Riding the Whitesnake in Atlanta


Riding the Whitesnake in Atlanta
August 13th, 2003-Hi Fi Buys Ampitheatre

Atlanta, GA

Barbara Fara
MusicIncider Magazine

The New Whitesnake Line-Up: Timothy Drury, Keyboards (Eagles, Don Henley). Doug
Aldrich, Guitar (Dio, Lion, Burning Rain). Reb Beach, Guitar (Alice Cooper,
Dokken, Winger). Marco Mendoza, Bass (Ted Nugent, Thin Lizzy). Tommy Aldridge,
Drums. David Coverdale, Vocals.

Ok, where the fuck were you? I think you missed the show of a lifetime if you
stayed home. It was Whitesnake playing songs off the 1987 album with two off
of Slip of the Tongue. Did you fuck up and stay home? I forgive you, but you
should not forgive yourself. What the hell is wrong with you, did you forget
to take your prozac? -In 1973, Deep Purple hired David Coverdale. So, yes-Coverdale
is an original metal father. Can you imagine your first big gig as a musician
being Deep Purple? Jesus fucking Christ. In 1978, Coverdale formed Whitesnake
and we were off to the races. Whitesnake has even boasted Steve Vai as a member.
So, I knew it was just going to be one of those fucking nights to remember-and
it was. –We started the set to an extremely fucking sexy Coverdale singing
Bad Boys off of the 1987 album-it rolled right into Is This Love. –You
can’t help but to compare Whitesnake to Led Zepplin-but look at that line
about Coverdale being in Deep Purple. Whitesnake might have hit it big LATER
than Zepplin, but twenty three year old David Coverdale was cutting his teeth
about the same time as Robert Plant was-and does anybody remember the last time
Zepplin was in Atlanta? No, I didn’t think so. –Here I Go Again
proved Coverdale has not lost his pipes at all. He didn’t miss a note
or a beat all night and sang like a fucking metal angel. He played with the
crowd, and the women flashed the band non stop-and I quote David’s words
from that night, ‘What a banquet of babes. We certainly appreciate your
gifts,’ and to one particular woman, ‘Gentlemen, line up. You, madam,
are a banquet all by yourself.’ -Mr. Coverdale was kind enough to acknowledge
all of the women waiving their tits in the air. This, of course, caused a lot
more tit waving. Most musicians try to ignore this-what can I say? Old School
Metal goes with it and ENCOURAGES this freedom of expression. It works for Coverdale,
because out of his ability to work the crowd the Whitesnake Choir grows with
every concert. Sex is a part of the music isn’t it? Let’s look at
more of the set list from 8/13-Slow and Easy, Love Ain’t No Stranger,
Give Me All Your Lovin’, Fool For Your Lovin’-music to fall in love
to, just like Coverdale said-AND David Coverdale is a LIBRA (9/22) so what’s
not to love? We libras are just beautiful people-we give a great concert, we
make a great magazine…

Tommy Aldridge on the drums-what a fucking solo! I have to admit that I have
NEVER seen somebody toss their sticks from behind a kit and use their hands.
The crowd got so fucking in to it. Aldridge picked the crowd up and MADE them
appreciate drummers period. If you have NEVER seen a drum solo before-try to
see this one at some point in time. Tommy is fucking amazing. Why doesn’t
he get more recognition? I was really fucking impressed. –Doug Aldrich’s
solo proved to me that he was worthy of playing with my DIO and David Coverdale.
Aldrich was ANOTHER guitar player left off of the Rolling Stone top 100 list.
–Reb Beach played with my Alice Cooper, my Dokken, and Winger. Not too
fucking shabby huh-but I will bet you never knew his name. Another great fucking
guitarist left off of the Rolling Stone list, and somebody who is just fucking
GOOD. Beach has the flair like Steve Vai, and he was damn good that night! I
would have liked to see Reb do a solo that night. -Marco Mendoza on bass-arguably
one of the greatest bass players of all time. He is fucking hot on stage. He
has a great presence up there, and I love bass players with personality. Look
at John McVie from Fleetwood Mac-all that fucker does during a concert is hide
next to Mick Fleetwood and pull his baseball cap down over his face. Look at
Marco Mendoza-you can tell he loves playing rock and roll. That’s what
I like to see, a rock star who LOVES what they are fucking doing. That’s
what makes me want to buy a ticket. I thought it was cute that Coverdale introduced
him as the hottest thing on three legs.

So this is Whitesnake 2003. It is out of this fucking world. It is a real rock
and roll show. This is ANOTHER band that was left out of Ozzfest and Lollapalooza.
Black Sabbath was worthy enough for Ozzfest 2000-why not Whitesnake? Coverdale
fronted Deep Purple, worked with Jimmy Page-and about a million other great
ones. He puts on an amazing fucking show and I think it is a fucking shame that
Whitesnake was left out. –If you get a chance GO SEE WHITESNAKE. Whitesnake
has given us some of the best rock anthems in the world.Discography:

1978 Snakebite
1978 Trouble
1979 Love Hunter
1980 Live in the Heart of the City
1980 Live at Hammersmith
1980 Ready An’ Willing
1981 Come An’ Get It
1982 Saints & Sinners
1984 Slide It In
1987 1987
1987 Whitesnake
1989 Slip of the Tongue
1998 Restless Heart
1998 Starkers in Tokyo [live]

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