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Ricky Byrd-Tough Room This World
-Ain’t It A Bitch-

Barbara Fara
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Ricky Byrd (guitars and vocals)
Simon Kirke (drums)
Kasim Sulton (bass)

Tough Room…This World was recorded live at The Bitter End in Manhattan.
Byrd’s vocals remind me of Lou Reed with a heart. His acoustic style slams.
It is like he is bringing that guitar back from the dead. That’s what
you call a fucking New York Libra on guitar. Kasim Sulton’s bass is so
bluesy that it is like a well mixed drink. He complements Ricky’s style.
Simon Kirke’s drumming is such a change from when he is playing with Bad
Company. If you were making a stew, Ricky and Kasim might be the meat and potatoes,
but Simon is the graceful gravy.
The musical styles on the cd are bluesy, jazzy, r&b, soul, and little rock
and roll. It reminds me of the late, great Jeff Buckley with Ricky Byrd’s
style. The styles are so different on the cd that you don’t know what
to fucking expect next. The cd is very intriguing. You just don’t want
to turn it the fuck off.

-I Don’t Want To Love You has a great dance beat. This song is like the
rock and roll version of Your Cheating Heart. We danced around like pink flamingos
in the office here at MusicIncider and sang our guts out with Rick. The lyrics
are dealing with adult relationships-just like we all know they can be from
time to time-Man, can’t they be a bitch? Rick kicks Springsteen’s
ass with this song.
-Wide Open is a heart wrenching fucking blues ballad. You can feel him singing
like a volcano erupting. Wide Open covers any relationship where a man gives
his heart to a woman-she cheats on him, and then he finds out about it. Our
hero in the song needs to learn to guard his heart from bad women.
-Devil Deserves A Pop Song is a tribute to Lucifer. If the devil sang a song
like Van Morrison, this would be it. This song would be great for the soundtrack
for any movie based on a book by Anne Rice. I could see Lestat singing it, and
Ricky Byrd doing a cameo.
-It’s Raining is so soulful. Ricky plays like a New York angel on this
song. You can feel the longing in the song and the ache. He is waiting on everything
in his life to come home to him out of the rain.
-Cantina is about the regulars at the bar who think they can find love through
a bottle. Everybody takes a little something from everybody else. This song
reminds me of Billy Joel’s piano man. It is honest, and from the heart.
-Spooky Old Alice-I feel very bad for our hero in this song. When I first saw
the title on the liner notes I thought shit man. It has gotta be a tribute to
Alice Cooper. Instead, our hero breaks up with his control freak ex and everywhere
he goes she pops up. She tries to fuck up his whole life. Alice is a fucking
stalker. The song is just adorable.
-Comin’ Off The Wall is a message to those of us who have been burned
and build things like walls to protect ourselves. We have all built walls at
one time in our lives. It is okay to tear your wall down and let love in.
-She’s Mine has to a tribute to his wife. It’s beautiful, tender,
and sensual. This is the one woman he would never trade in for a Sandra Bullock
type (ha ha ha).
-When You Were My Girl is the bonus studio track. Our hero reflects on his mistakes
in a past relationship. The song is elegant. I would recommend this song to
anyone that’s having relationship problems.

Would I buy this album? Fuck Yeah. The energy from the album drives the listener
to wonder where Byrd has been hiding for so long. Now you know where, he has
been working on a masterpiece. Would I see Ricky on tour? In a New York minute
I would see that fucking show, he is worth the price of a ticket. I would to
see him play at Yankee Stadium.

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