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Orange Sky: Let’s Take A Look

And so the great unveiling begins…Orange Sky. Here they come. Who the hell is Orange Sky, why do I have them, and what the fuck are they doing here? -All legitimate fucking questions. They are here because I was invited to Crossover Entertaiment to see them and take pictures and do an interview. They wound up in Atlanta, because in the mind of some music ‘rocket scientist’ genius Atlanta is halfway between Trinidad and New York. It possibly COULD NOT be because Atlanta has a music scence that is beyond fucking belief-who would want to believe that? -Oh Shit. Here I go. It couldn’t have been because Phil Ehart of Kansas was SO DRAWN to the energy and the sound put out by Orange Sky that he brought them to Crossover. No, why would it be that? It couldn’t be that Crossover would be very easy for all those VIP’s wanting a slice of Orange Sky pie to duck in and out of. The answer was simple and bullshit-Atlanta is a halfway point.
Orange Sky is a five piece melodic hard rock/metal band from Trinidad. *Warning-if you get the EP offered up in the current press pack, it sucks. It in no way reflects the true sound of the band. It has been mixed to make Orange Sky sound like the MUSZAK version of Bob Marley and the Wailers with a big guitar.* I am a big fan of cd’s that actually sound like the band, and Orange Sky deserved an EP that actually sounded like them. I am calling the sound of Orange Sky melodic metal. Think Aerosmith-rock with a HEAVY blues dose fueled with just enough island flavor to make Orange Sky sound smart instead of some of the played out gimmicky trash I have been hearing lately. Think Slayer meets Sevendust when you think about Orange Sky’s sound. Orange Sky’s sound is fresh, hard, and very fucking good-live. Live. Hopefully, somebody at Pyramid Records is reading this-don’t fuck with the sound. It is a good thing. -Orange Sky is fronted by vocalist Nigel Rojas. Nigel also plays lead guitar and is brother to the bands bassist Nicholas. Nigel has HUGE fucking vocals. He has the ability to carry the melodic side of Orange Sky’s music. He reminds me of my tiger-Steven Tyler, the extremely sexy Bret Michaels, and Axl Rose when he sings melody. When he sings the harder side, I hear shades of Chris Barnes, Joe Lynn Turner, Ronnie James Dio, and Alice Cooper. I LOVE all of these things in a vocalist. As a guitar player, he is pretty fucking unique. I would compare him to none other than George Lynch with his style and stage presence. I like the fact that Nicholas looks like a regular fucking guy that I would run into at a concert. You know, one that could STOMP your ass into the ground with his big boots. -Rhythm guitar in Orange Sky is handled by Adam Murray. Adam’s style reminds me of James Hetfield’s rhythm guitar. In other words, it is driving and absolutlely necessary. His stage presence is quiet but explosive, by explosive I mean that he always looks like he is plotting to blow something up! You better not cross him. -Bass guitar in Orange Sky is handled by Nicholas Rojas. Nicholas plays that bass like HE is the lead guitar player. I love a bass player that loves to be on the fucking stage-and he does. His bass style reminds me of the stlyle that Hank III puts out with Superjoint Ritual. He has this hard punk strut that makes me think of Pantera, Rachel Bolan, and Marco Mendoza all at once. -Keyboards in Orange Sky are handled by Richard Hall. To be honest, it is RARE that a keyboard played fucking impresses me at all. In most cases, it is a guy they stick back in the corner with pre-programmed keys that has no presence on stage and in there to simply fill in gaps in the music. This is not the case with Richard. He plays those fucking keys like an Allman brother. He may be the first keyboard player ever to gain a fan following. -Drums in Orange Sky are handled by Obasi Springer. The only job he has EVER had is being behind a drum kit. Obviously, he was born there. If I ever get the chance, I will ask his mother. Yes, Obasi WILL remind you of Morgan Rose, Mike Terrana, and Terry Bozzio. He is vicious and alive behind a drum kit.
I fucking LOVED everything I heard LIVE out of Orange Sky. Notable live tracks included Tug Of War, Alone, and Run With Dogs. Go ahead. Listen to Tug of War-it will jerk your ass back and forth and make you stomp your feet. Great things are coming from Orange Sky. You want to see them live. You want to see what they are going to do next.

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