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Neil Percival Robert Ragland Young-with a name that big you learn to be intense and to open your mouth about what you believe. I love him even more because with his latest release-Living With War-he has become the musical equivalent of Howard Dean. Neil, much like his fellow Scorpio Howard, has never been afraid to open his mouth and speak his truth. Music, great music, is a reflection of where society is at any given time. Truly great songwriters are able to do this. Neil Young is and always has been one of those truly great songwriters. -Lets look at him for a minute. Still fucking sexy and innovative after all these years. Buffalo Springfield hit the world in the mid 1960’s, and Neil Young became the anti-Bruce Springsteen. By this I mean, you can actually understand his vocals. Open your mouth Bruce. According to Jason Newsted on Supernova, you are constricting your instrument and need to take better care of it. Call Neil-he can help. -Then Crazy Horse was born. You have to love Crazy Horse. -And the ongoing stint with Crosby, Stills, and Nash. My point is the type of the fucking music has never really mattered. Swing, Rockabilly, Hippie, Blues, Electronic, or
Acoustic-whatever the best method of getting the message across. I just thank GOD almighty that he has NEVER fucking rapped and can play guitar.
-My own personal love of Neil Young started in the 1970’s with Gold
Rush. Before I do a private shoot, I always listen to Rockin’ In The
Free World, Hey Hey My My, Southern Man, and Cinnamon Girl to soothe my nerves and put me in that fucking artsy state of mind. -In 2000, Neil was inducted into the Canadian Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. A little late for Canada’s GREATEST musical export, but who am I to bitch? Ozzy still has not made the cut in the States, and what about Ronnie James Dio? -For you die-hard Young fans, he has co-directed several films under the name Bernard Shakey. Did he meet a Bernie at a Shakey’s? Bernard Shakey has director credits for Through The Past (1973), Rust Never Sleeps (1979), Human Highway (1982) and Greendale (2003). *

*Neil Young stumps for causes. He helped start Farm Aid. In 1986, he and his wife founded The Bridge School. I love musicians who support ideas and try to make the world a better place to live in. With power comes great responsibility-always count on fucking Stan Lee and a Spiderman
movie when looking for a quote-but much like Young’s This Note Is For
You-I am not sponsored by any fucking body. I get no free beer-and when I shoot a show you will not see Bush beans on my jacket. I wear the Jager hat because I love Jager-the boots because they are better to kick your ass with my dear, and the Danzig photo pass because I want to.
-Neil, much like, has gotten himself banned for saying his truth. Neil got himself banned from Spain for Cortez The Killer back in 1976. I get my site banned for pissing off special people. And a certain Concentration Camp in California is still pissed off about some extremely truthful articles-one in particular about the Doors of the 21st Century. That CCC is SO pissed off that it likes to pull from tours worldwide. -But let me tell you this, I
always have thought about a few people that have integrity beyond
measure. Tom Petty, Melissa Etheridge, and yes….Neil Young. Neil Young probably lost millions, but Cortez was a fucking killer. That’s why I trust what the man has to say.
-That is what makes Living With War so brilliant. It is angry, honest,
intense, and dark. The bombing of the towers and the state of the world has kicked this artist into high gear. Young is fearless and takes a chance that people can still hear the truth. Lets look at the tracks:

*After The Garden- What are you going to do if we don’t take care of the environment? What are you gonna do when the fucking bombs go off? People will be hungry and homeless and the government will be gone. -This song is a warning and a prediction. What are you going to do about it?*

*Living With War- This is the title track. TV War started with Vietnam
and here we are again. All this killing in Lebanon over TWO soldiers.
Young kids dying in Iraq EVERYDAY-and you live with it when you turn on the TV. You would have to be an absolute fucking monster not to be
affected by it.*

*The Reckless Consumer-Oil. This war is all about the mother fucking
oil. Sadam didn’t have any weapons of mass destruction or any
Al-Qaeda-so what else could it have been about? In Atlanta, we are
paying over three bucks a gallon and nobody is bitching. Blood and money for oil.*

*Shock and Awe-Death. Where is my Mommy? Where is my Daddy? Our children and families are going to be scarred for life. Older soldiers are dying and coming home in boxes and leaving behind more pain than anyone could have ever imagined. Bush promised they would be coming home.*

*Families-This track is expressed from the troops point of view. Imagine a soldier waiting to be picked up by a Black Hawk-he has his ticket home. It is his chance to be like everybody else-normal. No IED’s. No guns. No sand. No bullets. No chance of dying.
My question is ? Does that soldier make home or is he or she killed
waiting to be picked up in another useless bombing.*

*Flags Of Freedom-What is it like when somebody goes of to war? Vietnam wasn’t a popular was at all. Iraq is another Vietnam-draw the lines. The economy is going to shit-it is going to shit now. Main street is closing down across America. But everyday we watch our brothers and sisters march off to war.*

*Let’s Impeach the President-Why not? We impeached Clinton for a
godamned blow job. There were no weapons of mass destruction. Lemme see—blow job vs. WMD? Which lie was worse and who really gave a fuck that Clinton got a blow job? What about Katrina? -This administration takes time out for stupid things like Barry Bonds on steroids. -I like the cute little flip-flop chorus. It makes fun of him for what he said to Kerry and points out the obvious flip-floppper. -But thank GOD Bush never got a blow job…oh wait…thank god he’s clean.*

*Looking For a Leader-Who is going to get us out of the war? The
representative from Illinois-Obama? Colin Powell? This song is entirely straight forward. There is no room for guessing. Corruption and lies have had a turn with this country-who will be next? More lies or somebody who can pull our collective ass out of the fire.*

*Roger And Out-I love a tribute song. Everybody should get a tribute
song. This one in particular is about Roger who died in Nam. The hippie highway and Camaros speak of lost innocence and the death of hope. -It shows that Neil Young may not support the war, but he supports the troops.*

*America The Beautiful-This was the perfect way to end the CD. America is beautiful, it just needs help right now. -We need to bring the troops home. The Middle East has been fucked up for ten thousand years. -We need to focus on the economy so that there are more jobs available than the military. Poor kids take a hell of a chance in order to go to college this way. -We need to help homeless people get off the street. We are the richest country in the world but people are starving in the street. -We have no medical care for people that need it, but we have all the resources in the world.*

*Neil Young is a natural storyteller. Somebody has to tell this story. One hundred years from now-historians will ask what was said and Living With War will be the answer. -This CD presents a problem and provides an answer. The answer is get educated. Vote. Raise hell if something pisses you off. Get involved, because your opinion doesn’t matter if you hide behind your TV.*


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