RA Rises Over Earthlink Live in Atlanta
April 29th, 2003

Barbara Fara
MusicIncider Magazine

The Earthlink Live venue is totally amazing. Any band that hits Atlanta should
play Earthlink Live. It is a small and classy venue. My quest at Earthlink Live
was to find RA because my cat, who is also named Ra, loves their music. Heather,
from 99X, assisted me in my quest to find the RA. We met a guitar tech from
RA named Andy. Andy told lead singer Sahaj that MusicIncider wanted to cover
them. -We are sitting down having a fucking cigarette and this nice guy from
Queens New York comes out and introduces himself as the lead singer from RA.
I said, ‘Oh, Rara-you’re here.’ I quickly explained that my
cat was named after him. He said, ‘You have a cat named Sahaj?’
I said no-Ra. He was gracious enough to invite us backstage to take some shots
before the show. How could we say no? We got the fucking shots and waited.
RA’s set was forty-five minutes to an hour. The show was mystical. It
left a mark on your heart. The set covered every song off of the cd. The performance
was a twelve song spiritual high. Each song took you to the next level. Sahaj’s
vocals compare to no one. He is different. His voice is new and fresh. That
voice takes you on a magical journey. Those vocal chords must be made out of
sterling silver. I kept listening for it to crack and it never did. His energy
is so magnetic that it pulsed though the veins of the crowd. Skoota Warner’s
drumming is fucking magnificent. He is one of the best drummers I have seen
this year. I would compare him to Tim Mallare of Overkill. Ben Carroll’s
guitar playing reminds me of Jeff Beck. If you know Jeff Beck, you can hear
it in his style of playing. Goddamn, you can tell that the boy loves himself
on stage. It is not a bad thing to love yourself. He should. He is a hell of
a performer. Sean Corcoran’s bass is like a pulsing heartbeat. His style
reminds me of Michael Anthony from Van Halen. He is the clouds that surround
the sun in the sky. Ben and Sean are incredible back-up vocalists. They just
don’t carry an axe, they have motherfucking amazing pipes.
The whole show, from beginning to end, left the listener amazed. RA is a band
on the rise and they have our vote for Blacker Than Black, OZZFEST, and Sanitarium.
Let’s see who can get the sun god first.

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