Powerman 5000, Destroy What You Enjoy


Powerman 5000 – Destroy What You Enjoy

Barbara Fara
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Powerman 5000 is Spider (vocals), Adrian Ost (drums), Johnny Heatley (guitar), Terry Corsa (guitar) and Siggy Sjuren (bass.)


Spider was born August 25, 1968 in Massachusetts, and is younger brother of Rob Zombie. They were both in White Zombie.


In 1991, Spider dropped out of art school and bought a four-track drum machine. At the time, he called himself MC Spider. With the help of producer Lamar Lauder, together they released Much Evil.


Spider decided to start a band, Powerman 5000, which sounds like a combination of rap, metal and punk. Powerman released two independent albums in 1995: True Force, and Blood Splat Rating System. Both were successes throughout the country.  


In 2003, Powerman 5000 released Transform on Dreamworks (now owned by Interscope), which contained hit singles, Free and Action. Even though Interscope bought Dreamworks, decided to stay on.


Spider started his own label Megatronic in 2005, releasing new music simultaneously: The Good, Bad, and The Ugly Volume 1, and Destroy What You Enjoy.


Only Spider is talented enough to run his own record label, produce music for video games, and still put out hit albums. If you don’t know the history of Powerman 5000 and Spider, he has released albums from 1993 to 2006. If you want to hear how creative and fresh each one is, I recommend going out and buying each one.


When he’s not on the road, Spider has been credited for side work for the game, Shadow The Hedgehog. Spider also added his own music to: FreQuency on Implitude MX Vs. ATV Grand Tourismo III; Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater II; Shawn Palmer’s Pro Snowboarders; Action was on EA Sports NASCAR 2004; and WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw. Even though he added the music to the video games, he is still also a graphic artist. He loves his artwork. And, if you’re lucky, you can find some of his artwork on the video games.


What Spider should be doing is what Danzig is doing: releasing his own comic book line. That would kick the shit out of everybody’s ass if Spider came out with his own comic book line, that little Virgo.


Ultra Mega was on the soundtrack of Dracula 2000; The End Is Over on the film Titan A.E. A re-mix of X-Bride 51 for The Bride Of Chuckie.

You can’t beat Siggy on bass. The only thing that pisses me off about him is that he dyed his hair from blond to black. He’s a tremendous bassist who plays as if he’s playing lead. His talents are incomparable.


When you pair Johnny Heatley, Siggy, and Terry Corsa together, their fucking machine gun action with Ost’s drumming reminds me of a cannonball. They are nothing but pure punk these days.


When Spider was with White Zombie, that was pure heavy metal. No matter what happened with White Zombie, Spider has found his own roots, and so has his brother Rob.


His brother gave him the nickname Spider 1 when they were together in White Zombie, and he cut it down to Spider.


Powerman 5000, even though they own Megatronics, they’re still on Interscope. This album, Destroy What You Enjoy was released on DRT Entertainment.


Don’t forget to read the interview because I love Spider’s favorite last line? To which he answered, Destroy What You Enjoy.


Construction Of The Masses Pt. 1

Before I even give you my interpretation, we’ll give you Construction Part 2 next so you have them back-to-back.


Being the person who he is, the writer is talking about Bush, the war, media failing us, the soldiers, lawyers bullshitting people, government cover-ups about war and cancer and everything in the universe. He sees all the fakes and frauds out there.


Construction Of The Masses Pt. 2 (Track 11)

Everybody needs to wake up. Everybody’s worried about the corner junkie, corner whore, and the government itself has us wearing rose-colored glasses. He’s telling us to open up our ears and hear the truth. And, he knows he’s not the deafest of us all. He knows what’s going on.


Destroy What You Enjoy

This is Spider’s hit song. It’s about American gluttony and consumerism and how our endless greed is what Bush is feeding to and how that is destroying the world. If we didn’t need bigger trucks and SUVs to cart our growing masses of shit, we wouldn’t need more oil, and we wouldn’t need to kill innocent Iraqis and in this war.


If Bin Laden started it, then why is Bush in Iraq? You can’t hide behind the walls of the White House much longer, are you happy you started WWIII to feed consumer frenzy? And in the meanwhile, you’re using the money from consumers to finance the munitions needed to succeed in WWIII.


Return To The City Of The Dead

This is a second release off one of their first albums. Spider and I talk about this on the upcoming interview you will see right here on Musicincider.


The song itself speaks of all cities. Spider talks about how we’re dying from choking gas lines, political issues of the world, and no one is taking action to stop what Bush has started. So, now, it’s up to the people to start protesting to bring home our troops, like they did for Vietnam. If we don’t, we will all be in the city of the dead, dying from radiation poisoning. He’s also talking about street crime; the whole country is going to shit. We need to put on our boots and start fighting back.


