Paris Luna


Paris Luna is: Paris Luna-keyboards, guitars, vocals. TJ Alexander-bass, guitar.
Kane Russell-Drums.

Down tempo is the phrase for this set on locals night at The Masquerade. Paris Luna has that laid back singer/songwriter energy that makes it absolutely perfect for The Red Light Cafe or The Five Spot. They could easily open for Neil Young, The Indigo Girls or ANY of that good laid-back shit. Compare the band to the likes of Delays at The 99X Upstart Fest, compare Paris Luna herself to the likes of Joni Mitchell or Sheryl Crow. We are giving Paris Luna a nod because there are a whole bunch of people out there that would dig the shit out of the music the band has to offer. I like the singer/songwriters-look at Neil Young, look at Patsy Cline. Talent deserves a break now doesn’t it. -The music of Paris Luna isn’t the shit you pound your feet into the ground over like Six Feet Under, and it isn’t the bubblegum pop bullshit like Britney Spears. It has a jazz feel to it like Norah Jones. It is music for grown ups on quite nights. Paris has a vocal range that is similar to Sheryl Crow, plays guitar like Bonnie Raitt and can handle a keyboard like Christie McVie. -I like TJ Alexander on bass. He brings a good, jazzy feel to shit. Kane Russell is remarkably like Buddy Rich. In other words-no too fucking bad-either of them.
Songs that made me pay attention were Cold Night in Boston, City Lights, and It Took So Long. Hit the band site, download an MP3, light up a joint, and give these Georgia born people a chance to win you over. What do you have to loose? I liked them and I will catch them again live.

PS-Paris looks like a mini Sheryl Crow, I swear to fucking god.

Official Band Bio of Paris Luna-by the band for the band…but it tells you about them.

Paris Luna ( Vocals, Guitar, Piano)was born in Dallas, GA and spent her days surrounded by music. Her Mom, a pianist/singer, was her greatest influence. Her skills in Piano and Vocals were formed inside a small church on a dirt road much like the one you see in this picture. Through a wonderful heritage of influence from other artists, she formed a very unique style. Her main influences were The Police, Cindy Lauper, Carol King, Willie Nelson, Prince, Dolly Pardon, Stevie Nix, and The Cure. She taught herself the guitar during her first year of college and hit the open mic scene. After many nights of being Side Show Bob she moved on to opening for bands like Rusted Root on small tours throughout the Southeast. She is still sharing the corners of her soul in her song writing and says the best is yet to come.

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Rob Cash (Piano)Influences: Elton John/Bernie Taupin, Prince, Smiths, Sting/Police, Dylan, Springsteen, Bon Jovi, U2, Travis, Radiohead, David Gray, Coldplay…
Work: Three, full length CDs – two of which are on independent labels and a third to which Cash owns all rights. Cash has worked with many other musicians/bands by playing instruments on their recordings (including the Blackheart/Mercury release of Madfly). Cash has done extensive touring of the U.S. to support his music and has played with the likes of Bon Jovi, Counting Crows, etc., as well as playing festivals with the legendary Bob Dylan. At present, Cash is working on new songs for future release and working with Paris Luna.
Awards: Best Singer; Best Songwriter; Best Male Performer — Atlanta Music Awards, 1998.
Aspirations: “…I want as many people as possible to hear my music… for me, the key is not just to please the listener; rather, it’s to establish a place to be with the listener… I don’t expect others to have a common meaning of my music, so it’s really up to the listener to decide…through music, I hope to let the listener know that they are not alone; we are all in this together…the most amazing feeling is seeing people singing my songs back to me while I’m on stage, because that lets me know that they are feeling it…”–Cash.

TJ Alexander (Bass)was born in Covington, GA in March of 1985. From an early age his mother and father brought heavy musical influences into his life. TJ’s mother was the first person to put a guitar in his hands and taught him the music that he first loved, Bob Dylan, CCR, Neil Young, and Janis Joplin to name a few TJ’s father and brother’s favorite artists combined with what his mother had taught him gave him a wide array of musical influences from the Talking Heads and The Velvet Underground to Johnny Cash and Jim Croce. TJ’s began showing his talent at the early age of 11 in competitions. His father realized that TJ was very open minded and decided that he could greatly benefit from the influences of different cultures by traveling. By TJ’s 19th birthday he had traveled to Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, New England, England, and most of Europe, most of which he did by himself. TJ attended college for a year. While visiting his friend in Carrollton, GA TJ played an open mic night at the local Mellow Mushroom where he met Paris and Kane. TJ moved to Carrollton within the month to join the band. The band turned into TJ’s close family. Being the youngest, he continues to look up to all three of them.

Kane Russell (Drums and Percussion) born in Rock Hill South Carolina got his first taste of drumming from his father who had played drums while in high school. His father exposed him to the sounds of Buddy Rich, Ginger Baker from Cream, Ringo from the Beatles, and many others while riding in the car and hanging around the house.
When Kane reached the age of 11 he began playing in the school band but was not a natural at drumming. He spent many hours every day after school working hard to master the art. It was not long before he made first chair and he was drum captain for 3 years.
At age 16 he graduated high school and moved to Carrollton, GA where he began teaching the drum line at Villa Rica High. But his love was in playing rock and roll. He started playing drums out in clubs at the early age of 14 and has been doing so ever since. He has traveled the South East playing with many different bands as a hired drummer. But has finally found a band that he feels he can express himself best, with other talented musicians. Kane loves to mix the jazzy sounds of Stewart Copeland, the rock sounds of John Bonaham, and some fusion from Carter Beauford with Paris Luna’s music. He hopes that his career as a drummer will continue to flourish because this is where he feels most at home.


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