Poison: Nothin’ But A Good Time in Atlanta
HI-FI Buys Theatre-Atlanta, GA
August 6th, 2003

Poison is: Bret Michaels-vocals, guitar, harmonica. C.C. DeVille-guitar, vocals. Rikki Rockett-drums, vocals. Bobby Dall-bass, vocals.
Formed: 1993 in Harrisburg, PA

Poison was once known as Paris and Dall, Michaels, and Rockett lived and worked in Harrisburg, PA-they had formed in 1984. Somebody decided to move the group to LA where they met Mr. CC DeVille and became Poison. Poison hit the metal scene with a vengeance in 1986 with their album Look What the Cat Dragged In, and they started the night in Atlanta with the title track off of that album. What a fucking show! –and for those of us that were slow, they changed the banners in back of the band so we would know what album every fucking song came off of. (That is a lot of consideration for the two fisted drinkers in the metal community-and I love every one of them!) -Bret Michaels knows how to work the crowd, and he is just beyond fucking sexy-make-up or not. I don’t think there was a woman in the crowd that would have refused to Talk Dirty to Mr. Bret Michaels that night. Yes-women were flashing the stage, but somebody managed to get her bra up over the camera pit and Michaels put it on CC Deville’s mic stand. –This is what I would call a LOYAL and wise fan base. This crowd knew excellent shit when they heard it.
I have been a Poison fan since 1986. I expected a sold out arena, and a ton of press. Poison got neither-but it was the loss of the people who decided to stay home that night. Those of us who were smart enough to show up were treated to a show that covered the entire history of Poison with a few covers, and those of us who went to the fucking concert will soon consider those covers Poison originals! -I LOVED hearing Poison cover Squeeze Box. I had totally forgotten about that song and during the concert I was trying to figure out which Poison album it came off of. It wasn’t until it was over that I figured out Squeeze Box was by the fucking Who. What a fucking great surprise! -Poison also covered Mama Can’t Dance and Rock and Roll All Night. Those also are Poison originals to me, because nobody does them like Poison does. –We got treated to Nothin’ But A Good Time off of the Open Up And Say…Ahh!! Album (1988) as the encore song…but so much great shit was done in between Look What The Cat Dragged In, Squeeze Box, and Nothin’ But A Good Time. –There wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd when Michaels belted out Every Rose Has It’s Thorn. Seeing Poison perform this song live was better than anytime I had ever seen it on MTV or played it on the stereo. To me, seeing this performed live was worth the price of admission alone. –Everybody in the audience sang along. It was the same with Something To Believe In…Poison has been the soundtrack to a lot of people’s lives. The crowd was also treated to Unskinny Bop and Ride The Wind off of the Flesh & Blood album (1990).
In 1991, DeVille left after a blow out with Bret at MTV-this sucked. Capital still released Swallow This Live without CC. Ritchie Kotzen attempted to fill shoes that were way to fucking big for him by playing guitar on Native Tongue. Ritchie was dismissed. In 1994, Poison was getting ready to try another guitar player-Blues Sareceno, when Michaels cracked up himself and his Ferrari in a car wreck. –Poison was put on hold. -CC DeVille went on tour with his new band-Samantha 7. Rikki Rockett made Glitter For Your Soul and some clothes. Bret Michaels did some work on TV. I thought he was too fucking good for the Chris Isaak Show. He scored A Letter From Death Row. He was in the movies-God’s Hands, and Code of No Conduct. Bret did some comedy too-Yes Dear. Bret might have been happy. I don’t know-I just wanted him back. –Bobby Dall and CC were talking about CC coming back, and in 1999 it happened. Crack A Smile was released in 2000. The original line up was back! Thank God, the original line up was what we had in Atlanta. How could anybody EVER replace CC DeVille. DeVille did a monster solo set in Atlanta that lasted for fifteen minutes. Why hasn’t he ever been on the cover of Guitar Player magazine? Why don’t we ever talk about DeVille as one of the all time greats in the press? He truly fucking is. He blew the roof off of the HI-FI, literally. He is an amazing shredder and the he worth unlimited amounts of praise as a guitarist. I loved the class he showed when he brought Snake from Skid Row out for the last song (Nothin But A Good Time). I loved his fuzzy pink hat. I loved how close he stood to the fucking pyros-what is not to love about him? -Rikki Rockett did a pretty amazing drum solo himself. To me, Rikki has always been more entertaining than anything technical. He has one hell of a stage presence for a drummer. He did some fucking incredible work that night. –Bobby Dall on bass, hero to Poison fans everywhere, kicked ass on bass. He has those bass lines that remind me of a black Persian cat rubbing up against your leg-slinky and insisting. Was I the only one that noticed Bobby had a big fucking grin on his face all night? He should have been grinning. He was playing fucking fantastic in a great fucking show. I didn’t care if he cut his hair. The crowd didn’t care if he cut his hair. Why should anybody give a fuck? –Poison also did I Won’t Forget You, I Hate Every Bone In Your Body But Mine, Stand, and Fallen Angel on that hot August night.
What a great fucking show! Everything was perfect. The band looked hot and played great. The only thing I was disappointed about was that they didn’t play longer. You can say whatever you want about Poison, but you can’t deny what they have done to music and you can’t deny how they have touched the lives of their fans. I know that I loved that concert and I cannot believe that Poison was not at Ozzfest or Lollapalooza. My question is why the fuck not? They were too fucking important to be left out.

1986 Look What the Cat Dragged In
1988 Open Up and Say…Ahh!
1990 Flesh & Blood
1991 Swallow This Live
1993 Native Tongue
2000 Crack a Smile… And More
2000 Power to the People
2002 Hollyweird

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