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Fucked Up Questions For Little Ray Ray Munns

I had the chance to speak with Ray Munns, the ex MTV VJ. Ray took time to
speak to us from sin city-Vegas. It isn’t only discs that spin with Ray.
His whole world spins. Who knew that a young punk that got his start
playing Carson Daly’s fall guy had so much shit going on? He has an energy
that is frantic and focused. Just look at what this crazy little fucker had
to say.

MusicIncider: Why should my readers want to listen to your music?

Ray Munns: They should listen because they want to. If they don’t they
shouldn’t. They do need to know my stuff is the bomb. (What exactly are you
intending to bomb Ray?)

MusicIncider: What do you want people to know about you?

Ray Munns: I am not really a pimp.( Ray, we all know that’s how you really
make your money.)

MusicIncider: What would you say to the guy working at McDonald’s?

Ray Munns: Gimme a Big Mac. (That’s it? No Fries or coke?)

MusicIncider: Do you want to be a New Yorker-why or why not?

Ray Munns: I love New York, but I am a Coloradian. (How the FUCK are we
supposed to spell THAT?)

MusicIncider: What is your astrological sign?

Ray Munns: Pieces, we are the bomb. (Frankly Ray, as a general rule pieces
suck, lack focus, and are generally crappy people.)

MusicIncider: What do you bring that is fresh and new to the music

Ray Munns: That’s a toughie. I am speechless. I don’t think that I am
fresh in the music industry yet. I think I bring fun to the industry.
(With that laugh, we think so to Ray Ray.)

MusicIncider: Who are your musical influences?

Ray Munns: Tu-Pac and Biggie. Without them, I wouldn’t be as cool as I am
today. Axl Rose, for just being the man, and Slash for helping me to buy a
guitar. (We agree, GNR rules.)

MusicIncider: Where do you see you and your music in the future?

Ray Munns: I want to be putting down my own tracks and getting out of the
DJ business. I want to settle down and get in the studio.

MusicIncider: Do you play any musical instruments?

Ray Munns: I play piano, and I attempted to play guitar but I suck at it so
I gave up the guitar. OH-and I can make funny sounds with a beer bottle!

MusicIncider: What is your favorite metal band?

Ray Munns: System of a down. Slayer is cool, just a little heavy. I buy
Kylie Minogue.

MusicIncider: Who is your favorite R&B band?

Ray Munns: Rhythm and Blues? New Edition and Jodeci from back in the day.
(Back in the day Ray? You are making us feel a bit old ya young punk!)

MusicIncider: I have heard you are a good role model. What does that mean
to you? How are you a good role model?

Ray Munns: I didn’t know I was a good role model. I don’t commit crimes.
(Guess what Ray, not committing crimes COUNTS.)

MusicIncider: Tell me about your movie scripts. Are you doing soundtracks
for film?

Ray Munns: I am not doing soundtracks for film, and I am trying to
currently sell a movie script. Selling a movie script is a difficult
process. You just can’t submit it and boom they buy it. (Ray, I think you
should try scoring a movie soundtrack. Something that’s not whacked.)

MusicIncider: How did winning the MTV VJ spot affect your career?

Ray Munns: Winning the MTV VJ spot gave me a career and pidgeonholed me at
the same time. (I would get sick of being a clown too baby.)

MusicIncider: If you didn’t win the MTV VJ spot, what would you be doing

Ray Munns: I would like to think I would have pulled a Dave Hold and got
hired anyway. I probably would have done the college thing.

MusicIncider: If you were a Walt Disney character, which one would you be
and why?

Ray Munns: Mickey Mouse, because he is the top dog-uh, I mean top mouse.
He also has those big floppy ears! (Ray, I am not saying a word here on

MusicIncider: What are your favorite movies?

Ray Munns: Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Labyrnth with Bowie, and Night of
The Living Dead. Gone with the Wind is a great classic. (Hey Ray, we can
take you to the Margaret Mitchell house!)

MusicIncider: Why do you want to get into the movies?

Ray Munns: I want to entertain people. I don’t want to be famous. I don’t
want to be rich. I would like to do all kinds of movies, but the easiest
way to get in would be through comedy-then maybe I could do action films or
something. (Look out Arnold!)

MusicIncider: Did you ever inhale?

Ray Munns: Yeah. I went to high school and college. I don’t inhale
anymore though. (Hey Ray, how do you know I wasn’t talking about cigarettes

MusicIncider: How do your parents feel about your career?

Ray Munns: My parents love it. I was raised in a free environment. I am
not out getting into trouble. They think it’s great. (I think so to Ray.
Music is a beautiful thing.)

MusicIncider: In the future, do you see yourself writing a book about your

Ray Munns: I have been writing a book about my life, but I am too young to
do that really. I want to do something truly great.something worth writing
a book about. (Talking to me wasn’t worth writing a book about?)

MusicIncider: What is your answer to those out there that seem to feel you
have no talent?

