Nineteen 5: Blind Eye Gone


Nineteen 5: Christine Wayne-Vocals. Brad Hariss-Bass, Backing Vocals. Kevin Watkins-Guitar. Aaron Barber-Drums.

I am interested in EVERYBODY’S local scene and I have eyes and ears everywhere. Sometimes, I cruise the web looking for something a little different and take the time to sign the guest book or I sign up for the message board-if I like your music. I always pay attention if the band has their shit together and writes me back. –I say who I am. I leave my REAL email address, and one out of every ten writes me back. So wake up you fucking idiots, check your message boards and guest books. You never know who is watching you. Because Nineteen 5 has their shit together THEY get to go in my magazine and have themselves looked at by the over three thousand people that hit Music Incider daily all over the world. Oh and they ARE GOOD and they ARE WORTHY. I downloaded DOWN, LOLLIPOP EYES, and SATELLITES before I ever contacted the band. I was really fucking impressed with Christine Wayne. She sounds like this fucked up cocktail of Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplin, Courtney Love, and Joan Jett. Brad Hariss brings on fantastic backing vocals with bluesy R&B bass lines-as a musician he really has his shit together. Kevin Watkins can play the guitar like my beloved Kurt Cobain-and I am just not saying that because this little band is out of Seattle. I am saying that because he literally sings through his fucking guitar. –Aaron Barber will remind you a little bit of Terry Bozzio with his jazzy, hard-driving style. I really like the fact that he is so out of control and in control at the same time with his style. It is Aaron that really defines the metal edge in this rock band. –As a group, they are going to make you think of Pearl Jam, The Foo Fighters, The Black Hearts, and Hole. This band is all of them and none of them at the same time. That is what I like about them-you can hear all of the influences of the bands that came before them, but this isn’t a tribute band. This is a band you want to hear before a label snatches them up. They are honest. They are great musicians, and they take the listener on a trip to the stars. My favorite tracks off of Blind Eye Gone are Seven Sisters, Down, and Happy Freaks. BLIND EYE GONE gets a seven out of a possible TEN OH FUCK YEAH’s. –Pay attention kids, Here comes Nineteen 5.

Track Listing:
Seven Sisters
Lollipop Eyes
Thinkin’ Thoughts
Happy Freaks
Joni’s Revenge
Music Box Past


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