Queens Of The Stone Age


Queens Of The Stone Age at Lollapalooza
Atlanta, GA 08/03/03

Queens Of The Stone Age: Nick Oliveri: Bass/Vocals. Josh Homme: Guitar/Vocals. Mark Lanegan: Vocals. Gene Troutman: Drums. Dave Catching: Guitar/Keyboards.

Oliveri, Homme, and Lanegan on vocals are QUITE fucking interesting. Homme looks like a history teacher my kid had in the tenth grade-and it is always the history teacher looking people that are fucking sneaky. I have to admit, I didn’t get into QOTSA until Dave Grohl thought the band was important enough to put my beloved FOO FIGHTERS on hold in order to record and tour with QOTSA on Songs for the Deaf in August of 2002-that got my fucking attention. I will bet fucking NOBODY realizes that Josh Homme was in Kyuss, and in the early nineties anybody with half a brain knew who fucking Kyuss was. –When Kyuss tanked in 1995, Josh went on tour with the Screaming Trees and started to work with a bunch of really big names on an independent basis. It must have been like fucking Candy Land for him. He reinvented himself, kind of like Madonna has done one hundred million times, but Josh Homme did it in a very interesting sort of way.
QOTSA is heavy, but not throat stomping heavy like Kyuss was. Kyuss went to bed as a band when it was still good, and QOTSA is more than a fucking evolution. It is a different breed altogether. –It is not the Screaming Trees-no offense to Lanegan. I love singers that smoke cigarettes on fucking stage like he did at the Hi Fi Buys. It is not the FOOS, and it is not Kyuss. It isn’t happy shiny shit-it is just good, old-fashioned balls to the wall rock and roll and that is reason enough to like QOTSA.
So, what about the fucking show? Yes, QOTSA was at Lollapalooza here in Atlanta-and they were an excellent fucking choice for the line up. We heard Do It Again, The Sky Is Fallin’, and You Would Know-as well as the chart punching No One Knows. QOTSA punched a lot of ‘charts’ here in Atlanta. Oliveri, Homme, and Lanegan are a beautifully fucked up trio of singers-the three of them together should appeal to fucking everybody with half a brain. But for those who are lacking in the brain department, you can find something to love about each of them as individual singers. Homme plays an outrageous lead guitar, Lanegan will make you forget that he was EVER in another band, and Oliveri thumps on that bass like it is a fucking drum. Dave Catching is fucking multi-talented by doing massive fucking amounts of double duty, and Gene Troutman will make you forget all about Dave Grohl (for at least two minutes). –Real musicians who can sing. A great band. I loved seeing them fucking live, and they are hot hot hot.
You will dig the shit out of them too, and I am looking forward to seeing them the next time they hit Atlanta.

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