Neil Young and Crazy Horse


Neil Young and Crazy Horse

Chastain Park
June 11th, 2003
Label: Reprise/Warner Brothers

Barbara Fara
MusicIncider Magazine

Neil Young played with Crazy Horse on June 11th at a venue that I absolutely love-Chastain
Park. –Chastain never fails to inspire me. I got the idea for a psychic
rock and roll magazine at Chastain during a Cranberries concert. Neil hit the
stage in his trademark baseball cap and guitar to explain Greendale. I have to
admit that the Harley microphone stands were cool, but I wanted to see Neil’s
face. –So, I hopped up the center on got down on my knees to take a shot
or two. I didn’t block any fans. I didn’t realize that up the center
was not cool at Chastain. Another evil photographer told me that it was. Oh, he
lied-that fucking sneak. I was on my first shoot at Chastain, and I will not listen
to that evil boy again about my Chastain! I was an easy sucker though because
I have always been a fan of Neil Young-even though I have been accused of being
a die hard metal head. Neil has always put out music that makes me relax and think.
Neil and Crazy Horse took a backseat during the show and had actors to act out
the music and pretty props. -Sun Green was the name of that character that the
girl with the bullhorn was playing, by the way. The focus was not on watching
the band play. The focus was on the music (ahh, the beautiful guitars and harmonica)
and the message and the story that it was trying to get across. You could argue
that Neil Young is the BEST singer/songwriter/storyteller that ever lived. He
always tells a story that makes you think. Greendale is a story about a fictional
town. Greendale could be any town. Greendale is probably your town.

The Atlanta setlist:

1. Falling From Above: This is the Greendale porch scene. Jed, Grandpa, and the
wild young thing are sitting on the porch-and Grandpa talks about the shit he
has seen.
2. Double E: Another story from Greendale. Meet Edith and Earl and their daughter
who sneaks out to be with her boyfriend at night. Grandma remembers grandpa.
3. Devil’s Sidewalk: This is the Hell’s Kitchen in Greendale. Sometimes,
you get so far down you just can’t look up. What are you going to do about
4. Leave The Driving: Jed fucked up and shot a cop. It would have been easier
to take the possession rap. Poor grandpa, sometimes you live too fucking long
and see too fucking much.
5. Carmichael: This is the story about the cop’s widow. You know, the cop
Jed fucked up and shot. What happens after the funeral? This is another shade
of Greendale.
6. Bandit: A lost soul from Greendale. Roll one up, you might as well. Keep trying,
and you may just find what you are looking for. Remember, you did it to yourself.
7. Grandpa’s Interview: Grandpa gets invaded after Jed fucks up and shoots the
cop. There are helicopters in the sky and TV cameras on the front lawn. What is
he supposed to do? He didn’t shoot the cop.
8. Bring’in Down Dinner: Sun Green is the wild young thing, and she is bringing
Grandpa dinner. She drives into the middle of the media circus at Grandpa’s.
9. Sun Green: Sun Green becomes a hell raiser. She speaks out against things that
are wrong after Grandpa dies. She has a little slip for pot, but all the charges
get dropped. You can’t help but like Sun Green.
10. Be The Rain: Save the planet. The rivers and oceans are choked with shit.
The air is so dirty that kids develop asthma. –Don’t rely on the corporations,
because they are in it for the buck.
11. Powderfinger: This was the first encore song. Powderfinger is a Young classic.
It is fucking sad to die so young. This one always rips my heart out of my chest.
12. Hey Hey, My My: The was the second song of the encore: Hey Hey, My My is another
Young classic. To me, this has always been a statement against the way the music
industry treats artist.
13. Like A Hurricane: This was the last song of the night. It was a fucking treat
to hear it live. The only song that he didn’t do that I ABSOLUTLEY wanted
to hear live was Cinnamon Girl.
Goddamn! People were so pissed off that he didn’t play more classics. Here
is my answer; Neil was touring through Atlanta in support of his new album, Greendale.
Tours are generally in support of new albums. You all were so pissed off, but
you stood out in the fucking rain until the houselights went up at Chastain. So,
you must have not been THAT pissed huh? As for me, Neil Young and Crazy Horse
could have stood on the stage with kazoos and I would have loved it. It was Neil
Fucking Young man. –If you didn’t go, they had no kazoos. If you didn’t
go, you missed out on the next evolution of Neil Young and Crazy Horse.

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