Wild World

This is another one of Spider’s hits off of this album. This is a tribute to Dimebag Darrell Abbott. Powerman 5000 was the first band to Alrosa Villa in Ohio the night Dimebag Darrell Abbott died. When I heard that in the interview, I almost shit. It is not only a beautiful tribute to Dime, but it’s instructions on how to protect artists from crazed fans. Dimebag was shot while onstage in front of his own brother.


None of these clubs (at least not in Atlanta) are screening people before they enter these places. Here, you have to remove spiked cuffs and belts, get wanded, and checked for guns. Is that happening elsewhere? All I’m glad about is that Powerman 5000 made it out alive. Thank God Nathan Gale is dead.



Spider’s a very intelligent man. You can tell it by his interviews and conversations. But yet, in an interview, he is not very political. In some ways he is; in some ways he isn’t. He speaks what he feels the nation needs to know. But, when we look at Enemies, we know that Spider and Powerman are finally speaking the truth about what is fucking going on. He tries to speak the truth to other people but they don’t listen to him. They tell him he doesn’t know what he talks about. God forbid there’s another 9-11, then you’ll be saying Spider knows what he’s talking about.



This is for officer Niggermeyer in Columbus, Ohio, who fatally wounded Nathan Gale for slaying Dimebag and Jeff Mayhem Thompson of Texas on that fateful night at the Alrosa Villa.


Officer Niggermeyer, don’t blame yourself for killing Gale, you were just doing your job. It’s time to wash the blood off your hands and live your life the way it should be and not in fear. You’re a hero, not a murderer. When it comes for your time to pass, take my word on it, you won’t be burning in hell. You’ll pass through those gates and be with Jesus Christ in heaven.


Now That’s Rock ‘N Roll

I do not know why, in my honest opinion, why the Grammys don’t have a punk album of the year award. Powerman should’ve gotten punk album of the year for Destroy What You Enjoy, and this one should get punk song of the year.


They’re singing about the soldiers in the sand. The soldiers are still young. They should be in a mosh pit, coming home after a fun night, not having their families worry about them dying in war.


Be a kid, you got one life. Don’t trust a person in a bar who starts talking political. You could be drunk and half-assedly end up enlisting for war. Spider’s telling you to enjoy yourself, but don’t talk to no one about politics.


All My Friends Are Ghosts

This song is dedicated to all the people who band members from Powerman (including Spider) have lost over the years. If he’s having ghost problems, get some sage, sweetgrass, and purify your house. Tell them to leave you the fuck alone. Or, call your psychic from Musicincider.com.


Walking Disaster

This is about a soldier who has come home. He’s in the bathroom at a bar having a PTSD attack, thinking of the times he had no water or food because the government had fucked him over completely.


He lets everybody he meets or has an argument with that they don’t know who they’re fucking with. When you’ve walked in my boots, let me know. I’m nothing but trouble because of what I’ve seen and heard. Why isn’t the VA doing enough about their needs? Why is Bush cutting our veterans’ benefits? Why is a musician like Gene Simmons having to donate his money to veterans. If Gene Simmons can get an insurance company to match his donation, then why can’t our government do that?


This kid needs help. He won’t be able to have a normal relationship unless he gets help.


Who Do You Think You Are?

This is a kid in a bar who is talking to his buddy about joining the military. His friend is telling him that he’ll come back like their other friends: injured, on respirators, unable to walk or talk. Don’t you want to have a life? You don’t have to join if you don’t want to join. Go back to school. And if they re-instate the draft, at least you’re in school.


Miss America

Ain’t it the truth. We have reality tv that makes no sense, the media passing along misinformation, and the country is a mess. Everything you see that’s happening in Miss America is like from George Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm. We’re in Animal Farm right now. And, we’re in 1984 where big brother is watching us. All they’re doing is feeding us bullshit. Start reading different newspapers and watching different tv and start listening to this music.

It’s all about what George Bush has done. Only when you lose your rights will you be smart enough to put your foot down and ask what’s going on.

Heroes And Villains (Live)

Powerman speaks the truth again. We have trouble overseas, but we also have problems here at home. Who’s doing anything about crime? When I was growing up, one padlock was enough. And people didn’t necessarily use it. Now, they have 4 locks. They’re afraid to walk their dog at night, so they let their dog poop out on the patio.

Afraid of getting mugged. Don’t walk around with your id, because you don’t want someone taking your identity or your home. So, we don’t have to just fight the war overseas, but also here at home.

Where’s our Homeland Security? Oh, that’s right. It’s to protect the government, and I guess not us private citizens who pay our taxes. There should be a cop on every fucking corner, but because of budget cuts, we don’t have safety. Because of budget cuts, we’re living in the third world. Maybe if cops were respected and well-paid, maybe crime wouldn’t be as bad. Maybe there wouldn’t be so much illegal shit going on. It’s time to put money back into the country. I don’t see other countries helping us out. We’re always there for the rest of the world.


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