Paris Luna


Paris Luna – City Lights

by Rikki O.


Paris Luna- Vocals, Guitar, Keys

Kane Russell- Drums

Billy Lyons- Bass

Michael Harris- Lead Guitar


“The moon’s an arrant thief,

And her pale fire she snatches from the sun.”

– Shakespeare


The buttery moon that illuminates nighttime Paris streets has been the subject of countless paintings, songs, and poems; no doubt, endless drunken lyrics howled up in effigy have ranged from the perverse and strange to wild and breathtaking. The moon has been blamed for crimes of passion, sudden labors, lunacy, even PMS. One thing it has never been accused of, however, is being boring.


Taking a name, an intentional name, imbibes the taker with the qualities of that in which has been chosen. Paris Luna, therefore, wants to invoke from their listeners an air of romantic mystery, of endless possibility and lyrical magic, of ideological absolutes and that unfathomable je ne sais quoi.


Lucky for us, on their new album, City Lights, they do not disappoint.


Paris Luna hails not from France, but much closer to my own heart, in Carrolton, Georgia. The current incarnation was formed in early 2006, fronted by the luminescent Paris Luna on vocals, keys and guitar. Deep, rich layers of sound compose intricate and mature melodies with a grown up fusion of jazz, folk, and pop. While there is nothing exactly groundbreaking to be found in City Lights, the themes that are explored (heartbreak, longing) are universal enough to appeal to everyone who has ever gazed upon the moon – to some degree at least.


Like a waning moon expanding into fullness, much of City Lights sounds perfectly primed for some teen reality series on MTV. See hit-ready “Having a Hard Time” which clearly evokes 90’s group The Sundays or “Lately” and “Sad Goodbye (Rescue Me)” both of which ache with adolescent longing and exploration. What is strange to me is that the remaining tracks are remarkably mature and evolved in their emotional and musical range, like my two favorite tracks, the funky “So Unlike Me” and the country tinged “Tell Me Why.”


Clearly, it is essential when listening to Paris Luna to understand that the moon never remains in cessation, but instead swells and shrinks according to the whims of gravity. A plight not so different from that of us humans, try as we might to simply make sense of it all, or at least whatever tiny sliver we can.





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