Pink Floyd: The Dark Side Of The Moon DVD


Pink Floyd: David Gilmour-Vocals & Guitar. Nick Mason-Percussion. Richard Wright-Keyboards. Roger Waters-Bass.

This DVD tells you how Dark Side Of The Moon was made-track by mother fucking track-in 1973. I have been struggling a little bit with this fucking review. How can a person speak intelligently about an album that spent 741 weeks on Billboard? Well, the answer is what it always is-let it fucking fly baby! -Let’s talk about Pink Floyd. The band took its name from two American blues singers-Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. I get interested in shit like that. The first album, The Piper At The Gates of Dawn, was written by guitarist Syd Barrett-and Syd was the leader of the fucking band too. The Piper At The Gates of Dawn was talked about like St. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts club band by the Beetles. People are calling Barrett a fucking genius, and of course after years of struggling, Barrett loses his shit and starts to go catatonic on stage. Barrett and the rest of the band play two different songs during concerts-and you know that NEVER sounds right unless you are really fucked up. David Gilmour is hired as the fifth member in an attempt to keep Pink Floyd alive, but OF COURSE this isn’t going to work-Barrett was the founder, lead singer, and lead guitarist. Barrett leaves. This should have killed Pink Floyd-but not this band. We didn’t know about them at all in the states-Floyd could take any direction that they wanted to. Dark Side of The Moon was the musical direction Floyd took, and this CD details how each track on Dark Side of The Moon was made. Dark Side Of The Moon helped me to develop some of the finer qualities I have today-like paranoia, fear, the dark side of shit, death, and acid. As a kid, they were my antidote to David Cassidy. They made me love concepts in albums, and to this day that is something I look for when I do a review. -We start with Roger Waters talking about writing and the musical direction of the band. Without Barrett, they just weren’t pop singers. So they went a different route. The legendary Alan Parsons was the engineer, and the band recorded the album between June 1972 and January 1973. -In 2005, they would have been fucking bankrupt and the label would have pulled them from the studio and told them to get fucking jobs. If they would have made it today, we would have never had it and there would have never been a Pink Floyd. -We get live footage of Floyd playing Set The Controls for The Heart of The Sun. Seeing film footage from 1968 is a reason to go out and buy a DVD-you will never see that any other way. -Sometimes I wondered when watching this if computers make shit too easy, all of the sound effects were handmade-they had to figure out how to get the sound that they wanted rather than punching it up on a fucking keyboard. Go ahead, try to do a sound with out your computer. Do it with your own two little hands. I’ll bet it means a little more to you. -Then we have Time. I have always fucking loved the last three lines of this song- The Tolling On An Iron Bell/Calls The Faithful To Their Knees/To Hear The Softly Spoken Magic Spells. It made me able to go to mass for years. Alan Parsons tells you how the clock was recorded. -I never realized Richard Wright wrote The Great Gig In The Sky and Us And Them. I guess keyboard players can be useful. Of course, it takes a DVD to point these thing out to me. -Then we have the absolute fucking wonder hit -Money. When I look back, this song told the future. Look at the eighties and the boom of the stock market. Everybody thought greed was good back then and Reagan was a God. Maybe the song created the eighties? Who the fuck knows? -In my opinion, they were already thinking about The Wall when they recorded Brain Damage. Look at the lyrics. The lunatic is in my head/you raise the blade, you make the change/You shout and no one seems to hear…and if your head fills with dark fore bodings too/I’ll see you on the DARK SIDE OF THE MOON. Oh, it is so fucked up being a psychic and listening to Brain Damage. Who needs drugs, just listen to the fucking song. -Then we have Eclipse. Never ignore Eclipse. Go look up the lyrics. It is a fucking pagan ritual.

I never cared about Pink Floyd synching up with The Wizard Of Oz-but nobody asks the question on the DVD. Why would the band want to kill their mystery? -Bonus stuff includes lots of good acoustic solo work from Waters and Gilmour, a ‘Travel Section,’ recording footage, and thought from the band and crew. The bonus section runs for about forty minutes, and the main section runs for about forty-five. If you are into Pink Floyd, pick it up definitely. If you have never heard of Pink Floyd, you might want to learn something about where the music you love so fucking much comes from. Floyd was and is about Death, Fear, Drugs, and Mystics. Floyd in a rock band, but you can still hear the influence in every piece of metal that stretches the boundaries of reality. So take a trip and fucking learn something.


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