Overkill: Killbox 13

Overkill is: Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth-vocals. D.D. Verni-bass. Dave Linsk-guitar. Derek Tailer-guitar. Tim Mallare-drums.

Overkill, have they ever done an album that has sucked? I don’t think so. Overkill’s music is good for every occasion-visits from your mother, baptisms, wakes…you name it. Anytime is a good time to hear those fucking distinct vocals of Bobby Blitz. He did not disappoint me at all on Killbox 13-shouldn’t we be able to tell the man had a fucking stroke? Killbox makes me think he was faking it so he could have a few days off and come home to Jersey. He can still bang it out like he did twenty years ago-go ahead, listen to some older Overkill shit and TRY to prove the difference to me. He simply has not changed vocally-even Steven fucking Tyler has changed vocally over the years, but not Blitz. Think about it-that is fucking amazing. D.D. Verni on bass-my other boyfriend. See the metal in me grew up with Overkill. Overkill always stays true to its musical roots and never sells out and becomes more radio friendly in order to sell more records. D.D. Verni is Geezer Butler brilliant, I would love to ask him what he thinks of when he plays that big black bass. –I love Dave Linsk and Derek Tailer on guitar. They BOTH have so much technical prowess and personality. Guitars are what makes thrash metal sound great. Tim Mallare on drums-I wonder if he ever gets tired? He must have some really big arms from banging on that kit, and he definitely deserves to be on the cover of Modern Drummer. –So we have established that Killbox 13 is classic Overkill with its sound and style. Killbox 13 is a trip to serial killer fantasy camp-and you are going to love it. It is dark, sexy, thrash, heavy, and THICK. It is so thick you can cut it with a knife. Lets take a look at the tracks.

1. Devil By The Tail – Oh fuck yeah man. Only Overkill would put a song out about grabbing The Devil by the tail and running him up the flagpole into their domain-oh, and then saying that they QUIT. See that’s how to quit a bad situation the fucking Overkill way, but my question is who or what situation pissed them off enough to write this one?

2. Damned – This song is SO fucking warm and fuzzy. Damned if I do, Damned if I don’t. Damn all your good intentions and your finger in my face-this time I am gonna bite. –It is a theme song for me and a lot of my FUCKING FRIENDS. There comes a point in time where you have to fucking bite or people will try to own you by telling you they know what is best for you, and telling you how to act, and they lie to you and tell you it is out of love when it is REALLY out of fucking ownership-ownership of YOU.

3. No Lights – Sometimes you lose. Sometimes you lose EVERYTHING. Mother fuckers will take the close off your back and dance your dead fucking body across the floor in a victory dance-so what do you do when the music is over? You create a brilliant fucking New Jersey thrash song.

4. The One – I love this fucking one too. I have a list of people that call on me for shit all the time, and I would love to be the fucking demon in the corner with my finger on the trigger ready to take out years of fucking frustration and get away with it. I could leave a gun on your fucking desk every day with instructions on how to use it for you. It is really easy-pick it up, put it to your head-and pull the trigger. Fuck with me and mine again. Go ahead.

5. Crystal Clear – Bobby is the fucking tempter in this song-sometimes the greatest sins came come from doing whatever the fuck you want to. Ever took a bite of that apple, and we all have to wear clothes now-but isn’t life a lot more interesting? It is spicy and thick, my little virgin sacrifices.

6. The Sound Of Dying – And you walk down the hall and open the door. Outside is a man who wants to kill you-are you going to let him in so he can whack you? That fucking killer knows you are a fucking killer-and either he whacks you or you turn into John Wayne Gacy. What are YOU gonna do? No matter what, the only sounds you are ever gonna hear will be those sounds of fucking death.

7. Until I Die – The natural born killer strikes, because it was HIM who whacked the guy at the door in the last song. He didn’t mean to kill the girl he was with-and so it begins. The killer is out of control, and he knows he is going to die someday because of what he has done. –Pure fucking poetry. You could be next.

8. Struck Down – To me, this is the kill or be killed song. The killer fights with his compulsion to kill; he fights the demon-but he kills. Humans have a fucking survival instinct that kicks in-and no matter what the fuck is going on that instinct is to preserve your own life. –I just don’t feel our killer getting struck down in this song.

9. Unholy – This one is about that fucking Crowley line-you know, make your vice into virtue, celebrate your excess. I know it isn’t a direct fucking quote, but holiness is a state of mind. Our killer could argue that he is trying to save the Earth through population control.

10. I Rise – It doesn’t matter what the fuck gets you, you are going to get back up. It is a mother fucking law of nature; nothing EVER gets totally destroyed, it just gets reformed. Think about it-the phoenix rises from the ashes and takes its vengeance out on the world that has fucked it over. The killer becomes the demon and rises.

Killbox 13. You want it. You really want it. Fucking Overkill rules, and I love them. I have always loved them. There is not one bad song on this cd. Overkill stays true to its form on Killbox 13, and puts out another great work of art. See them live if you can, they have been in Germany since the release of Killbox 13. –If not, pick up a copy of Killbox 13 and feel some aggression and rage. Actual killing will get you a needle in your fucking arm, but listening to Overkill will make you feel like somebody understands that you are having a bad-fucking day.

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