of his sins, wants to know why he wasn’t loved, why she wasn’t there for him. They’re building a casket for her alongside his. There’s no one you can trust in this world. That is why I must end what I started. And, that’s ending me. Yup, suicide. The sad part is that his mom was around him. There’s love all around him. But, he thinks this is the way out.


Radiation man is starting to slip into his last coma. The priest is giving him his Last Rites. He can’t understand why he’s so tired and sleepy. He knows that if he goes to sleep, he won’t wake up. His family is all around him. He can only hear the conversation he and his brother had, where his brother is yelling for him to wake up.


A gun is not the answer. If people don’t accept you for who you are, blowing them up  isn’t the answer. Fuck ’em. We don’t need another Columbine or Virginia Tech.


Radiation boy wakes up from his coma. His best friend is there. They’re reminiscing about old times and all the shit they got away with. He keeps asking his friend why they don’t let him die. He’s suffering. He asks why his friend doesn’t take him out. But he knows his friend. He won’t do that. He says, imagine being me for a day, and then imagine you asking me and I’d say yes. I know you’d say no because our friendship is too strong for you to let me go.

Famous Last Words

She can’t keep him from dying, but he knows that she forgives him. He realizes he can’t get rid of her. She won’t leave his bedside until after he dies. He can’t move on even then because he loves her. He realizes all the things he didn’t say to her when he was alive.

He hopes that when she’s sleeping, he can hear her every word, and that she can hear his every word because he’s on her plane then. No matter what, they’re together forever, even when he’s gone. Your loved ones are with you no matter what, whether you’re taking a shit, sleeping or having dinner. The souls of your loved ones that have passed  try to communicate with their loved ones. Open up your ears and eyes, they’re trying to communicate with you.

In the long run, he realizes he can’t be mad at anybody for loving him the way she loved him. And, this is why he finally realizes he can be with her no matter what, even in death. He can be like her guide in death. And, when it’s her time to join him, he’ll be there to meet him.

Blood (Hidden Track!)

He contradicts himself. Blood! Blood is thicker than water, no matter how you look at it. No matter what anyone expects of you. You could be in a hospital bed dying, in a job. They take and take and take. They lie and you end up in a wooden box. They say they can fix you – whether it be psychologically, or medically. All that these doctors do is tell you lies to keep you holding on when all you want to do is die. We have one fucked up medical system.

Sub-note here. MCR can be compared to any band in the world, but they are a bunch of Jersey boys who send you a bunch of subliminal messages. If you’re not an East Coaster, you won’t get it. My question is this: who died? Who is this really dedicated to? Who is so close to these boys that they made this Goth style and punk? Not Greenday or Offspring. This is its own genre. Like dark, gothic, punk. This is not your ordinary punk album. When I say dark, I mean dark. But then again, My Chemical Romance has always been dark. They talk about their own issues, and who was lost, even if they don’t name them specifically. Maybe it’s about their own souls dying a little bit as they make this music.

The album is symphonic despite being so deep and dark. It does not just cover the one subject as the other critics say. It covers 9-11 down to the aftermath. This will be their triple platinum album.


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