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Niceguy recently had a name change. The new band name is Colossick. With that being said, Colossick is; Tom Blair on lead vocals and guitar, Justin Whitley on bass and vocals, Maq Brown on guitar and vocals, and Jeremy Kidd on drums. Colossick is an Atlanta based band that recently sent us a press pack. Included was a 3 track CD that I wish to review for all you Incider fans.

I’d Rather: The song seems rather basic for the most part, with a few exceptions. The drummer is a skilled one. The drums are played with great finess and lots of depth while the guitars replay the same simplistic tune over and over for the first half of the song. The 2nd half of the song represents a better sound with more tone changes as well as a faster pace. Lots of heavy guitars and in your face drums, but the vocals don’t shine as much.

Cut the Feature: This song begins with a lot more depth than the last track. It’s a faster paced, edgier style song. A good tune is carried through out the song but the vocals fall short again. As strong as the guitar playing and drumming is the vocals have yet to stand on an equal platue.

Everything and More: Great tap foot head nodding style song. The beat is alive, the guitars heavy, and the drums scorching. The vocals run right in line with the rest of the elements and the feel of a great song is there. This is the song that stands out to me as a great track.

From this 3 song sampler I gather a few notable details. All the instrumentals are skillful and sizzling. Heavy riffs, distortion, and much energy are displayed in much of each song. The weak points I found are minimal, but include some vocal work and certain melodic failure in parts of songs 1 and 2. Those, though, are simply opinion. One person can like something that another person simply does not like. All in all this is a good band and with a lot of skill under its belt. If they stick it out and remain together there may be a bright future.


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