Ray Munns: I don’t even care. I used to care. If they would have had the
opportunities I had, they would have done the same thing.

MusicIncider: What DJ’s do you like?

Ray Munns: I am starting to get into Dave London. The Brit pop thing is

MusicIncider: What makes you better than other DJ’s?

Ray Munns: I get everyone free shots at the club. Whatever they want. I
make sure the bartender uses the good vodka-Grey Goose. (Ray, we will be
taking you up on that.)

MusicIncider: How do you think music saved your life?

Ray Munns: There was a time in my life that I was very depressed and
suicidal. Somebody played heavy hardcore for me and I don’t know why it
kept me from killing myself but it did. Heavy hardcore just annoys the hell
out of me now. (WHAT?? Now I am speechless.)

MusicIncider: Do you believe in the paranormal? Why or why not?

Ray Munns: Somewhat, I am a pieces after all. I hate to think I am going
to die and find that there is nothing left. Readings tend to screw you up.
I have this friend that reads the Tarot, and I got a reading the week before
the VJ contest. My friend said I was going to win the contest, but I
shouldn’t trust somebody that I would want to trust. Based on that, I have
fired like six good managers and I screwed myself. (Sounds like you believe
to me big boy.)

MusicIncider: What does success mean to you?

Ray Munns: Success is working everyday in the entertainment industry. I
want to work every day. I also want to have enough money to retire when I
am sixty and live until I am one hundred and twenty.

MusicIncider: What is your advice to little guys trying to break into the

Ray Munns: Try hard. Never give up, it is a real roller coaster ride. If
you listen to the people trying to pump you up all the time you will get a
huge ego. If you listen to those who try to tear you down, you will just
get down.

MusicIncider: Who was the most interesting famous person you met?

Ray Munns: Jackie Chan. I learned Chinese to talk to him.

MusicIncider: How has September 11th affected you and your music?

Ray Munns: Not much. It has affected my world and my way of thinking. My
friends were affected for like six months. It was trippy, strange.

MusicIncider: Are you donating money to the widows and children of
September 11th?

Ray Munns: No. I need them to donate money to me. I am a starving artist.
I’m broke.

MusicIncider: What do you think about the crisis in Iraq?

Ray Munns: I am curious to see how it ends. I want to see what the UN
Inspectors find.

MusicIncider: If Bush was to bring back the draft would you go?

Ray Munns: I wouldn’t want to go, but I wouldn’t run from it. I would
probably go with the Special Forces, Intelligence. I scored an 86 on my
ASVAB’s before the MTV contest and the recruiter said I could do what ever I
wanted. The day I won , my recruiter called and asked if it was me he saw
on TV. He guessed I would not be joining.

MusicIncider: What would you say to someone trying to get their video on

Ray Munns: Be persistent. Do not cross the fine line between persistence
and annoyance.

MusicIncider: Do you have a saying for your fans?

Ray Munns: Pure Dopeness. It means the ultimate cool.

MusicIncider: Where would you settle down?

Ray Munns: I would settle down in LA so I could delve into film and
television. I love New York, but I just feel too crammed there.

MusicIncider: Would you ever do a Dare commercial? If so what would it be

MusicIncider: It would have to be within context. It wouldn’t be like what we
have now where all these people die for a little sack of weed-for that type
of commercial you would have to add thousands of pounds of cocaine on top of
it. People laugh when it is fake. It would be better to let kids actually
know what is coming if they use drugs.

MusicIncider: What do you think of Blumberg cutting medicinal marijuana to
the terminally ill in NY?

Ray Munns: I think that is whacked. Why not set up guidelines and make it
legal. Put the money toward the federal deficit or education. I have never
seen a crazed lunatic on pot.

MusicIncider: What would you do for a September 11th memorial?

Ray Munns: I do not think they should build anything there. A park with a
wall like the Vietnam War Memorial would be nice. (The Incider agrees with
you Ray.)

MusicIncider: What do you think about that People thing?

Ray Munns: I was glad America finally realized I was a sexy bitch.

MusicIncider: Do you smoke? Honestly.

Ray Munns: I chain smoke Marlboro Lights. Truth.com wanted to talk to me
about doing a spot for them and the label had to tell them I smoked. What a
scam that would be! (Marlboro Reds here.)

MusicIncider: If you could change anything in the world what would it be?

Ray Munns: If I could change anything in the world, I would become like
Chris Jericho and say I am King of the World.

MusicIncider: Anybody else you would like to meet?

Ray Munns: If I hadn’t had met Tommy Lee, I would have said Tommy Lee. I
would like to talk to Jet Li, Mike Myers would be cool to meet. I would
just love to sit down and talk with Steven Tyler. To me, his voice has
changed over the years.

Ray is a guy with many sides. We look forward to seeing him knock Jet Li
out in the near future, or is that be knocked out by Jet Li? If you ever
find yourself in the mood to trance out and dance, give Ray a shot. He has
put out two albums. They are Ray’s House, and a DJ’s night out. Catch him
at a club or house party near you.


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