Powerman 5000


Powerman 5000 at the Masquerade
August 15th, 2003

Why Powerman 5000 again? You have to be asking yourself that fucking question by now-and my answer is this: I fucking LOVE them. I really love them LIVE. PM5K doesn’t sound like anybody else out there. They are fucking REAL, RAW, and PURE ENERGY. I will cover them EVERYTIME I get the chance because I truly believe that they are going to be big-but not in a severely fucked up way like Korn or any other hip hop metal fuckers out there. Spider One was tearing the roof off of my favorite venue in Atlanta-The Masquerade. How could I resist? Spider takes SUCH a pretty fucking picture when he is on stage, and he performance blows my fucking socks off. Spider has a fucking hypnotic voice, you would have to be really thick headed and heartless not to fall under its spell. So, I will continue to paint my fucking magazine with PM5K RELENTLESSLY until you get up off of your asses and go see them live. You will not be sorry. Original is the name of the fucking game with PM5K-original and fresh. Not the same old tired shit.
PM5K should have traded spots with Adema at the Masquerade. Spider has been fronting a band longer and has more experience with holding a crowd captive with under his spell. Adema does not suck. I just don’t think that they were ready to follow PM5K at Atlanta’s metal home. –So PM5K was unbelievable. Atlanta gave them the love that they deserve this time around-the crowd was more into the show than they were at Earthlink Live back in April. –Let’s talk about my cute little blondie, Siggy Siursen-the new bass player that replaced Dorian 27. I don’t think Siggy has a number like the rest of the PM5K crew yet, but he plays a pretty good Boy Wonder on stage. Filling Dorian 27’s shoes must have been a real bitch, but Siggy has it under control.
What I like about Siggy the most is this-he is having a fucking blast on stage. Playing bass isn’t a chore, it is a great job in PM5K. –Mike Tempesta (M33) has a number. Does your number change in PM5K as you get older? M33 put in a SOLID performance again at the Masquerade-nobody talks about M33 that much and they should. He rocks. –Calling Adam 12, come in Adam 12….you have to love anybody that names themselves after a cop show. Adam is ANOTHER hot guitar player. –Adrian Ost on drums- you gotta be fucking Superman to follow Spider as a front man. Then again, I have to ask myself-would Spider pick anyone less than Superman to be behind the drums for PM5K? –I don’t think so.
Spider One and PM5K RULES. You want to see this band live and be a part of the experience. Pick up a copy of Transform and go see them LIVE. You won’t be fucking sorry.

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