Norma Jean at The Masquerade


Norma Jean: Jake Schultz-Bass. Daniel Davidson-Drums. Scottie Henry-Guitar, Vocals. Chris Day-Guitar. Cory Brandan-Vocals. Label-Solid State Records.

‘Oh, The Humanity…’ It was good for the Hindenburg crash, and it was good for the Norma Jean show at the Masquerade. -Atlanta could not wait for this band to come home. It was wall to fucking wall people in heaven, and a fucking hardcore wet dream. You should have seen them try to mosh-oh the fucking humanity. -But let’s not get stuck on that. Every little band in Atlanta mentioned Norma Jean and their show at the Masquerade for six months before the band actually came to town. Entire families came. Uncles, Aunts, Sisters, Brothers….it was complete chaos. Atlanta turned out for Norma Jean like they were visiting royalty from another country. It seems as though we love local boys who make it fucking huge-fuck Lamb of God, fuck SlipKnot-this was the most brutal show I have ever been to. The Andrew W. K. shows are taxing to the body, but Norma Jean shows are complete and utter carnage. Looking to tear shit up? Looking to be a part of something bigger than yourself that expresses the fucking rage and frustration taking place in the South these days? This was the concert for you. -But I am going to say this. It is good to be excited. It is good to love your band, but ease the fuck up and back the fuck off a little at a Norma Jean show. This was only a six song set, and it was cut short for your fucking safety. When you walk into a show at a club and see wall to wall people, think twice about slamming the poor fucker next to you into a wall. -I know, it drove you fucking nuts when the bass player climbed the speakers but that is not your que to climb the front set of speakers and dive into the crowd. -Norma Jean, I am sure, appreciates the love and enthusiasm, but I am also sure they don’t want you hurt. -I know they fucking kick ass live. I was there. I see the underground cult status they have built for themselves and how fucking great they are, but consider your safety. Always save your own ass first. -When Norma Jean comes back, it seems like they need to be at a larger venue. The Alley Cat should be open at The Underground and rumor has it that this club will hold 3000-that should do it. I want more than a six song set. I want to hear that power in Cory’s vocals. I want more time to see the guitarists and check out their style. I want to be able to actually see the drummer. -It is good to be fucking crazy, but you have to know where to draw the fucking line. Norma Jean puts on a kick ass show, and the only way it could be better is if it was longer. -Currently, Norma Jean is in the studio recording the next album -‘O God, The Aftermath.’ I look for Norma Jean to become as important to Atlanta as Mastadon. I look for Norma Jean to become very important to metal period. Yes, go to a Norma Jean show but keep yourself and the poor bastard next to you safe. Support your band, it is very fucking important. To these hometown heroes-keep kicking ass!


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