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Musician Credits: Rick Derringer plays all guitars, Ron Reinhardt (keyboard/bass), Dave Reinhardt (drums/percussion), Mike MacArthur (Tenor Sax), Ronnie Dee (Alto Sax), Del Couch (Trumpet), and Valerie Carter (backing vocals).

With smooth jazz CD Free Ride, Derringer demonstrates adaptability on guitar–from his hard rock past, more recent blues, and his present days playing jazz. Likewise, he shares his highly distinguished producing talents on this CD.

Photo Credit: Bob Kiss

Derringer began his rock career in 1965 as a teenager in his band the McCoys. Their #1 hit, Hang On Sloopy, has the historical distinction of knocking The Beatles’ Yesterday out of the top spot. The band broke up in the late 1960s and brothers Randy and Rick Derringer joined Johnny Winter’s band, Johnny Winter And, where Rick won accolades for his producing and guitar playing.

Later, Rick Derringer played for Edgar Winter (live Roadwork double album), where he fully arrived and was further recognized for his guitar prowess. Finally ready to fly, he went solo, releasing Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo as a hit single on his debut album, All American Boy.

From the 1970s through the 1980s, Derringer focused more on producing, working with everyone from Bette Midler to Weird Al Yankovic to Kiss. In the 1990s, true to his talents, he toured prolifically up to 200 shows per year, playing again with Edgar Winter. This time they played the blues.

Some people devote their whole lives to learning one enclave of music, never emerging, never being seen, never getting anywhere, and this musical legend arranged his own classics for jazz, played jazz guitar, and produced the CD. Appreciate just how much of him is in this CD.

For true jazz lovers, this is one CD not to miss. It’s worth the money.

Enjoy. Tracks include:

Jazzy Koo (Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo)

Hot & Cool

Celestial Love

Free Ride

Big City Loneliness

Good 2 Go

Frankenstein (Smooth Frank)


Blue Velvet

Jump, Jump, Jump

Rhapsody In Red


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